Six months. Not a record, but still significant.
-when I know my day is going to suck, I wear the purple dinosaur socks he got me for me birthday.
-I told him how insecure I was about wearing baseball tees. I wore one when I saw him, and he made an extra point to say he liked it.
-I remember telling him I loved him for the first time. The second after was so horrifying, because he didn’t say anything. But when he finally stopped being stunned, he grabbed me and kissed me and said it back and I couldn’t have been happier.
-we laid in bed this weekend sharing the weirdest animes we’ve seen.
-I’ve never felt more safe and fallen to sleep faster than when I’m in his arms. He knows this, and uses it against me when I don’t want to take afternoon naps.
-he lets me feed him. I think he secretly enjoys it.
-he does NOT enjoy being fed like a baby bird.
-when I leave his house. Right before I step off the porch, he grabs me and gives me the deepest kiss possible. I always know it’s coming, but it takes my breath every time.
-his cooking is the best, and i get really excited.
-he talks about how my party stories were intense, but I’m slowly learning he had a much crazier past than previously thought.
-our trip to savannah was the first time I ever went out of the state without my family. The first time I went on a long trip with a boy. It wasn’t as scary as I worried about. It was great.
-I met his parents and then hated myself the whole night after because I forgot to thank them for dinner. I just kept telling myself that he needed to find someone so much better who’d be able to be comfortable with other people, someone who wouldn’t be terrified to speak. But, even though I still hated myself the next morning, his kisses made things feel okay.
-it’s been six months since the night I ran up to him and kissed him. I was late, and that was the penalty. But after four months without him, kissing him was really the only thing I could do. I didn’t realize how much I missed him. How warm I felt when I smelled his cologne. how shivers were sent down my body by his hands on my hips. It was all I wanted in that moment, and it’s all I want now.
-it doesn’t feel like six months. It feels like….it feels like this is where I should be.

I don’t know why my boyfriend puts up with me. I’m so angry and grouchy all the time. He’s so fantastic and I feel horrible when I’m mean to him. I’m so sorry, I don’t mean it and I really appreciate you sticking through me being awful.

So my boyfriend left last week and won’t be home until January. I found these in my mail today. Even though he can’t physically be here, and he’s going to be in a different country, he still wants to help when I’m down. I’m seriously so spoiled by this and I love every minute of it 💕

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God I’m so needy. I mean, I hate when you play video games because you forget to text me. I genuinely get twisted because you want to talk to your friends. That’s not right, but I can’t help it. I do my best not to say anything but I just…I don’t like being ignored, even if it’s unintentional.

Post about my valentines weekend!

Even though it was at the beginning of the week.
So, Monday he picked me up from work, and we drove to savannah. When I got in the car he gave me presents! He counted them as house warming, because I knew he spent too much on the hotel and wouldn’t let him get me any real valentine gifts. He get me sheets and animal pasta and vodka and cute foreign chocolate! So we got to savannah and Patrick’s bitch ass got us a hella nice hotel. Pretty sure it was five star and definitely more than he should ever spend on two days. But it was sooo nice. We got into the room and I died over how pretty the bathroom was. We also or of fancy bathrobes and sat in the tub. I gave him his present and I hurt my knee because we had a NERF war in the hotel. And after cuddling and fantastic sex, we took a super awesome bath with the valentine heart bath bomb from lush. The tub was so big and we sat and talked. Around nine we wandered out to get pizza. It was so cold, and my dumb self was not prepared. But Patrick brought a jacket specifically because he knows I’m always really cold. So we ate pizza and found a super rad candy store that we decided to go back to the next day.
Tuesday! We woke up and laid in bed and cuddle because that bed was made of magic and was hella comfy. We set out and got five guys. We spent the whole day wandering after he got me TWO POUNDS of jelly beans. They had them all separated so I only got bubble gum, butter popcorn, and toasted marshmallow. The cashier there was terrified because we both flung our cards at her trying to pay for it. We found a super cute cafe and got hot chocolate. I made him let me pay since he spent too much money on jelly beans for me. And we went to a super neat art museum. They had a really weird exhibit about bees that I’m still not sure it wasn’t a parody. Finally we head back to the hotel and my feet were killing me. We put champagne on ice and had a super great bubble bath. And all throughout the days we had long talks about really nothing and I love him so much because we can do that. Anyways, turns out no where in downtown savannah has delivery Chinese, so we ended up getting outback. I was still a little tipsy.
Finally yesterday we headed out back to his house. We got Cracker Barrel and stop at a terrifying peach store. We got back to his place and continued our cuddles and silly talks. We ate jelly beans while watching the Lego movie.
This was genuinely the best weekend I’ve ever had and I still can’t believe he went through all this just for me. I love him so very much.