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Okay so we all know that before the X factor days both Harry and Louis were in their own bands, yes? Common knowledge.
Harry was in White Eskimo as the lead singer:

and Louis was in The Rogue as the lead singer:

Louis has a tattoo dedicated to his old band:

   Battle of the bands competition

Harry attended a ‘battle of the bands’ competition before he entered X factor

He stated this in his interview which was shown before his audition. Louis was interviewed as well but it was cut and not shown, I wonder why.

But what most of us don’t know is that Harry and Louis both performed at the same battle of the bands competition, we can prove this by these screenshots:

And this picture:

although blurry, you make out that Harry tweets something along the lines of

“@Harry_Styles: Soo. Battle of the bands today. Some real talent here. Don’t think we’re going to win .x”

While Louis tweets:

“@Louis_Tomlinson: That Harry fella from White Eskimo has got a sick voice ! Getting nervous !”

And the posters people are holding clearly say “White Eskimo” and “The Rogue”. Their band names.

I’m seeing this supposed screenshot, I’m unsure if this is real and the reason for this is because in the tweet Harry said he “might not have won,” when when he was interviewed he stated that White Eskimo had won the battle of the bands competition. But this tweet could be still legitimate despite. I’m going to leave this one up for you to decide if it’s real.

So we safely say that Harry and Louis bumped into each other at least once during the competition.

  Cover Up

Now what makes this really interesting is this:

The tweets from the battle of the bands competition have been deleted. But why?

Maybe this screenshot can help you out:

The picture above perfectly sums the situation that is happening.


Now it’s also known that Harry and Louis just happened to attend the same concert a few years before X factor, but is it really just a coincidence? I honestly don’t know anymore. It could be a cute date or maybe it could be where they first met. I don’t know, I’d have to do a bit more research on that to find out.

To most this is just a coincidence:

Cardigans look pretty similar, don’t they?

And this was just a spur of the moment kind of thing, that they were just excited and overjoyed that they were put through and given another chance at judges houses. Right?


Okay, so let’s take a look at these pictures. There’s been debate as to if the person behind Louis is Harry and hopefully after reading this you can come to a conclusion.

So the picture depicts Louis with a ball, while the person who we suspect is Harry is behind playing table tennis circled in red.

This is Louis from the same day. He’s wearing the same clothing with the same ball that he was pictured with above.

This is Harry. He’s wearing the same clothing the person behind Louis was, coincidence?

So we can conclude that although again the pictures are somewhat blurry, you can clearly see the people pictured are Harry and Louis. They were at the same place, once again. Wow, these guys seem to be running into each other quite a bit, eh?!

   This would explain why:

They looked so loved up when they only still had their name tags on.

   And why as soon as they were put together as a band, this happened:

  The toilet story

After seeing all this, I’m going to have to come to the conclusion that the 'toilet story’ was in fact, scripted. Modest! Are becoming smarter, not by much, but they are. They’re thinking ahead, plans are smart but execution is full of rough patches and errors. They most likely made Lou and Haz explain the whole 'story’ with James Cordon with the full intention of cutting it to make it look like that is the real deal and to make the story seem more believable since the scene had been cut. They’d prefer for us to believe that story rather than us knowing that they were together before the X factor. However, I believe some aspects of the 'toilet story’ could be true, maybe they did bump into each other in the toilets and their first words may have been “oops” and “hi”. I just don’t believe they met on the X factor. But either way, Modest! Management are still dumb aS FUCK.

I’d love if this theory (proof, whatever you want to call it) became more known and spoken about throughout the fandom, it seems many do not know of this and continue to believe they met through the X factor and everything else are just so called 'coincidences’.

But in the meantime, here are some cute Larry pictures:

One day the truth will be known, whether it be tomorrow or in 30 years time. I’ll be waiting.

afont-garde  asked:

Okay. Given the terrible characterization of book 3, if you could write book 4 however you wanted, what would you write to fix or otherwise patch over the errors of season 3?

Because of the shipping, Aang, Katara, and Zuko’s characterization got messed up the most in Book 3. Toph, Sokka, and Suki simply remained stagnant for the most part.

Book 3 was definitely very frustrating to me because it suddenly took things in the complete opposite direction of where things were leading for all of Book 2. Honestly, Ehasz’ plans for Book 4 address all the issues I had with the direction the story took, and that’s why it was so disappointing to learn about all of the plans that never came to fruition. In Book 2, Aang’s main issue was his attachment to Katara. His infatuation is his weakness, and it brings out his flawed side. He thinks he can simply “win” Katara as the prize for being the Avatar. The entire Guru Pathik sublplot was supposed to reverse the cliche of the hero automatically getting the girl in order to give Aang character development. In Book 3, he gets the girl and has no character arc as a result.

