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Roughskin - A Protective Glamour Spell

“Before I consent to your wish, I shall require three things - a dress as golden as the sun, another as silvery as the moon, and a third as glittering as the stars; and besides this, I shall require a mantle made of a thousand skins of rough fur sewn together, and every animal in the kingdom must give a piece of his skin toward it.”

[…] In the night, when every one slept, she rose and took from her jewel-case a gold ring, a gold spinning-wheel, and a golden hook. The three dresses of the sun, moon, and stars she folded in so small a parcel that they were placed in a walnut shell; then she put on the fur mantle, stained her face and hands black with walnut-juice, and committing herself to the care of Heaven, she left her home.

- The Princess in Disguise


Intent: To protect and disguise oneself from those who mean to harm you.


  • Empty walnut shell, in halves
  • A piece of your own hair or a nail clipping
  • Small patchwork cloth bag
  • Glue & rubber band
  • Herbs: Dogbane, Hyssop, Basil, Heather, Juniper Berries, Poppy Seeds

Ideal Timing: Full Moon, for protection, but can be performed anytime.

Obtain an empty walnut shell. You can use the shells off of the whole bagged walnuts that most grocery stores carry in the produce section. Try to crack the walnut so that the shell comes away in two halves. This makes reassembling it for the charm much easier.

Mix the following herbs together in small pinches:

  • Dogbane - for disguise
  • Hyssop - for warding off harm
  • Basil - for general protection
  • Heather Blossom - for warding off assault
  • Juniper Berries - for secret-keeping
  • Poppy Seeds - for invisibility

Carefully stuff the herb mixture into the two empty halves of the walnut. Use little dots of glue to help the herbs stay in place. At the very last, add a strand of your hair or a nail clipping. Line the edges of the shell with glue and carefully fit them back together. Wrap them with the rubber band to keep everything in place until the glue dries.

Once the charm is dry, place it in a patchwork cloth bag. You can purchase one or make it yourself. It only has to be large enough to hold the walnut.

Hold the bag between your palms and say:

I garb myself in many skins
To keep harm out and safety in
I place the truth within this shell
Now guard my life and guard it well

You can either carry the bag with you whenever you feel you need protection, or you can hide the bag in a wooden box if one is available.

It just occurred to me

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