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Part 2 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,225

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The weekend had come and gone and you were back on campus early on a wet, rainy and cold Monday morning. Your emotions were all over the place on the weekend and to be fair you still hadn’t got them under control. You began to regret the red plaid dress that you had worn since you decided you didn’t want to wear tights or socks with your black patent brogues; that was before you knew what the weather was like but it was too late to go and change and you were shivering where you stood. You walked slowly to the room for your next class. The corridors in this establishment were weird; they were long and dull and reminded you of those belonging to a hospital. It made you feel uneasy and somewhat spooked. You turned right into your class and realised that you were a tad bit late. Your professor frowned at you over his thick rimmed glasses. He already didn’t like you, so little things like this made your last semester here all the more worse. He was short and fat; his pot belly poking out of his shirt in which the buttons looks as though they were about to pop and fly across the room. You bowed apologetically but not whole heartedly if you were being totally honest with yourself. You walked over to a free seat beside Sehun and unpacked your notebook and pen from your bag; attempting to be as quiet as you possibly could. You ripped off a square of paper and scribbled the words. ‘I’m sorry’ on it, discretely passing it over to Sehun’s desk. He looked down at the note and rolled his eyes scrunching it up. He looked much moodier then he had yesterday and he was adorned in black attire. Perfect outfit you thought to yourself; black to match his mood and black to match his soul. You let out a desperate sigh and scribbled on another note.

Please don’t be like that.’
Sehun didn’t even bother reading the second one; he simply just scrunched up the paper and threw it back to you.

“So why exactly did Clemente Jon-Dean use dark colours to portray the sublime Y/N?” Your professor stared at you through those thick rimmed glasses that you were itching to snap. You scowled; he knew you weren’t listening he always did this. Whenever you weren’t paying attention he would purposefully pick you out.

“I don’t know…” You murmured as you tucked your hands into your lap, he probably saw you pass the notes to Sehun and now he was trying to embarrass you in front of your associates. Asshole. Sehun scoffed from where he was sitting as he raised his hand. Without even waiting for your professor to pick him he began to talk.

“The sublime is representative of beauty and magnificence. The reason Jon-Dean used dark colours was to show that beauty and magnificence is dark. In other words it is stained of innocence and really doesn’t exist, ultimately he was trying to portray that there is no beauty in this world. This world is just darkness. However he describes the ‘blinding white’ rising sun; which may suggest that there may be one thing or even person depending on what he was referring to, that actually brings light to an individual seeking it. However it’s hard to walk to a spotlight in a room that’s engulfed in darkness and so therefore I’m arguing that he’s trying to tell us that it’s hard and nearly impossible to find whatever it is that makes this world truly beautiful. Quite the pessimist, but I don’t refute on the contrary I quite agree with him. He’s just a realist in my opinion.” Sehun shot you a side glance and gave you a cunning smirk.

“Perfect as always Oh Sehun.” Your professor smiled, clearly in love with Sehun this far into your schooling. It pissed you off hugely when Sehun did that and he knew it, when he got extremely analytical he did it to spite you more often than not, he knew he was clever. In fact he was just as clever as Baekhyun and you wondered if he stayed friends with you because it made him feel clever and better about himself to hang out with someone as foolish as yourself in comparison. To be honest you wondered if you could even call what you ‘had’ a friendship most of the time.

You sat there in silence for the rest of the lesson as you really couldn’t be bothered to contribute and quite frankly you were sick of Sehun making you look dumber than you already looked. It seemed like forever until that lesson ended, you stared at a crack in the wall for 45minutes and jumped to your feet as your professor dismissed you. You were speedily trying to pack up as you noticed that Sehun was already out of the room, his long legs allowed him to stride and you found that you were jogging to catch up with him.

“Hey!” you hissed as you finally caught up with him. “You really take pleasure in me looking like a fool don’t you. I was trying to apologise…for last night… what the fuck is your deal Sehun?”

“You’re calling this an apology?” He twisted his face in disgust as he tightened his knuckles around his bag. “Because it sounds pretty shit to me.” He walked faster and you continued to jog beside him; exercise was not your thing and you were quickly becoming out of breath.

“For fuck sake Sehun!” You hissed again tugging on his bag so that he’d slow down. “I made a mistake okay I was upset so I’m sorry. I’m trying to apologise. Why are you in such a shit mood lately what is going on with you?” You didn’t understand what was wrong with Sehun, yes he could be cold and emotionally vacant at times but this was an evolved level of moody and it was really beginning to piss you off. You pulled on his shirt to make him stop but he slapped your hand away from him his body.