I definitely would have preferred for him to learn what letting go means. He has to overcome his jealousy and possessiveness. He would be depressed that Katara won’t automatically be his forever girl, but in the end his relationship to her would be more healthy. In canon, he is simply rewarded for being entitled. I also would have preferred to see him have some emotional reaction to taking Ozai’s bending. Aang is so innocent that he couldn’t even think to kill Ozai to protect the world. He would definitely go through a period of depression after Ozai lost his will to live.

Book 2 was setting things up specifically for Katara not to be a generic love interest who simply gets awarded to the hero. In Book 3, Katara gets morphed into exactly that. An idealized perfect girl to reward the hero with at the end. As Aang’s love interest, she is presented in the most 2-dimensional and stereotypical way possible. She loses all of the depth that made her unique and likable. This is even worse in the comics.

I definitely would have preferred to see her characterization more consistent with her portrayal when she was not Aang’s love interest. She is motherly, dependable, and mature. Her relationship to Zuko would have been so important because he doesn’t idealize her or see her as a prize the way Aang does. He can relate to the difficult life she has had growing up too fast. He can also understand her pain and her dark side in a way that Aang cannot. With Zuko, Katara can be a more nuanced, well-rounded and interesting character. She can be humanized and flawed, instead of a cliche.

Book 2 was setting Zuko up for wonderful character development that took him out of the stereotypical villain role and really showed his humanity and depth. I really liked seeing his kinder and gentler side. Then in Book 3, he became an even more stereotypical villain than he was in Book 1. When he finally joined the Gaang, Bryke still tried to make him edgy and insensitive evidently just so they could sabotage him as Katara’s love interest. It was so disappointing.

I definitely would have preferred for Book 4 to take his characterization in the direction that it was headed at the end of Book 2. Zuko became a lot more clam and peaceful and I would have liked to see this softer side expanded upon. I think Bryke stripped all of Zuko’s emotional depth from him. His relationship to Katara would have been so important because what he really needed was someone he could talk to about all of the things he has kept bottled up for so many years. This would help him gradually heal from all of the abuse he has endured his whole life.

sacredwarrior88  asked:

On the PS4 version of the KH remixes, are all of the glitches and problems fixed? D:

“Various fixes” were created during the latest 1.02 patch, including the save error. They’re definitely addressing the concerns presented with the PS4 port!

My IUD and Me: A Love Story

I recently got the ParaGard IUD and IT’S THE BEST. Why? Because it’s a “set it and forget it” birth control method — no remembering to take a pill or change a patch, no room for error. And those little T-shaped miracle workers can prevent pregnancy for up to 12 years.  (Of course, you can have it taken out whenever if you decide it’s go-time for a family or want to switch to a different method.)

Here’s how my IUD and me came to be:

1. I made an appointment with my gyno to talk about whether ParaGard was right for me. While I was there, my doc did a vaginal swab to test me for gonorrhea and chlamydia. 

2. When I decided 100% that I wanted that little copper sperm blocker, I called my insurance company to see what was covered and how much I would have to pay out of pocket (spoiler alert: $0 — thanks Obamacare!).

3. When I got my period, I called my gyno and scheduled my appointment for the next day. (Some docs want you to have your period when they put it in because the cervix is dilated more when you’re menstruating).

4. The night before my procedure, I vaginally inserted a prescription cervix-dilating pill before hitting the hay.

5. When I arrived at my gyno’s office, I took a quick pregnancy test. It was negative, so operation IUD was officially on. 

6. Time to get down to business: First, my doctor measured my uterus. Anytime anything goes past your cervix, you’re going to feel a cramp. Not gonna lie, it was intense. But I breathed through it, preoccupied by the knowledge that my uterus is 7 inches long (fun fact).

7. My doctor inserted the ParaGard, cut the strings, and BAM. My uterus is a no-fly zone.  The whole insertion took less than five minutes. I did have some cramping throughout the rest of the day, but I was good to go the next morning.

Since getting the ParaGard, I’ve noticed that my periods are heavier with more cramping than I’m used to. My periods also last maybe a day or two longer, but this is totally normal. My doc said that after about three months, my period should return to normal. And let’s be real — a few crampy periods are a great trade off for 12 years of worry-free living. My uterus couldn’t be happier with this brand spanking new toy.

In a few weeks I’ll go back in for a follow up appointment to make sure the ParaGard is still there and in the right place. After that, they’ll check it at my yearly gyno exam.

If you want to get an IUD and you’re worried about cost, fear not! Obamacare means you get free preventive care that includes birth control through your insurance. My $950 IUD+my $40 copay = totally free.

