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Beautiful the intersection of ATSC and patent fee fix tentatively each one charge and exceed 10 dollars

The electromechanical chamber of import and export trade of China reveals that exports the American digital television patent rate for the first time

Beautiful the intersection of ATSC and patent fee fix tentatively each one charge and exceed 10 dollars

Export the statement that the American digital television products will face the great amount of patent fee soon, got confirmation of China Mechanical & Electrical Products Imp&Exp Coc at last recently, according to a patent report that this association of dealers exposes recently, eachth the intersection of patent and expenses that color TV pay in 10 dollar about. But the entrepreneur points out this can only be a general statement, some enterprise patent fee may drop after negotiation.

Also industry expert points out, with the increase of the number of people of exclusive right of the digital television, the patent expenses in this respect may still continue promoting in the future. And while uniting and striving for negotiation with ATSC, it is a long-term plan to step up setting up the pool of autogenous patent to confront with its forming in Chinese enterprises.

The patent rate depends on detailed conditions

Recently, China Mechanical & Electrical Products Imp&Exp Coc released" the American color TV patent is distributed the analysis report “, according to this report, as the side of obligee of U.S.A.’s Digital Television Standard ATSC, include the intersection of Canadian and TriVision, Sony, Thompson, FUNAI 5 enterprise collect over 10 dollars for each one patent fee to digital television of U.S.A. to export.

It is reported, this is to spread out of the news of ATSC patent fee for the second time when fewer than one month. Have news claim after the will it be March 1 this year, each export, get the intersection of U.S.A. and the intersection of Chinese and television of market must pay dollar of patent fees at least the end of last month. But the relevant person of Konka shows to the staff reporter, the real expenses are not so high subsequently.

The relevant person of China Mechanical & Electrical Products Imp&Exp Coc shows to the staff reporter, what this report counted is contacting and advocating the side of obligee that collects the right of the patent fee with the association of dealers at present, do not get rid of the final amount of money of patent fee after every Chinese TV enterprise carry on the negotiation with the other side, some enterprise expenses can be reduced, can’t get rid of new obligee’s side and join and charge the list either.

A digital television expert of Shanghai Communications University explains that claims, participate in ATSC canonial member’s reaching more than 170 families, and this standard is still open to other enterprises joining, but the majority has no patent that can charge among them, and ATSC members who hold relevant patent must keep in touch with China voluntarily, could let China understand its asked price. A personage serving as the intellectual property right advisor of Changhong’s export business unwilling to sign shows even more, obligee’s side of patent fee revealed at present, it is only the iceberg corner. "By the look of example of South Korea, it is non- impossible to charge and reach 20-30 dollars for each TV set. ”

It wouldn’t be influenced to export the American color TV

The entrepreneur reveals, “ ATSC standard does not ensure his member’s obligee’s side to collect the patent fee immediately, in fact must nearly confirm the amount of the patent fee by a series of negotiation and lawsuit, and some lawsuits can be as long as 10 years. ” According to the statistics of China Mechanical & Electrical Products Imp&Exp Coc, China exported 12,816,000 color TVs together from January to October last year, increase by 38% compared with the same period of last year, the personage of chamber of import and export trade of organic electro represents this growth “ very high-speed ” . If the patent fee which China exports to the beautiful color TV needn’t be paid at once, then it is OK to continue maintaining increasing in this year and even several years.

Changhong’s entrepreneur shows, Chinese enterprises “ should define first that might not accept totally the other side ask by oneself, what patents secondly distinguished our products technically to use the other side on earth. ” This method stems from the patent fee and becomes the habitual barrier under the gradually conservative international trade situation. Editor-in-chief Chen Yan of “ China’s Day enterprise ” thinks, the environment that the Chinese household appliances enterprise emerges on market of the whole world, not so good that year as a enterprise. “In times that the enterprise of Japan emerges, enterprises do not advocate the patent fee on a large scale in America and Europe, and today, the patent fee has already become main ways in which the enterprise comes as a hard blow at the Chinese household appliances enterprise of day of advantage such as Sony,etc.. ”

And “ the American color TV patent is distributed the analysis report ” also sum up and collect the mode to the foreign patent fee of Chinese enterprises at present, a patent, in the canonicalization of foreign market, and then standard internationalization of this country once. This means if Chinese enterprises are routed in the market of one country by the patent fee of the trans-corporation, that possibility to suffer the same destiny on markets of other countries increases greatly.