“Get your fucking hands off of me. And no it wasn’t a mistake you said yourself you weren’t drunk last night. You don’t just jump into your friend’s bed and wrap your arms around their waist this isn’t a fucking zoo Y/N and all for what? Because you’re allowing yourself to get worked up because of Baekhyun? Get your priorities straight and stop being childish.” He stormed off in the opposite direction. You touched your chest to double check that your heart was still beating. You felt as though you had just taken a blow to the stomach. Sehun’s words were harsh and you were aware he could be blunt sometimes but if he knew how you felt about Baekhyun why would he go and say that. What made it worse was that his voice was quiet and monotone, almost as though he were calm with everything he was saying. You watched as his lanky figure disappeared out of your sight down the long and dull corridor.

“Yo, why are you just standing here?”
You jumped, the voice behind you startling you.
It was Jongdae with Rozz walking beside him.

“Huh? Oh. I was just thinking about –”

“Prom!” Rozz shouted, much more enthusiastically than was deemed normal. Shit. You had forgotten about prom. The student council decided to have prom a whole semester before your final exams because they argued that ‘prom was a distraction and if you had prom first you could then focus on your exams’. Their decision had pissed you off deeply. Prom was supposed to be a celebration of your hard work and efforts throughout your past three years of higher educational studying and so it should have been after your exam, but obviously you peasants didn’t get a say in anything. Rozz’s eye’s widened. “You forgot didn’t you? Prom is next week and I still haven’t even bought myself a dress.” You rubbed your temples as though that would help you to think clearly. You still hadn’t bought a dress yourself, you let out a loud sigh. This wasn’t the right time for prom. Jongdae scoffed as he looked at the both of you who were struggling to think.

“I’m just going to rent a suit. We can’t all buy one out right like Sehun.” He rolled his eyes at the last statement and ran a hand through his hair. You didn’t want to think about Sehun at this point in time the thought of him was pissing you off further.

“Has anyone seen Baekhyun?” You asked, trying to change the topic although you really wanted to know where he was. Jongdae shrugged his shoulders as he and Rozz waved goodbye and walked off to their next lesson.
You were supposed to have a free period with Sehun and Baekhyun at this point in time but you couldn’t find any of them. You hadn’t seen Baekhyun since Minseok’s birthday and you wanted to see how he was getting on. Though you were still somewhat mad at him, but you had no right to be but you were more so jealous of Nel. You had pondered for too long and eventually you decided that you would call him. You slipped your hand into the small compartment of your bag and pulled out your phone.
Missed call from Baekhyun.
Your heart fluttered and stopped all in one. You were happy that he had called you but you were scared that something may have happened to him to make him call. You had only missed the call by 5 minutes so with a stroke of luck Baekhyun would still have his phone close by. You pressed the redial button and waited for him to pick up.

Baekhyun? Where are you?”

“Actually I was going to ask you the same thing.”

You frowned it sounded as though he were driving, why was he driving when he should have been here?
“I’m on campus Baek, where else would I be? Where are you, you sound like you’re out”

“I am.” He answered quickly, his voice a little distant from the phone. “Listen I was going to swing by and pick you up I wanted to…” He paused as though he were thinking of the appropriate sentence. “…take you somewhere.” You heart did that annoying thing it always did when you thought of being alone with Baekhyun in his car with him again, you swallowed once to try and push these sudden nerves down. “So say yes? Please! Because I’m already outside and I’ve not wasted my petrol for nothing.” You rolled your eyes but you were smiling, you never skipped class and neither did Baekhyun he was a straight A student after all and not just any straight A student, but he was a serious candidate so you wondered what was so important that required skipping classes but you were excited all the same.

Okay Baek, I’m coming.”

You were sat in the car next to Byun Baekhyun, the familiar smell of the vehicle filling up your senses and it humbled you somewhat. You focused on his face as he focused on the road and you smiled subconsciously. You began to trace his jaw line with your eyes and then followed it down to his neck lingering your gaze on his exposed collarbone.

“So.” Baekhyun coughed, making you blink and look away from his collarbone. “I hope you’ll be okay with this…” He laughed nervously. You frowned, that was the laugh Baekhyun did when he was up to something weird. Like the time he borrowed your money without asking you; or the time he locked you and Chanyeol in a room when the both of you had a small misunderstanding.

“Where did you go on Friday night? With Nel…” You weren’t sure if you wanted to know and yet you were itching to find out the answer all the same. You stared at his hands on the steering wheel and you felt a knot in your stomach when you noticed that his grip had gotten tighter and his knuckles had lost their colour. You gripped on to the hem of your dress in response trying to release the uneasiness in any way that you could, but it was proving to be impossible.

“Uhh I’m taking you there now…” He quickly turned to look at you, but his face was slightly worried. “Please be okay with this.” He focused his attention back on the road as he turned into a car park that was well known for being empty all the time. You didn’t like it here and you wanted to be back in class. You got out the car with Baekhyun, swearing as you stepped into a puddle and cursing again as the wind blew up your dress in an attempt to expose your purple coloured underwear. Baekhyun grabbed your wrist but this time your heart didn’t flutter because you were too anxious to focus on the specifics.

