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what are some of your scully growing up headcanons, because I was thinking about it today and the show never really addressed what she was like as a kid

She only knew what happened in 1965 because there were photographs in her baby album of family adventures that Bill and Melissa could remember. She was a squinty infant in her mother’s arms in photographs of the four of them next to monuments and landmarks. Sometimes her father was there too; usually he was on the other side of the camera, having already seen the sights to which he was treating them. She had been all over the world before she could even comprehend what the world was. She still struggled with that, some days, understanding the vastness of the small pale blue dot upon which they lived.

Her first memory that was actually hers was completely insignificant. She remembered waking up in a room striped with sunlight, the bars of her crib slicing it into even thinner beams. She remembered looking over at Charlie’s crib, the way his red hair caught the sunlight and turned it into fire. She had worried about him in an abstract way, and then her mother had come in with Melissa and they had begun their day together. Scully thought that they went to the zoo that day, but her memory was too piecemeal, too full of moments of this and that to stitch together a complete whole. Like her baby blanket, it was more holes than wholecloth.


It snowed on her birthday. All the base kids came over, shepherded by their mothers, stuffed into snowsuits. They ate her pink cake and brought her presents, and then they all went out to throw snowballs at each other as the mothers talked in the kitchen over coffee. Missy stayed on the porch watching, saying she didn’t agree with such violent games. Bill stuffed snow down the neck of Dana’s coat. Still, it was a good day, and her father called that night to talk just to her. “Happy birthday, Starbuck,” he said as she cradled the phone to her ear, smiling. “You’re getting so big.” “Not as big as you,” she said. “Not yet,” he said. “But I know you’ll outgrow me someday.” “Never,” she promised, and he chuckled.

She remembered second grade mostly because of the shoes. They were shiny black patent leather Mary Janes that pinched her feet. She wore them with white socks, a plaid pinafore, and a white shirt. Her mother had found a Catholic school just off the base. “It’ll do them good,” her father had said, ruffling Bill Jr.’s hair. She held Melissa’s hand, standing outside the stern brick building. “You’ll be fine, Dana,” Missy whispered. “Come on, I’ll take you to your class.” Missy was an expert at school, having already been to three or four. They had moved so many times that one base house blurred into the next in Dana’s memory. She remembered the way her shoes squeaked on the floor as they walked down the hall, and the way that her teacher had written all their names on cheerful cutout daisies. She thought she remembered that teacher leaving halfway through the year, on the grounds that she was too gentle and didn’t talk about Jesus enough, but it was so long ago she couldn’t be certain. All her teachers had been blurred faces framed by wimples, in the end.

She didn’t mind the dresses, or the way her mother encourage her and Missy to wear similar styles despite their different personalities.  She didn’t mind Bill Jr.’s insistence that he was the man of the house.  She didn’t mind Charlie’s tantrums; she understood he was still almost a baby, still frustrated by the world.  But she minded that everyone talked to her like she didn’t know anything, except her father and her mother.  She did her chores.  She did her homework.  She kept her side of the room clean, everything shipshape.  Her whole life was shipshape and she liked it that way.  Even when they moved from base to base, the houses looked the same.  There was a comfort in that, to knowing how many steps to go down when she wanted a glass of milk in the middle of the night.  

In fifth grade, she decided she wanted to be a doctor, but she told the teacher she wanted to be a nurse. The teacher smiled and praised her. “And to be sure, Dana, you’ll be an excellent nurse if you put your mind to it,” the teacher said, her Irish lilt tinting the words with a taste Dana vaguely remembered from her earliest years. The boys could say they wanted to be doctors, she understood, but she had to say she wanted to be a nurse. But she told Missy, and her mother, and they both told her she could be anything she wanted to be. She got a white coat for Halloween, and wore it proudly.

She punched a boy who tried to touch her chest on the playground. Her mother frowned at her in the office, but squeezed Dana’s hand as they walked out of the office. Her father patted her shoulder. “That’s my girl, Starbuck. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel helpless.” Bill told her she shouldn’t have done it. Missy said she didn’t approve of violence, but that she was glad that Dana understood boundaries and offered to help her rid herself of negative energy. Charlie asked if Dana would teach him how to hit.  Three days later, she got her period for the first time.  The cramps felt like a punishment.