Enterprises expect “ 1 ” of one The patent is negotiated

The person in charge of China Mechanical & Electrical Products Imp&Exp Coc has also summarized a series of counter-measure for this. He thinks, accelerates technology research and development through adopting; Stabilize the export price, digest the cost of patent; It is not a infringement risk produced in the equipment course of Chinese enterprise to shift; Strengthen patent, study, it is unreasonable to charge for strength to avoid; Such measures as enhancement is jointly negotiated, Chinese enterprises are still expected to hold the game initiative. But enterprise personage shows that has the wait-and-see attitude on uniting the result of the negotiation, “had trusted China Mechanical & Electrical Products Imp&Exp Coc to negotiate last year, but the result was unsatisfactory, the reason is very complicated. ” He shows, every chip which enterprises buy of China is different, the packaging technology adopted is also different, so can not often use differently patented technology, need one-to-one negotiation at this moment. “It is information and communicating to jointly negotiate more each other on the tactics. ”

He thinks, more valid way, studies “ the right is used up ” conscientiously Legal for principle,that is understand whether what foreign patents there is oneself clearly really, also make good use of WTO relevant parallel clause disputes imported conscientiously, try to deal with time more. Staff reporter Tan Yi is refined


Question of the patent fee or involving the Chinese market

Expert unwilling to sign points out, have already heard many foreign obligee’s sides claim its patent has already been used by the digital television ground transmission standard of China. This expert shows, though the Chinese digital television ground transmission standard regards the technical patents of every enterprise such as academy of Shanghai Communications University, Tsing-Hua University, broadcasting and TV and Changhong as the body, the standard that but consulted world and passed through after all, so need to distinguish carefully too, whether have finally used the foreign obligee’s square patent. On the other hand, the patent applications of China and U.S.A. demand not to be the same, such as U.S.A.’s protective TV software patent being an invalid patent in China, so charge, maintain, take, scrutinize while being prudent perhaps to a foreign one.

Lu ZhenYu, president of Xiaxin Electronics: The overseas export worries about the patent fee most

Since Lu ZhenYu serves as the Xiaxin Electronics (600057 SH) Begin on the president’s first day, worry about very much on the question that not for the fund. If Xiaxin electronic big shareholder have any commitment, “ make up deficits past master ” Lu ZhenYu dare either Xiaxin Electronics this pool once “ The muddy water ” .

The Xiaxin Electronics lost 802 million yuan in 2007 after all, and take “ ST ” The cap, even bank debit and credit are a problem

What Lu ZhenYu really worried about is how should the way during the following three years of Xiaxin Electronics left, and the Xiaxin Electronics has this physique that walks in the following three years, could walk the healthier.

Seem, can understand why Lu shake space implement “ the cost accounting ” in the whole company once appearing on the stage today ,This measure has established the Xiaxin Electronics too “ The health ” Foundation.

“As far back as April, Lu ZhenYu says to me, the fund problem has already been solved. ” Ni GuangNan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, once revealed to “ the first finance and economics daily report ”, he has reached Xiaxin electronic general headquarters of Xiamen in April, Lu shake space, represent at that time, oneself worry of maximum the patent fee of the mobile phone. Because the overseas market expansion of the Xiaxin cell-phone has been pretty good during these years, the sales volume is very considerable, but if will pay the patent fee, basically there is not any profit in the export.

The only bright spot of the wealth newspaper is that an overseas business proportion is further aggravated in 2007 in the Xiaxin Electronics. Xiaxin Electronics China gains 2,147 million yuan in 2007, reduce by 50.95% compared with the same period of last year, gain 1,266 million yuan overseas, increase by 23.59% compared with the same period of last year.

The wealth newspaper reveals at the same time, Xiaxin electronic GSM/GPRS 2.5G and 3G WCDMA/GPRS bimodulus mobile phone has already succeeded in exporting to Italy, overseas markets such as Britain, U.S.A., Singapore, Bangladesh, France, Jordan, Mexico,etc.. The Xiaxin Electronics shows, one of the focal points of work of the company will be in 2008: Strengthen the overseas market to sell, insist that “ does some things and leaves some things undone ” Principle,focus key customer.

For this reason, the overall arrangement to some extent still specially in 2007 of Xiaxin Electronics. Xiaxin Electronics provide funds of to set up Shenzhen to prize and unite Science Technologies Co., Ltd. (call in the following text at 1 million yuan last year “ Shenzhen prizes and unites ” ),The registered capital is 10 million yuan that Shenzhen prizes, Xiaxin accounts for 10% of the proportion of investment. It is reported, Shenzhen prizes and negotiates and handles the patent business in acting’s patent mainly, manage, offer patent work and intellectual property right development and protection,etc. consultant service and managing, business that the technology, patent develop,etc. of the intellectual property right in the pool of patent.

But seem the intersection of Xiaxin Electronics and this trick could it relieves the intersection of Xiaxin cell-phone and overseas patent to be issue unable to find out even really today.

