Summoning Candyman Ch.2 (Jumin X Reader fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating : M 
Summary: “Jumin Han, Jumin Han, Jumin Han” you repeated in front of the mirror. When you wished for Jumin to be real on Halloween night, you didn’t expect him to turn out to be a criminal lord with a strange pet fetish… 
Keywords: Super AU, self-insert, loss of control kink, pet kink, creepy dominant Jumin, criminal setting, also some Yoosung X Seven and Jaehee X Zen
Author’s Notes: WOW GUYS, you blew me away with the number of notes for the first chapter!! You really want that crime boss in your bed, I see :D Well, I’m glad to oblige…in a few chapters;) For now, enjoy the slow seduction ~ 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: There’s no harm in a gift

“Hurry, faster, faster” you willed the bus under your breath. Jehan hadn’t said when he’d call again, but you prayed it wouldn’t be while you were sandwiched between a gross gorilla sweating grease and an old lady smelling like cat piss. “Awkward” wouldn’t even begin to describe the situation, and you wished to leave a better impression this time.

I must really be masochistic to look forward to it, you reflected as yet more passengers got in, squeezing you almost painfully against the stanchion you were holding on for support. Aldo’s sudden change was welcome, but you were not foolish enough not to see the danger of retaining Jehan’s interest, no matter how benevolent he had seemed yesterday. As Maria had reasonably put this morning when you had told her the news, all you could do was hope that last night’s events had been at best an altruistic whim, at worse a demonstration of power, and that it was the end of it.

Still, you couldn’t help the butterflies in your stomach as you approached your stop. His presence had been terrifying, but his words had made you feel so… special. What did he want to talk about? What if he wanted to call again? Perhaps you should rehearse a few times so you didn’t stutter so badly when you’d greet him—

Ding, went your phone, and you cursed a river as you fumbled to grab it and answer the call. Of all the times, when you had to fight your way through the jam-packed crowd to reach the exit—

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Navlaan has you kill Cale/get his helm for his questline. Cale knows what Creighton looks like.

You never see Pate and Navlaan in the same place. Creighton wants to kill Pate. Ergo, Pate pretends to be Navlaan to trick you into killing Cale while Creighton convinces you to preemptively kill him because of Dark Souls 3.