She stole cigarettes out of her mother’s purse and sat on the porch. Her fingers trembled as she struck the match and lit it. When she inhaled, she would have sworn her throat and lungs caught fire. She held the smoke in, released it slowly through her barely-parted lips. She didn’t cough. She wouldn’t cough. If she coughed, her parents would hear. They still stayed up late when her father was home, talking until all hours, laughing quietly so the children wouldn’t hear, but she always heard. They would be furious if they caught her. She couldn’t cough. She smoked two cigarettes every night that week that her father was home, half-hoping to be caught, half-craving the attention, but all she got was a lingering hitch in her breath when she ran that vanished after a month or so and the malignant stench of processed tobacco at the back of her throat.

They moved. Again. She and her braces and her unflattering bob were never going to make new friends. Missy, meanwhile, fell straight in with a crowd of equally dreamy girls and boys, and Bill was away at college, on the football team. Dana hid in the library at lunch, poring over anatomy textbooks. Missy had to coax her out, introducing Dana to all her friends, who were sweet but so unfocused. Dana spent most of her time with Charlie, sitting on opposite corners of the couch, reading for school or for pleasure.

She fell in love with her physics teacher, or, more accurately, with physics. Accuracy was important to her. Her teacher was passionate. She was knowledgeable. She dressed in buttoned shirts and sleek skirts and ignored her male colleagues. She made sense of the universe with sweeping gestures and elegant equations. Dana desperately wanted for anything to make sense. She went outside at night and gazed at the stars, thinking of how they were guided by equations, even if those variables were unfathomable. She wondered if her father was looking at them too, letting the stars guide him home.

Marcus, the twelfth grade love of her life. God, she’d come so close to kissing him before the sirens. For a moment, she had thought her dreams would come true. After the prom, she saw him in the hall pressing some other girl against her locker. She changed her first choice college after that; anywhere but there, she thought, anywhere new. She wasn’t afraid of change. She was afraid of the fester of old hurts. Better to cut herself off clean and start over again.

Maryland was a coastal state; that felt like home to her. She studied human anatomy and physics. She could x-ray a man with her eyes and understand his intentions. She could being to explain the universe. Her father called once a week to talk to her, wherever in the world he was, for five minutes or fifty, and she traveled with him vicariously, sailing, sailing, over the ocean blue.

names and their aesthetics

Auguste: salted caramels, trying to remember the dream you just woke up from

Isabelle: the feeling you used to get when you heard an ice cream truck in the distance, sleeping in

Zoe: worn out sneakers and loops in roller coasters

Esmé: soft hands, the sound of an audience’s applause the moments after you finish performing and are still on stage

Emma: humidity after summer rain and wearing a knit spaghetti strap top with no bra underneath

Ruth: peppermint candies and racing heart beats

Kaia: blurry vision under water, a maroon beret worn over tightly curled hair

Skylar: velvet chokers, black patent leather mary janes, starless nights

Anna: red chinese silk dresses, a thin gold chain bracelet

Ella: doves, thick black eyeliner, “Midnight The Stars And You” by Al Bowlly

Lace Dreams

Pairing: Leo/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Dom/sub relationship, filthy language, spanking, explicit oral sex, humiliation, masturbation, mentions of bondage, consensual sexual violence, teasing

Wordcount: 3732

Request: Dom!Leo involving spanking.

Notes: So I might have heavily tapped into my own Daddy/princess fantasies to write this *coughs* don’t judge me i’m a pervert like all of you *chokes* ahem…This was very, very fun to write. Thanks to the anon who requested ^_^ This is in Leo’s POV I hope y'all enjoy this and that it makes up for me being a terrible blogger who neglects her followers someone send leo to punish me hahahaaaa (don’t mind me I have zero brain cells left tbh)

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Outlaw Queen: Mistletoe (bonus points if it's your teacher verse) *mwah*

Ask and ye shall receive, feel better my lovely! 

From my Hot for Teacher verse :)

She looks absolutely stunning, dressed in festive red (he’s come to found that’s one of his favourite colours on her and he wonders if she’s wearing the fire engine red lace lingerie he enjoys peeling off of her) with her hair gently curled away from her lovely face. Her legs are bare, the skirt of her dress touching just below her knees and swaying when she moves and her calves are wonderfully defined with the patent leather Mary Janes that she wears. She is the picture of classic beauty, her makeup left light, only a sweeping of black along her lids to accentuate the shape and her lovely lips painted a deep crimson that has him aching to kiss her.

