Brendon Urie’s forehead is bigger than my will to live, but so are Gerard’s teeth and Patrick’s tolerance to someone mentioning Peterick and both of those things are tiny.

Your Fave Problamatics: Fall Out Boy


-Everything omg
-All of his outfits from like 2004 to 2012
-Was at interview with Buzzfeed, only focused on the puppies
-Once jumped off the roof of his house with a deck umbrella to see if he could fly like Mary Poppins
-Once attacked band members in a hotel at three in the morning wearing nothing but a kimono


-Actually had a hat wall
-Sang a fall out boy song on karaoke, got an F
-Once was so nervous at an interview that he shook Pete’s hand
-Sing with like five lung
-Once wore capes unironically
-Sang a song for a Disney show
-Is surprisingly angry for such a small marshmallow


-Once had bleached blonde hair that made him look like a skinhead
-Once “Kidnapped” Patrick with Pete and then demanded a ransom of eighty virgins
-Wore panties at an autographing session and had people put money in them
-Literally everything he did in the Irresistible video
-Kind of sort of crashed the van and almost got everyone killed


-Nothing lol
-Is too cute for this world??? My god
-Is an angry little bean
-Was called the animal by Pete when fall out boy first started because he played the drums like an animal
-Gets really nervous at public events
-Looks terrifying, actually had the voice of an eight year old princess
-Has over two thousand tattoos wtf


Happy 40th Birthday Gerard Way thank you for inspiring a lot of Bands and a lot of people including me. We love you so much ❤