“Baekhyun where are you taking me?” You frowned as he dragged you towards some boulders where you saw 4 figures standing. They looked as though they had alcohol in their hands. The closer you got your eyes widened as you recognised one figure. Nel. She was wearing jeans and a low cut pink top. “Baekhyun?” You whispered to him as he pulled you closer.
Your face dropped as you noticed Reiji, K and Tay or ‘the critters’ as Baekhyun had formerly labelled them. Although now you were second guessing yourself since it didn’t make sense that he was chilling with people you had always tried your best to stay away from. Nel was a floater but Baekhyun wasn’t and you weren’t sure what was going on. You squeezed his hand and pulled it backwards but he ignored your plea and dragged you closer until you were standing right in front of them.

“Ah so that’s the one called Y/N.” Reiji looked at you as he raised a brow, he looked somewhat intrigued or amused but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. You felt dangerously uncomfortable around these three and you couldn’t describe the feeling. Baekhyun nodded at Reiji as he handed Baekhyun a beer. You widened your eyes as you watched Baekhyun accept it.

“Beer?” He extended one to your face but you declined and you didn’t care that it was not politely. You looked up at Baekhyun in disgust as he chugged the alcohol down.

“Baek what are you doing? You’re driving remember.” You pushed the bottle down away from his mouth and your action caused the others to laugh at you.

“Chill out lady, it’s only one beer.” Tay chuckled pulling a spliff from her lips. She handed it to Baekhyun and again he happily accepted. Your eyes widened in horror at this point as you grabbed it from his hands and threw it onto the wet gravel, you stomped it out furiously, what was he doing? And why wasn’t Nel stopping him why was she happily watching him? What the fuck was wrong with them. Reiji laughed at you .

“Wow grandma alert.” He joked causing everyone but Baekhyun to laugh, who was now looking at you like an injured puppy. You were forced to socialise with these assholes for a couple of hours and when you looked down at your watch you had realised that your lessons for the day would have finished since you finished early on Monday’s.

“Baekhyun there’s somewhere I need to be, Now.” You hissed turning and walking towards the car, not bothering to say bye to the others, not even Nel. You crossed your arms over your body, rubbing your arms up and down. You were cold and wet and wanted to get as far away from those assholes as you possibly could and for once in your life you wanted to be away from Baekyun. You dropped down into the passenger seat and waited until the car was in motion before you began attacking Baekhyun verbally. “What the fuck is wrong with you Byun Baekhyun! We don’t hang out with them! They’re trouble!”.

He let out a shaky breath as he quickly looked at you and back to the road. “I’m sorry… I just…I knew you wouldn’t be okay with this, but they’re cool guys Y/N. I’ve been hanging out with Nel and I’ve realised they’re not as bad as we thought.”
Your blood was boiling over as your gripped your dress tightly in your hands, laughing in disbelief at what you were hearing.

“Why the fuck would I be okay with it Baekhyun. They were casually drinking and smoking weed in a fucking car park and you thought that it was okay to join did you? We don’t associate and socialise with people like them.” You were infuriated as you stared at his face. His expressions were soft and worried.

“I just wanted you to be okay with it Y/N…I’m sorry. But I’ll stop hanging around them, we’re not friends I just kind of hang around them through Nel, they’re nice enough. If it’s going to get you this mad I don’t want that, you mean more to me than –”

“Just drop me off at Sehun’s” You interrupted.

You were raging inside you were angry with both Baekhyun and Sehun and Sehun still owed you answers as to why he was acting so off today, so what better way to calm your nerves by shouting and taking it all out on Oh Sehun in his beautiful flashy apartment, which at this precise moment you despised him for. But right now you loathed Byun Baekhyun so much more and didn’t want to be in the same space as him.
You grabbed your bag from the back seat as you got to your destination and jumped out of the car, slamming the door shut behind you. You didn’t even bother to say goodbye to Baekhyun. You weren’t angry often and so you couldn’t wait to release all of your pent up anger on your victim. You pushed the buzzer with rage.

No answer.

You pushed it again.

Still no answer.
“Open the fuck up Oh Sehun, I know you’re fucking in there!” You shouted at the intercom device. Your eyes widened as you remembered Sehun’s spare key on your key ring. Dipping your hand in your bag you pulled out a bunch of keys and located the right ones you first pressed the card onto the sensor which allowed you access into the lobby area and then you made your way to his door inserting the key into the lock smiling smugly as you did so, swinging the door open. “Don’t ignore me when I know you’re in here you asshole! I …”
Your breath caught in your throat as you stared in fright ahead of you.
A woman with long hair wearing one of Sehun’s T-shirts was stood there with a phone in her hand and by the looks of it Sehun wasn’t home.

“Who are you?” You whispered, your breath shaking as you took a step backwards towards the door you had just come through.

She frowned.

“No. Who the fuck are you?!”

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