patent clutch

each of Vox Machina if Feebleminded:

  • nobody notices with Grog; he just keeps Raging in defense of his friends and honestly even after the fighting’s over, nobody notices for like 10 minutes
  • Pike is revealed to be exactly as 10/10 rage-mode Here To Kill Some Shit as Grog; everyone is a little alarmed (Grog is proud)
  • Vax would go straight to Vex, “hide” behind her back, and try to stab anyone who got close to either of them
  • Vex would either go straight to Trinket or, if he was in the necklace, her nearest team member, grab them by the arm and refuse to let go. also grab anyone else who got close. they are hers; she is keeping them; they will all be safe together.
  • it takes the gang like an hour after the fight to find Percy; he’s ¾ of the way up a tree and shivering, and they have to gently Bigby’s Hand him down because in addition to patently terrified, he’s clutching a gun and pointing it at anyone who comes near. probably he’s too unintelligent to do anything with it? probably? no one wants to test the theory.
  • Keyleth fucking OBLITERATES whoever/whatever is attacking her friends, then Entangling Vines everyone into a forced cuddle pile, licks them all, and goes to sleep on their laps
    • I know you aren’t supposed to be able to use magic under Feeblemind, but I’m going with “natural druid instincts” here
  • Scanlan, pitifully helpless, gets picked up by someone - probably Vax - and he starts humming in their ear because his bard-dad instincts are like, ‘child is distressed, must comfort with noise’

October 1, 2012 attending the Stella McCartney Spring 2013 show during Paris Fashion Week.

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