patching up memories

Patching Up Memories || Crisscolfer

After everything that had happened with Lizzie the last couple of days. He wanted her to be able to relax and have fun again. Remind herself that she’s still a teenager so she’s allowed to be a kid still. Darren helped put the twins in their carriers and took Lizzie’s hand and kissed it as soon as they had filed the report at the station. They were going to be heading out as soon as they got Luke. Or at least talked to him. Darren knew how much Liz needed someone from her past in her life. At least someone she trusted and it seemed like she didn’t trust anyone. At least she didn’t have a reason to. Which was understandable with everything that was happening. He kissed her cheek that was still damp from being inside having to pick out her family and finish the report. The boy behind the desk got nothing but a glare from Darren since he was still feeling used by letting Lizzie talk on the phone with him. He handed the keys over to Chris to drive while he switched and let Lizzie have the front seat since the twins were getting frustrated. “Are you sure you’re okay with Luke moving in with us, I think it’d be good for him and you.” he whispered and kissed her cheek as she got in the car.