patchouli day

femslash february day 20: pachukoa!

looks like i’ll definitely be finishing these up during march.. i’m determined to do all 29 even now

these two are an interesting kind of master/servant relationship. i feel like most things between them wouldn’t be exactly fluffy and pure, but something more like a very, very dedicated familiar serving an apathetic mistress. maybe it’s a business with benefits thing, maybe it’s something that develops into romance over time, who knows!! i dig lots of flavors of pachukoa.

boop, new fanfic:

Some Observations on Fairies - by Patchouli Knowledge

It’s been a very long time since I wrote something new with a comedy slant, so I decided to give it a shot again. Also, I’ve been wanting to write something with Clownpiece in it ever since VFiS started, so here it is.

AO3 blurb:

A case study by Patchouli, documenting a normal day for a group of fairies: After learning that Clownpiece has never seen candy before, the Fairies of Light decide to rob a candy shop. 


  • If you squint really hard, you can tell that Star is my favorite member of the Fairies of Light.
  • Cirno is there too. 
  • If you thought Renko was a sarcastic asshole of a narrator, let me introduce you to: Patchouli Knowledge.
  • As promised, some kind of shitty fairy version of Ocean’s Eleven.
  • Remember when I talked about how I’d gotten a story idea so dumb that only one other person would think it was a good idea? This is it. The idea was framing a story as a thesis paper by Patchouli, so you get about 500 words of her ranting about the sorry state of modern scholarship before the story itself actually starts.

happy valentines day babe

Touhouary Day 3:
Patchouli Knowledge

Favourite Theme(s): Locked Girl~The Girl’s Secret Room

Favourite Theme Remixes: Haven’t come across any yet :/ Please suggest one if you know a good one!! Always on the search for good Touhou remixes.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil was the first Touhou I ever played but I didn’t really take much interest in Patchouli until last year when I started collecting figures of her :“D I guess with most of my fave Touhous, I really like her design/colour scheme as well as the fact that she gets to wear pj’s and hang out in a library all day. I also think it’s a nice detail that although she’s an extremely powerful witch she also suffers from asthma. Real life problems.