She’s tense though, even as she speaks to her colleagues, navigating her way through conversation after conversation about her first year at the school and her second Christmas in England and all the while he knows she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, for someone to pull her up on her newly revealed relationship with the father of one of her students. No one has said anything of the sort yet, they study the pair of them, watch the way he presses his palm to the small of her back as he moves to take her empty glass and tells her he’s going to get them some more of Mel’s lethal punch but he doesn’t peck her cheek like he usually would because, though he doesn’t give a single damn what anyone else thinks of them or their relationship, he knows how uncomfortable she is already and won’t exacerbate that.

He’s met only a few of her colleagues, Mary Margaret was pleasant enough though spoke a little too much for his liking (Regina had nudged him in the ribs when he’d commented on that fact after she’d left them to go find her ‘sweetheart’ David but he’d caught the grin on her face before she’d been able to hide it). Graham he already knew and could speak a little more openly with the man now that there was no fear of him stealing his lovely Regina away from him, they’d planned to talk a little about possibly using the field at the back of Robin’s bar to set up a little men’s league and, in all honesty, Robin found he quite liked the PE teacher.

And then there was Mel.

“Well hello there lover boy,” she drawled as she made her way over to the refreshment table, giving him an approving nod when she noticed him ladling her punch into his and Regina’s glasses, “how are you faring?”

He chuckled good-naturedly before telling her “not too bad, everyone seems pleasant enough” to which the blonde replied sarcastically “wait until the punch starts taking effect,” and he laughed again turning to rest back against the table and look over at his girlfriend who was currently talking with Granny, the school’s head cook. He could just make out the older woman berating Regina for how slim she was and he couldn’t help but laugh at the way the brunette merely rolled her eyes like a surly teen on the end of a telling off.

“It’s in her nature,” Mel commented from beside him, she herself having turned to look at her friend and when he turned his head to look at her questioningly, she explained “being private, she believes that now that your relationship is out in the open, something has to happen to ruin it.”

“Well I’m not planning on going anywhere,” he assured the blonde to which she nodded.

“You know that,” she told him, “but does she?” and before he even has the chance to ask her to elaborate further, she’s walked away and left him to the realisation that they’ve not yet actually had the conversation.

“You doing okay?”

She startled at the sound of his voice so close to her ear and turned to find him smiling softly behind her. Granny had just ambled off to go nag Gold about the fact that he’d hired a caterer for this party when she could just as well have cooked the food for it. He’d argue that even she deserved a night off sometimes and the discussion would go on until late into the night, or so Mel had warned her earlier.

She nodded with a smile that even she knew wasn’t convincing and couldn’t help but let her head drop forward as she rocked on her heels and crossed her jaw. She didn’t move away when she felt his palm come up to cup her cheek, only leaned into the thumb stroking across her cheekbone and let out a heavy sigh before bringing one of her own hands cup to circle his wrist and allow her arm to dangle between them.

“Robin, I-“

“Can we talk for a moment?” he interrupted gently, sweeping back a dark curl when she looked up to him in question and instantly her stomach dropped even as she nodded in agreement and allowed him to take her hands within his own and pull her a few feet back into an empty doorway. Her heart was pounding in her chest, the sounds of the other party guests barely audible to her now for simple fear of what it was he was going to say to her.

“I’m sorry about tonight,” she began hurriedly, dropping her eyes to their still joined hands, “I’m just worried about what others will think and I know I shouldn’t be but I work with these people and I don’t want them judging you because they don’t know you yet, not like I do and it’s unfair for you to be put into this position but you’re being so wonderful and charming like you always are and then I’m just being miserable and now-“

Her rambling was cut short by his lips on hers, just a gentle press that had her frozen where she stood and so very confused because – “you really are quite silly aren’t you” he chuckled affectionately when he pulled back from her, only enough to tilt his head up to press a kiss to her furrowed brow before pressing a chaste kiss to her lips once more and telling her “I brought you over here for two reasons you sweet thing,” he rubbed his thumbs over the back of her hands in reassurance and told her “number one, I have been wanting to get you under the mistletoe since we arrived here tonight” and sure enough, when she glanced upwards, there was mistletoe hanging from the doorframe they were stood beneath and she couldn’t help but laugh softly as she looked back down to find his eyes shining with amusement.

“And the second reason?” she asked, unable to stop herself from leaning forward and stealing another kiss from his smiling mouth, feeling relief flood through her when he followed her as she parted from him to keep the kiss going a little longer.

