New content coming in the next Dragon Age Inquisition patch!

The Golden Nug: This statue appears once you beat Inquisition for the first time and allows you to share all schematics you’ve found with other save files. This only applies to the system you use it on (EX: Ps4 to Ps4)

Wardrobe: This appears in your Skyhold bedroom and holds many outfits to choose from which will replace those silly pajama’s your Inquisitor always had.


Masculine rain/water otherkin-related items:

Rain polo shirt - $18.44

Patch - $4

Bow tie - $1# (has a pre-tied option if tying bow ties just isn’t your thing)

Rain-colored scarf - $9.71

“Rainstorm” fingerless gloves - $20

“Another Rainy Day” T-shirt - $28.94


A shirt featuring the definition of a particular poetically-associated word relating to your kintype.


That’s what you use to scare R34 away?

I’d rather stay on this side of the shield. It feels way safer. I’m not as hard as I usually do look. There’s no way I’m ever turning that shield around again!!!

I have good and bad news. I’m back from Eurofurence (that’s the good one) and Asphagnum is gonna be taking a vacation for a few weeks. I’ll be around the computer and Jay is gonna be helping out meanwhile.

I think I need some vacuuming now, my fur is a mess.