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  • Blake: Who the fuck are you?
  • Mysterious Woman: I'm you from the future.
  • Blake: Oh... How's that looking?
  • Future Blake: Not gonna lie, you're fucked.
  • Blake: Aww, come on! Do I least get my girlfriend back!?
  • Future Blake: Yes, but she's missing another arm, a leg, and has an eye patch but isn't missing an eye.
  • Blake: Then why wear the eye patch?
  • Future Blake: Jokes. Oh so many jokes.
  • Blake: Aww, fuck! I'm doomed!
  • Future Blake: Perhaps there's still time to fix things!
  • Yang: Hey Blake! I found an eye patch, and I think I'm gonna start wearing it!
  • Both Blakes: Son of a bitch!

detective conan 90s fashion au where the only way to hide from the well-dressed black organisation is for shinichi and shiho to wear clothing so terrible they’re physically undetectable beneath it

@blushingtheifkaito promised a shiho to go with this disgusting shinichi and i’m holding them to that


as a continuance of yesterday’s post where i featured the autistic pride patches available at my etsy shop, SapphicStitches, i’ve now added #redinstead to my listings – just in time for Autism Awareness Acceptance Month in April!

[Images: a black circular patch with red text reading #red instead in all caps]


Forest Sheet I + II, 2016 by Edwina Carr

Screen printed illustrations on cotton, approx DIN A3 format. The sheet can either be used as wall decoration or can be cut into parts and made to patches (though it’s not suitable for anyone who requires a wide border of fabric). 

Available at my etsy.

Forest Sheet I:
Forest Sheet II:

Jealous, Draco Malfoy x reader

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Request: Hii can i request a Draco imagine where hufflepuff (y/n) likes to help neville when he gets himself into situations like his uniform got all chewed up from the monstrous book of monsters and (y/n) helps to sew his uniform and patch it up n stuff and Draco gets jealous becuz he likes (y/n) and he gets himself into situations similar to Neville (maybe thats why he went to bother the hippogriff the moment after) 😁
Information: Y/N = your name, h/c= hair color, h/l= hair length, e/c= eye color.
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff reader

Draco didn’t really pay attention to the other houses. He was a slytherin, and as his parents always told him, he was meant to marry a pureblood. No one else. Of course there were purebloods in other houses, but Draco only looked at the slytherins. It wasn’t that the girls in slytherin were ugly, they were very pretty actually. They just weren’t his type. It didn’t matter how much they flirted with him, he couldn’t find himself to fall in love. His father always said that marriage wasn’t about love. Well that was easy to say for a man that crushed on a girl for years only to hear that he is going to marry her. Draco wants to find someone who he can talk to, who he can have a little fun with and who is pureblood
And then he saw them.
He didn’t know why he had never seen them before. Their h/l h/c hair seemed to glow in the sunlight, their e/c eyes sparkling with joy and a yellow scarf tightly wrapped around their neck. Yellow. And black. A hufflepuff. It wasn’t that he cared about their house. Everything was fine as long as it wasn’t gryffindor. The next two weeks, Draco kept a close eye on them. He noticed that they were one year below him. They didn’t hang out with the same people and never seemed to be in the same place. So he followed them. 

“Neville!” their slightly shorter frame turned around, their voice a little higher than usual as they noticed the clothes of the chubby gryffindor boy. “What happened?” They tried to fix his clothes and ran a finger across a cut on his cheek. “Ah, it’s nothing Y/N” Neville chuckled awkwardly. “The plants didn’t like me to take care of them today, that’s all.” he calmed them. Draco couldn’t help but feel jealous as they kept on insisting to take Neville to the hospital wing. 

Draco noticed that they cared about everyone who looked a little bit broken, and he got a plan. A stupid plan, but he was sure it would work. The jealousy has reached its highest point yesterday. He had walked into the great hall, seeing Y/N with a needle and a long threat working on Neville his robe. They were laughing together as they patched his robes all up within no time.

So Draco did the stupidest thing he could ever do. 

“What happened to you?” a voice behind him asked. He grinned to himself and confidently turned around, locking eyes with the smaller frame of Y/N. “A hippogriff” he sighed dramatically. They gasped and their eyes scanned his arm. “Mrs. Pomfrey said I were lucky, it could have killed me.” they kept on talking for a while as they walked towards the Hufflepuff common rooms. He wouldn’t admit it, but he fell more in love than ever just by talking to them.