“And reason number two,” his eyes flicked to her lips once more and she laughed against him when he kissed her again, as unable to resist as she was now that he’d broken the tension, “is because I am so very thankful that you brought me here tonight and introduced me to your colleagues despite your discomfort,” he looked at her rather meaningfully then, an affectionate smile on his lips even as she blushed at his praise, “and I would like to formally ask if I may accompany you to any and all functions you may attend in the future?” and when her brow furrowed in confusion at his words and her head tilted in question, he chuckled warmly and said “I’m asking, in a rather poor effort at being charming,” she chuckled at that, “if I may have the honour of being your boyfriend Regina Mills?”

Her lips parted softly at that, eyes widening somewhat at his words because she hadn’t been expecting them and was rather touched that he was asking. She couldn’t help but tease him though, so very like usual, as she asked him to clarify “are you asking me to go steady Robin Locksley?” and when he let out a rather loud laugh that had others turning to look at them both and told her “I most certainly am” she found she no longer cared what the others thought of her or him and could only nod her head rather erratically before she was surging forward and capturing his lips in a much longer kiss, both of them smiling at the sound of applause from those Regina had been most afraid of introducing Robin to. It seemed she’d had no need to worry in the first place.

What to Wear for Your Valentine’s Day Date

Whether you’re single or attached, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get dressed to the nines and show off your sexy self. And just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean your outfit has to be covered in cutesy hearts or be inspired by a certain cherub with a bow-and-arrow. The key to dressing for a Valentine’s Day date is to balance the romantic, feminine elements with the sexy, alluring ones.

Feeling sexy starts on the inside, so spoil yourself with this delicate Italian-made La Perla bra. The sheer lace provides just enough peek-a-boo to entice without being overly revealing.

La Perla Rosa Triangle Bra

These Hanky Panky thongs are named that for a reason! Luckily, they come in a pack of three: one pair for date night, one for the morning after, and another pair just in case.

Hanky Panky Valentine’s Day 3 Original Rise Thongs

This cami brings a little edginess to your Valentine’s Day date look, with its combination of leather and lace. The back keyhole is mirrored by the lace panel on the front, and the vibrant red colour is heart-stopping.

Mason by Michelle Mason Leather & Lace Cami

This blouse is definitely not short on romantic details, from the delicate lace details, to the beautiful sheer panelling. Wear it with a high-waisted skirt and some heels, and you’ll be ready to be swept off your feet.

ASOS Top with Lace Bib and Pintuck Placket

Not just any plain old black skirt will do for Valentine’s Day. The fitted cut of this pencil skirt is softened by the pleating at the waist and the side ruffle, creating an elegant, flowy look.

Lanvin Side Ruffle Skirt

For all you princesses out there, this dress is the perfect outfit for a Valentine’s Day date with your prince. Boning provides a fitted look through the bodice, while the sweetheart neckline and poofy tulle skirt amp up the feminine side of this dress.

Alice+Olivia Landi Gathered Cinched Waist Pouf Dress

A gorgeous dress for date night. The body-skimming cut is designed to show off your curves, and the black lace overlay and keyhole at the back make it so much more than just a simple sheath.

ModCloth Sophisticated Soiree Dress in Noir

If the cinnamon heart-red colour doesn’t catch your eye, then the criss-cross straps on these stunning Louboutins will. And if you’re not feeling the ruby slippers look, these heels also come in a leg-lengthening nude (with the signature red sole, of course).

Christian Louboutin Vita Dita Patent Leather Mary Jane Pumps

This fashion post lovingly crafted for you by:
Khahy H.
Contributing Writer at Wantering

Need more help with deciding what to wear for Valentine’s Day next Friday? Check out Wantering’s feature on Valentine’s Date Night Style for Her

LOTD: Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss

Get their chic shopping style

Famous best friends and real-life doppelgangers, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have an envy-worthy relationship. If you follow them on social media, you know that they met at last year’s Victoria’s Secret show, and have since gone on a picture-perfect road trip to Big Sur, attended the Met Gala together and spent their downtime hanging out in NYC. Most recently, they were seen shopping in the city, wearing two festive fall outfits that perfectly embody their individual styles. Taylor wore a preppy camel coat with polka dot tights and Mary Jane heels, while Karlie kept it releaxed in a plaid button-up, black jeans and high-top tennis shoes. Whether you’re more of a Taylor or Karlie, shop their looks with our similar picks below.

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss out and about in Soho.

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Notch Collar Coat

Fine-knit Dress

Dots Tights

Patent Leather Mary Jane

Dune Dorisey Structured Bag in Berry

Get Karlie’s Look

The Perfect Shirt plaid cotton shirt

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Hammered Bangle Bracelet Set

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