• bandit: goodmorning daddy!
  • gerard: gdmorning bandit *smirks*
  • bandit: can I ask you a question?
  • gerard: sure honey
  • bandit: when frank came over last night, were you two listening to destroya?
  • gerard: *drops coffee*

Instagram post from Panic! At The Disco. This post and a tweet from Brendon. Brendon has some other tweets in reply to people asking him specific questions he replied to. he was asked why was he still singing and people didn’t know who he was talking about and they were confused and someone asked did he hug the person. The end of the last tweet was ….different.

the emo trinity give thanks:
  • p!atd: i constantly thank god for esteban
  • mcr: thanks for the venom
  • fob: *looks at smudged handwriting on wrist*
  • fob: thnks fr th mmrs