patching errors

Patch Light Errors

All Most of my custom ceiling lights have a “script failed” when attempting to place them after the newest patch update  Update: 07/14/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version I’m assuming this may have to do with the new update to lights as stated in the patch notes: 

Lights can now have their color and intensity modified per room. In addition to the “this light” and “all lights” option, you can now modify lights via the “this room” option.

However, not all of my lights are broken, the ones I can still place are @peacemaker-ic‘s Lenox Lights (all of them), Shaker Kitchen Lights (all of them), Hampton Hideaway Ceiling Lights and pretty much all of his lamps as well except for the Hampton’s Flagon table lamp

 and my own Eucalyptus Ceiling Light seems to still work. 

I mostly tested the ceiling lights, I know it’s happening with the other types as well, but there are just too many to go through and list right now. @13pumpkin31