I wasn’t sure it was going to bake out alright, but it came out great! I made these cream puffs for the Captain @lordofcrowns because people keep calling him—well, it doesn’t matter what they call him. I know he’s…kind of mean sometimes, but… I mean, he can be really—well, mostly really…er….

Anyway have some cream puffs and please ignore everything just I just tried to say.


Strawberry Choux Cake by peaflockster

Samael was having a fantastic day. Some might even say… suspiciously fantastic. As far as his status as a Superior goes, it’s easy for others to overlook his “powers”. After all, it could be passed off as either his personality or pure coincidence. Fortune was a finicky little thing, and as such, whenever there was good, there was bound to be bad waiting just around the corner—maybe not for everyone, but that was the reality Sam lived in.

After being treated to hours of luxury, including free treats at bakeries and random puppies aching to be pet, Samael got splashed by an oncoming car as he attempted—unsuccessfully—to walk home without harm.

With a laugh, Samael quickly flung his head to and fro, mimicking one of the puppies he had played with earlier. When he looked forward, he noticed there was a stranger in the vicinity—in his vicinity.

“Oh my stars!” He exclaimed, hurriedly inching toward the other male. “I am so sorry, I totally didn’t see you there! Any way I could make it up to you? Do you like brownies? Pate a choux? Macaroons?” Samael offered, his wet shoes sloshing excitedly. “I’m great at baking! Let me make it up to you!” He paused. “After we dry up, of course! Or if you don’t trust me, which I wouldn’t trust me either, I could take you to a bakery by here!”

I’m watching those kid baking and cooking shows and this girl is making pate a choux and I’m amazed. She is literally making a very hard thing to make in a very short amount of time and I bet it’ll be perfect by the time it’s done.

In other news, I also just got a Snapchat and I’m so confused on how to work it. These applications kids use nowadays are overwhelming and exciting. For those who don’t know me, I’m Elliot Harris-Rose, and I hate technology.

Since I’m having fun with the baking pictures…

This is a dessert we made for the previous week in class for our DUN DUN DUN…BAKING CHALLENGE. It is a cream puff (pate choux) with:

1st “Layer”: sliced apples baked in brown sugar

2nd “Layer”: pastry cream mixed with whipped cream

On the top are sliced apple skins that I cooked in a pan with white sugar (I guess you could say I “carmelized” the apple skins…?), and then drizzled over it all is caramel.