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Diverging Paths

Fourth Prompt for @nalu-week2017.
Second Day: Tarot; where Natsu and Lucy meet in a different time under MUCH different circumstances.

As Princess of the Realm, Lucy had many obligations. Her father, King Jude of Heartfilia had his fair share as well, hence why his only daughter was currently packed into a carriage on her way to meet her future husband. In order to preserve peace between their two nations, her father had promised her hand in marriage to Prince Dan in the neighboring country to the South. Unfortunately, she was used to feeling like a bargaining chip.

Sitting in the ornately decorated, wood cart, Lucy stared out the window at the passing landscape, sighing to herself quietly. Her Royal Guards, Erza and Gray, sat on the bench opposing her, bickering about their responsibilities once they arrived in their new home. She’d been lucky when Dan had allowed her to bring two of her closest loved ones with her. Even the fact that he’d allowed her to do anything made her want to scoff. All that did was set the tone for what she knew would be the rest of her miserable days.

“Cheer up, Lucy,” Erza remarked warmly, drawing the princess’s attention her friends. “I’ve been assured that the King’s castle has a beautifully maintained garden. Perhaps we could take a walk through it after we’ve settled in our quarters.”

“If my new jailer permits,” Lucy grumbled, crossing her arms delicately over her chest, as much as the tightly laced bodice would allow of course. All she’d done was move from one prison to the next. At least she wouldn’t be completely alone. Sighing, she dropped her shoulders and attempted to relax. “Sorry, Erza,” she said, her royally influenced smile etching on her lips. “You’re right. I’m sure they’re beautiful.”

Gray was the next one to voice his opinion. “I don’t get why your Father picked this guy, apparently he’s a royal pain in the ar–.” He didn’t get to finish his thought before Erza punched him in the arm, hard. His steely gaze turned on his ally quickly. “Was that really necessary?!”

The two soldiers were bickering before Lucy knew it, causing the blonde to laugh at the familiarity of it all. It felt like she was home again, easing the ache in her heart for a moment. All before disaster struck.

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Firstborn - 7.21

‘Reader Karen V. emailed us about this episode IN DECEMBER and I literally wrote her back like “I’m watching this next!!” and here it is, TEN MONTHS LATER, and I am just now doing it. However, I sent that email on December 22 so I’m blaming Jesus for this one, along with the fact that my birthday is always overshadowed

This is a Worf-centric (and Alexander-centric) episode, which is always nice because Worf is great. It starts out with a cute scene in which Worf is practicing a speech he’s about to give his son about the importance of the Rite of Ascension in Klingon culture:

Also important in Klingon culture: sparkles??

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