In fact, the mobile phone patent has already become “ inhibition ” that the home-made cellphone has exported the overseas developed country . Because like this, a lot of home-made cellphones are being dispatched troops to abroad, but only TCL communication, Shenzhen Sang Fei, in can have mobile phone products lasted developed countried for,etc. the severalth home-made cellphone producer Xinghe China, because TCL communication merge the business of the Alcatel cell-phones, Sang Fei in Shenzhen merge Philip’s mobile phone businesses, and then whether it is it associated patent to obtain pass,and in for because inputs technological all the year round in Xinghe China, in order to cross patents have wound this barrier.

“In the mobile phone trade, the international manufacturer including Nokia has disposed a large number of 2G cell-phone patents in America and Europe, move towards one of the main obstacles of the American-European market as the Chinese manufacturer. ” Relevant person in charge of news report says resurgence in this way.

One the intersection of home-made cellphone and high level point out mobile phone barrier of patent let large partial home-made cellphone to export the area, limit to some extent abroad definitely, can only export to very rigorous areas of patent protection such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and Russia,etc. and country.

Xiaxin’s electronic wealth newspaper reveals, 26 applications for patent in 2007 of Xiaxin Electronics, 3 inventions among them, 14 patents of obtaining the arthorization, obtained 10 items of copyright of software. This achievement can not be exported overseas for the Xiaxin cell-phone “ Escort ” .

“Quite a partial monopoly is overdue patent and rubbish patent that the in fact international cell-phone giant has, the home-made cellphone producer does not need to pay the patent fee for these patents at all. ” Ni GuangNan represents, in fact lacks the Chinese mobile phone producer of the patent and don’t fear “ patent barrier ” of the developed country ,Most producers have not really faced and analyzed because of fearing.

Ni GuangNan points out, in fact, producer can well joint the home-made cellphone together in patent protection, have in this respect empirical producers can contribute this kind of experience out through a certain way, let all home-made cellphone producers share together, avoid following the same old catastrophic road of patent DVD.

The problem is who comes to take the lead, who comes to the organization. The responsible department of the goverment should stand out at this moment, this concerns a major issue of whole Chinese mobile phone industry after all. It is believed that Lu ZhenYu looks forward to the this day too.

Color TV " allied forces of ten countries " Set up China proudly Confront with each other and export the patent fee together

Chinese color TV patent association set up for opposing the color TV and exporting the patent fee on April 23 - -Shenzhen prizes and unites scientific and technological Co., Ltd. and announces establishment.

13 before this patent associations shrink to 10 families

It is reported, Shenzhen prizes and unites scientific and technological Co., Ltd. by Xiahua, Xiaxin, it is new for department, TCL, Changhong, Konka, lasting linking, Hisense 2005 new quotation, Haiers latest, at unite to make up 10 color TV giant broadcasting and TV altogether. Ten the intersection of color TV and enterprise provide funds of 1 million respectively, account for 10% share each, responsible for, negotiate the relevant intellectual property right with exclusive right of American digital television holder mainly. Fan Wen of the new department’s company builds and takes the post as the Chairmans of this company, Luo QiuLin of TCL is company’s general manager.

Prize, unite at the unveiling ceremony seeing in 2007 the intersection of Chinese and the intersection of digital television and annual grand ceremony, the Chairmans of ten enterprises including TCL Li Dongsheng all attend this meeting. Panda, West Lake, profit Wan contacted with to participate in reach, accede to these camp by 3 enterprises last year.

It is to expedite the emergence of the motive force that this organization establishes to come from the external pressure. It is reported, U.S.A. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Stipulate, from March 1, 2007, the TV exporting to U.S.A.’s market must be a digital television, meanwhile, with 13 -inch screen more than TV must accord with ATSC (the intersection of American and the intersection of digital television and advanced the intersection of rule and committee) Canonial technical regulation. U.S.A. only involves the low-end CRT TV to the Chinese color TV anti-dumping differently with 2004, this ATSC standard charges and involves the whole digital television field, advanced LCD TV and plasma TV are in the inner panel TV while including arriving from CRT of the low-end, advanced ultrathin CRT.

The data display of employer’s organization of the China electronic video, the electric total export quantum of Chinese color was 46,390,000 in 2006, the export ratio has already exceeded 50%, the export becomes main motive force that the trade increases. U.S.A. determines to impose the patent fee in importing the digital television, undoubtedly disasters pile up on one another for originally already meagre Chinese color TV enterprise of the profit.

The patent association has not revealed the step plan There are many persons who looks around counterpart

“Prize and unite and also launch the business of the patent application, setting up the color TV patent pool, patent consultation etc.. ” Have prized and united Chairman Fan Wen and built on inaugural meeting and just introduced the basic function of this company, what concrete operation next is revealed not.

As to this, it is commented for the people that the Chinese video general secretary of employer’s organization is white, this is because involve the patent fee of color TV, some are not suitable for the reason that is announced to the outside.

A lot of color TV manufacturing companies all send representatives to attend this conference. But they show to the celestial pole Chinabyte, attend to only “ see the wind direction ” .

