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My Etsy store is live!!

Check it out and to buy these cool patches (or to work with me to create a custom badge!) and to support me as I save up for the next semester of school. I’m running dangerously low on money, so anything will help!! Thank you!

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These patches are up on my etsy shop, SapphicStitches! Get one and show off your autistic/neurodivergent pride!

Once these sell out, worry not – I’ll be making more soon. You are welcome to request a custom made patch too.

The patches have an adhesive on the back for quick and easy application. Sew-on options are available for some of them too. Find more information on each listing at my shop.

All proceeds will go to my top surgery fund. Thank you for your support, either by checking out my patches or by signal boosting this <3


as a continuance of yesterday’s post where i featured the autistic pride patches available at my etsy shop, SapphicStitches, i’ve now added #redinstead to my listings – just in time for Autism Awareness Acceptance Month in April!

[Images: a black circular patch with red text reading #red instead in all caps]

Moonlight streams through the thick gaps in their blinds, soft streaks of lights breaking up the hard won lines of their bodies, naked, spent, Eggsy covering Harry’s as if to keep him there forever.  Dust sparkles down through the room and a quietness settles in all around them that neither has felt or enjoyed for a long time.  Eggsy can’t stop running his hand through Harry’s hair, soft, a little damp from sweat, and perfectly dishevled.  He places gentle kisses along his forhead, down his nose and around his cheeks.

Harry has a small smirk on his lips.  “Stop that.”

“’M sorry love,” Eggsy pulls back immediately, concerned.  “Does it hurt?”

Without thought, Harry reaches up, his fingers bareley brushing the shell of his eye patch.  The pads of his fingers skim just along the once tender skin just below.  “Not any more.  You’re just being ridiculous.” 

“Aw, of course I am.  S’why you love me.”  It’s Eggsy’s turn to smirk, just as beautifully cocky as he always has been.

And Harry can’t help himself, really.  It’s not just the beauty in his face, but the warmth in his eyes and the sincerity with wich he loves so deeply.  “God help me, but I do.”  He pulls Eggsy back in for a long, deep and lingering kiss.  Their mouths move together as if it hasn’t been years since they’ve seen one another, since Harry recognized anyone but himself.  Their lives aren’t perfect, and they still have so much work to do, but for now, he has Eggsy, and that’s enough.

Their kiss becomes lighter, more quick presses and less lingering connections.  Eggsy moves, to the edge of Harry’s lips - a kiss.  The cleft of his chin - another.  Tender motions, everywhere and without intent.  

“Stop that.”  Harry repeats.

Eggsy doesn’t listen, because he has Harry back, alive, mostly whole, and his.

And Harry never really pushes the issue.

  • Blake: Who the fuck are you?
  • Mysterious Woman: I'm you from the future.
  • Blake: Oh... How's that looking?
  • Future Blake: Not gonna lie, you're fucked.
  • Blake: Aww, come on! Do I least get my girlfriend back!?
  • Future Blake: Yes, but she's missing another arm, a leg, and has an eye patch but isn't missing an eye.
  • Blake: Then why wear the eye patch?
  • Future Blake: Jokes. Oh so many jokes.
  • Blake: Aww, fuck! I'm doomed!
  • Future Blake: Perhaps there's still time to fix things!
  • Yang: Hey Blake! I found an eye patch, and I think I'm gonna start wearing it!
  • Both Blakes: Son of a bitch!