patches ocs

my cute lil stardew valley farmer named marigold (mary for short)!! her farm is named dogwood farm, she loves plants, video games, and i have no idea who she’s gonna marry,, , 


a facesona! wowie actually more of an OC not exactly my sona but anyway

the left picture is like their alternative outfits i guess :O 

@vooole :OO 

So I doodled this little dude back during October and decided to turn them into a random character ovo;;//

This is Patch! They have a pet ghost of a bat named Fetch (who I’ll make a ref for soon).
Patch likes to hang out in pumpkin patches all day and night. They like to garden and sleep in the sunlight.

They can regrow their limbs and spit seeds out of their mouth like bullets. Patch absolutely loves candy and will scare kids to get it on Halloween - mostly by taking their head off or chasing kids off with their pitchfork.
Patch may be a bit hostile towards humans, but they’re relatively friendly and caring to the Earth around them!!

I hope u like them!! ovo//