patched torbie

blacklakecat  asked:

I thought tortoiseshell cats were cats with nearly all black or blue and red, apricot, or amber speckles. Aren't calicoes predominantly white with black or blue and red, apricot, or amber patches? Torbies = tortoiseshell with tabby markings, right? What are calicoes with tabby markings? Tabicoes?

Tortoiseshell can be a cat with any mix of the black and ginger genes. Calico refers to cats with the above pattern that also have large patches of white. Colour dilution modifiers can affect any base coat colour.

Tortoiseshell is just a colour. That colour can be modified with markings such as tabby, dilution or white patches, but underneath it all that’s still tortoiseshell. ‘Torbie’ is a strange portmanteau that I had not heard before, and to my knowledge is not in common use.

All these cats are torties.

But if they have enough white, they can also be called calico.

If they are calico then they are also tortoiseshell.