Oh, demonios.  —murmuró, luego de haber visto con mayor claridad lo que le había frenado en su caminar. Mientras caminaba por los interiores del palacio, sin una dirección muy establecida, parte de la tela de su vestido había quedado enganchada en las sobresalientes láminas de oro emulando ramas de espinos, que adornaban una pequeña mesita a la cual mucha atención no le había prestado. Aferró sus manos en la falda, intentando quitarla de allí con suavidad. Pero parecía que algunas de las falsas ramas se habían clavado en el intrincado trabajo de sus doncellas, casi como si vida propia tuviesen y no quisieran bajo ningún aspecto soltar el paño de seda. Dio un tirón que requirió un poco más de su fuerza, más no quiso exagerar con la misma puesto a que se sentiría bastante mal si rompiese sus ropajes que tanto esfuerzo habían llevado. Notó entonces la presencia de otro ser tras ella, más no se volteo hasta haber pronunciado:  — Llevar hermosos vestidos todo el día tiene sus desventajas, en definitiva —bufó, apretando luego sus labios para intentar nuevamente liberarse, y volteó ligeramente su rostro para así poder observar a la otra figura. 


Pate Pate | Te Vaka

Damn hella old though..

racefortheironthrone was asked a couple of days ago where he thought the Darkstar hunt plot was going in Winds; he replied that he thought it would serve to get a POV (Areo Hotah’s) to Starfall to stage revelations regarding Ashara and/or R+L=J, and possibly to bring Dawn into the mix.

This is very reasonable given the setting and the Dayne backstory, but I’m a little doubtful that these story elements will be resolved through a POV as disconnected from them as The Watcher. Areo Hotah’s story is building to him watching Doran die, probably as Drogon’s fire consumes them both along with the children of the Water Gardens; that’s the only Big Moment that makes emotional sense for his character (which is also why I don’t think Hotah will be poisoned by Darkstar). Similarly, R+L=J is much more likely to be confirmed by Bran or Benjen, characters with some investment in that story; if Dawn does come into play, I think it will be part of Jon’s pilgrimage to to the Tower of Joy in A Dream of Spring

So here’s how I think the Darkstar hunt is going to go down. The first chapter set in Dorne introduced the eldest three Sand Snakes as they made the case for their respective revenge plots to their uncle Doran. We’ve seen Arianne try and fail to put Tyene’s plan into action. Nymeria will get the opportunity to execute (eep) hers when she arrives in King’s Landing to take her father’s place on the small council. But what about Obara?

“You would have me go to war.”

“I know better. You need not even leave your chair. Let me avenge my father. You have a host in the Prince’s Pass. Lord Yronwood has another in the Boneway. Grant me the one and Nym the other. Let her ride the kingsroad, whilst I turn the marcher lords out of their castles and hook round to march on Oldtown.”

“And how could you hope to hold Oldtown?”

“It will be enough to sack it. The wealth of Hightower—”

“Is it gold you want?”

“It is blood I want.”

Dust off your maps. High Hermitage is not far at all from Oldtown. The city is weakened by Ironborn raids, all its eyes focused westward thanks to Euron.

This is the best chance she is going to get.

I think Obara will betray her companions and join forces with Darkstar; they’ll rally a raiding party and descend on the city. (They’ll let Hotah himself live after he kills Balon Swann, though the captain already knows that could prove difficult: “This one will not die so easy as the other.”) It works thematically: Oldtown is as much a potential locus of metaphysical mayhem in Winds as Castle Black, and just as the War of Five Kings has left Westeros dangerously weak even as the Others are mustering north of the Wall, so would a classic Dornish raid fatally disrupt Oldtown’s ability to respond should a dragon or the Deep Ones come calling.

Obara’s presence would also be a dramatically powerful way to stage the Sallera reveal. The fourth Sand Snake would have to deal not only with the disclosure of her gender, but her divided loyalties: to her family and her people on the one hand, and the city and Citadel she loves on the other. Indeed, Nymeria sets up this sibling conflict in that first Dornish chapter:

“She [Obara] hates that city as much as our little sister loves it.”

(Also, I worry that without Obara around to expose li’l sis, the reveal will be Sam seeing her naked or something, ugh.)

As to how this would get resolved…well, should Obara and Darkstar pose a genuine threat to the Citadel, I have to imagine Not-Pate will do what it takes to defend whatever he came to learn and/or steal. So we could get two reveals for the price of one, which may be a necessary shortcut given how much material there is to be mined from Sam going to Hogwarts.

Of course, I’d also just like to see Darkstar and Lazy Leo kill each other.


Paté Paté, Slagterboderne 1, 1716 København

Cécile & Tom : “One of the hottest spot of Kødbyen also nice for a quiet lunch…”

Mood : Diner & drinks - Quiet & cosy during the day

Design : Former butcher block in the meat packing district “Kødbyen”

Quality : Nice food influenced by France, Spain & Marocco.

Price :  Chicken salad 95 Kr - Langoustine salad 125 Kr