Girls really can be ridiculous, today I eventually caught up with Kirsti to try and talk things through about the whole flat situation as she’d be ignoring me for a few days. As expected it got heated and Kirsti got nasty about myself and Rosie. I really feel like she’s blowing the whole thing out of proportion she ‘wants nothing to do with me’ & and doesn’t want to be my friend or be around me at all. All because I messaged her on facebook telling her we didn’t think it’d be a good idea to share flats next year. I understand where she’s coming from when she said she would have preferred if we went to her face but we thought about it and put ourselves in that situation and thought it’d be a bit intimidating/overwhelming, so I did what I thought best. I have no idea how this make me a 'pretty selfish, thoughtless person who is really self centred’.