“ if can make the patent fee of color TV lower, will join this organization ” ,A manufacture enterprise representative coming to participate the meeting shows to the celestial pole Chinabyte. 23 for one really let enterprises unable to afford to afford to the color TV patent fee of 25 dollars, but participate in this color TV patent affiliated company, should pay 1 million yuan first, for medium and small color TV enterprise, it is a sum of big expenses too. Moreover, it can be exchanged with the other side that how many patents patent company has color TV, in how large intensity it subdues demands of patent fee to be clear.

He tells the celestial pole Chinabyte, enterprises are not the members of ATSC in almost all the Chinese color TVs, even can interconversion important patent, want, put, prize, unite Science Technologies Co., Ltd. totally, have not totally consulted between every manufacturer at present.

It is a step of essentiality that Chinese color TV enterprises should go out of the patent fee of color TV of U.S.A. and European Union to establish and prize and unite. It contributes to strengthening the negotiation ability of Chinese enterprises to prize and unite the establishment of the company, but in view of long-term, only by improving autonomous innovation can it strengthen the agressiveness of Chinese enterprises.

Toshiba casts aside Sony and forms an alliance and collects DVD patent fee in advance

Cast aside Sony _ Toshiba and form an alliance and collect DVD patent fee in advance

Expenses of patent or accounting for nearly 10% cost of product

Wang RuChen

The original document moves on to Toshiba taking Sony as blue light camp of the head, may “ pull the wrist ” with Sony again (used after a verb to indicate the completion of an action).

Yesterday, Toshiba announced to the outside, had already set up a blue light patent to authorize the alliance (BD4C) with the amusement groups of families of Mitsubishi Electric, Thompson and Warner’s brother ,This alliance will take Toshiba as the core, has not mentioned Sony. And emphasize, on March 1, this alliance has already united the patent and authorized the plan in the whole world of products such as launching and blue light relevant DVD,etc..

The concrete scope of authority nearly covers all fields. For example blue light demoder, Coder, broadcaster, read-only CD, can read and write the CD, hard disc, record-replay equiment etc.. In addition, also include the blue light products with DVD function.

BD4C emphasizes, accords with the laser disc alliance of blue light (BDA) Products of blue light specification,it is make up to authorize not to last patent, there are can “ one station to buy ” on applicant ,Can also negotiate the specific patent with alliance members. However, Toshiba will serve as and include Japan in inner Asian, the Atlantic Ocean continent, the Middle East area, North America, middle permission enterprise of the area of South America. But Europe, African area, are permitted the company to be responsible for by Thompson’s patent.

Concrete expenses standard announce blue light chat on video CD, each of read only optical disc charge 4 cents among them already too, each one of blue light demoder charges 1 dollar, the Coder is 1.5 dollars. And blue light chats on video the broadcaster, recording optical disc drive, each one of video CD writer charge 4.5 dollars, 6 dollars, 7 dollars separately.

The proportion has been already very high that the aforesaid charged. At present, the price of a lot of blue light DVD has already dropped to below 1000 yuan on the market, some even drop to 600 multivariate, if calculate according to the expenses standard of the above-mentioned patent, in the following half years, with the CD, broadcast and the decline of the terminal price of recording, the expenses of patent are expected to exceed 10%.

So far, the price of blue disc player has already dropped to below 2000 yuan from 3000 multivariate, the brand broadcaster in China edition high definition DVD industry alliance, listing price drop to 1500 yuan of inferior brand to sell for 700 yuan about even under already. And the video disc price drops to below 100 yuan from early nearly 200 yuan. The intersection of CD and listing price, DVD of high definition, edition of China, only well below the overseas canonial products from 30 yuan to 50 yuan.

It is represented, drop with the price of CD and broadcaster continuously, if adopt Toshiba’s patented technology that in the industry, the patent expenses which cover each link will occupy nearly 10% of the cost.

“Really very startled! This will make the market confused once again. ” China high definition CD industry advances an insider of alliance to represent “ the first finance and economics daily report ”, the contradiction happen once again between the technological camps of blue light of Toshiba, Sony to exclude from making, in other words, they have seen the fast growth of the market of global blue light.

In DVD standard respect of future generation, have struggled with Toshiba leading HD-DVD two major camp for many years in the blue light camp headed by Sony. In 2009, Toshiba will express willingness to add the blue light camp. Native general secretary of EVD alliance Zhang BaoQuan had shown, this meant sentencing to “ death penalty ” of HD DVD in fact at that time . But Toshiba has not given up, it has been looking for the life, especially the sufficient use of the Chinese market. In fact, as far back as 2007, include “ industry’s alliance of optical disk of China’s high definition ” of Toshiba’s key patent Establish formally.

But the above-mentioned personage thinks, no matter Sony or camp of blue light of Toshiba, less than the Chinese products advantage in price.