Word of advice? Don’t forget the condoms! Yeah IUDs are 99% effective against pregnancy, but they’re 0% effective at preventing STDs.  So condoms + my IUD = healthy me.

Want to get your own IUD? Get more info here, and then contact your local Planned Parenthood health center to set up an appointment. 

—Chelsea at Planned Parenthood



my world brims with ghosts.

i am the collector of delayed mail;
the beneficiary of belated perspective;
the heir to errors patched up with white-out and backspaces;
i am the faces of memories,
washed up in dreams or nightmares 
on the beach of the consciousness 
on the edge of awareness.

people never seem 
to forget me.


my world brims with ghosts.

i am the person i avoid in the corner-store.
i don’t want small talk when we are strangers
now or again. 
i want to trade secrets instead
of how we heal our wounds
how we quiet our head in a noisy room 
how we
and break
i want to open you up
step inside and talk until the dawn

that’s my problem.


my world brims with ghosts.

people memorize me like they memorize their favorite tumblr quotes
like a game of telephone 
like a play that never really meant much to begin with.

i grieve people more when they’re alive than when they die.
i am the queen of failed friendships
the empress of two sinking ships
passing in the night.


my world brims with ghosts.
they always find me;

haunt me;

break into my present
with my past;

disturb my earth.


my world brims with ghosts.
séances in accidental intervals,
i’ve been a medium since birth.

I noticed a small difference between the sub and dub of Kill la Kill. In Mako’s “Get naked” speech, there’s a shot where she grabs Ryuko’s boobs. In the original version, Ryuko is in her Kamui Senketsu form for this shot, while in the dub, she’s in her regular clothes.



While I initially thought this might have been changed for censorship reasons (since the dub version makes it a bit harder to see that Mako is grabbing Ryuko’s boobs), after watching both versions of the scene again, I realized that the much more likely reason for the change was to patch up a consistency error: For the rest of the scene, Ryuko is in her normal clothes, only switching to her Kamui Senketsu form for the boob-grabbing shot (see here). That was an error I hadn’t even noticed before!


This past spring took advanced character design with Daniel Krall.
IF YOU GO TO MICA I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TAKE AT LEAST ONE ILLUSTRATION CLASS TAUGHT BY HIM–and I strongly suggest it be a character design class for this new gang-fight assignment he test ran with us last semester IT WAS SO FUN!

For the gang fights, the class was divided into two teams (the gangs), we randomly drew names (inspired by/modified names of real gangsters/crime bosses) and weapons for our characters, then named our gangs and chose our colors. My team chose pink and slate blue for colors and  for name “The Sax (Sex?) Sharks”–joking that our gang patch had a printing error and no one really knew our group’s actual name. I designed a little logo/patch which reflected the ambiguity–an angry shark that kinda looked like both a sax and a boner.

For my character, I drew the name “VCR” and weapon “boomerang”. Figuring since boomerangs don’t take much physical force to weild, I designed her as a mute child(?) who communicated through a collection of tapes she kept and amplified out of her crazy sonic-helmet.

The fights were weekly, two from each team were randomly chosen to battle it out in three turns, the winner being decided through a kind of rock-paper-scissors point system. The cool thing was characters accumulated battle damage (SCARS AND MISSING LIMBS!) over the course of the semester–or sometimes even were killed–then you had to make a new one. You also could level the character up with weapons and armor. It was maybe the most fun I’ve had with any assignment over my time at MICA

why I’m mentioning this now is I’d started reworking the art towards this last week, since the above was all pretty rushed. I’d redrawn the turnaround when a file corruption made the thing unreadable. I thought I’d lost both my redraw and original (I’d made a backup but reinstalled windows, these things happen) and would have to just DRAW THEM OVER AGAIN–but found all my stuff on my desktop computer.

Instead of waiting till I finished all my revisions to post them side by side, I figured what the hey.

Patch Light Errors

All Most of my custom ceiling lights have a “script failed” when attempting to place them after the newest patch update  Update: 07/14/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version I’m assuming this may have to do with the new update to lights as stated in the patch notes: 

Lights can now have their color and intensity modified per room. In addition to the “this light” and “all lights” option, you can now modify lights via the “this room” option.

However, not all of my lights are broken, the ones I can still place are @peacemaker-ic‘s Lenox Lights (all of them), Shaker Kitchen Lights (all of them), Hampton Hideaway Ceiling Lights and pretty much all of his lamps as well except for the Hampton’s Flagon table lamp

 and my own Eucalyptus Ceiling Light seems to still work. 

I mostly tested the ceiling lights, I know it’s happening with the other types as well, but there are just too many to go through and list right now. @13pumpkin31