patcharees creation


There’s something about these photos that makes me not want to delete them. They are pure accidents that happened during moments of my personal life that I find to be remember able. (All are taken by me except for the third photo).

Photo 1 - Fall River, Massachusetts adventure with my best friends. (Suthida and Sumalee) It’s been awhile since I’ve seen/been able to talk to them much. We’ve been friends for 15 years and continuing on.

Photo 2 - Trip to the temple in the mountain in Thailand with my cousins and friend. It was hot hot hot but the view was gorgeous.

Photo 3 - In Thailand, my family and I visited some museum-like-place. My cousins and I snuck up the stairs and through some door into this balcony-like-room. My younger cousin tried to take a photo of us but it was just way to windy to even stand still and this is the result.

Photo 4 - I was running to catch a photo of the beautiful sunset in Thailand, near my grandparents house. Then this happened but I still got a nice shot of the sky, so no worries.

Photo 5, 6, 7 - My ex-bf would sometimes surprise me at my window at night. I’d let him sneak in and we’d have sleepovers. I wanted a picture of him but he wouldn’t let me. Our romantic relationship is over but our friendship has gotten stronger. He is the nicest guy I’ve dated so far…