Trying to make a point to my mom

Reblog if you think that you don’t have to wear makeup to look presentable

why jonathan walker should be your fave

- a talented fuck

- gets… so little credit even if he wrote at least 35% of pretty odd

- posts like a dad on instagram

- him and cassie are fuckin goals

- #1 ryden stan

- really misses patd

- was tai’s cameraman + guitar tech

- pretended to be emo in 2004 for the sake of his bandmates

- “i tried to write a song without any words // obviously you can see how well i did” (yes. those are actual lyrics.)

- such a nice singing voice??

- nearly drowned because mike carden dared him to swim all the way across a big ass lake

- appears once every three moons to tweet about ryden/some anniversary all his exbandmates are ignoring

- puts his music for free on bandcamp???????

- flip flops

- never once paid for weed

- ????

- a pretty boy

- literally unproblematic????

- i love jon walker???????????

- please listen to his music and support him thank you for your time

Anyone else seeing these kids (11-16) in emo bandom now and feeling weirdly nostalgic and old? like I remember being 11 and just getting into MCR and Panic and it was so new and different and I’d never been apart of a culture like it before and now I’m seeing others go through the same thing though now everything is incredibly different I’m just honestly speechless sometimes

pretty. odd.: real song titles
  • We're So Starving: we wrote this in 45mins can u tell (also we're definitely not the same band)
  • Nine In The Afternoon: the moon eye song
  • She's A Handsome Woman: gOOOOOOOOOOOOo oooooOOoonnnnn
  • Do You Know What I'm Seeing?: i'm seeing drugs
  • That Green Gentleman: no. things changing isn't ok. fuck you.
  • I Have Friends In Holy Spaces: hEY GUYS LOOK LOOK BRENDON WROTE A SONG
  • Northern Downpour: fucking cry you bithc
  • When The Day Met The Night: let's play "tease the fans"
  • Pas De Cheval: french just sounds that much cooler on a rock song
  • The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know: god bless spencer smith
  • Behind The Sea: Ryan's Song™
  • Folkin' Around: holy shit he wrote 2. two. guys. T W O S O NGS
  • She Had The World: no one knows who this is about. also what does this song fucking mean
  • From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins: ryan & jon taking the "if you're going then go" slightly too literally
  • Mad As Rabbits: gay? gay.

Legend has it that if you look at these photos long enough, you begin to hear the cries of thousands of emos all around the world.