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“I don’t have time to play tour guide.”

The tall trees loomed over her head as she pushed her way through thick bushes, determined to find her way out. Flannery had been lead to believe that there was a ‘secret shortcut’ to Blackthorn City around this area by a passing trainer and it didn’t occur to her until now about how shady it actually was. Sighing in frustration, she pushed ahead, silently cursing her attraction towards to the unknown.

Finally finding some sort of open space, she steps out of the forest, taking a long deep breath of relief as she glanced around. Patches of grass lay flat on the ground, and the path was clear of bushes and stray branches from nearby trees, indicating that this was indeed used as a small path - one that seemed to be less traveled by. 

A few moments later, a blue-haired trainer appeared down the trail, walking towards her with such an intense stare, Flannery couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated and stepped aside. She opened her mouth to say something as the woman walked closer but was quickly interrupted. “I don’t have time to play tour guide.”

“You have a Pokemon stuck in your hair.” Flannery murmured, as the peculiar stranger marched away with a silent Wurmple dangling at the edge of her ponytail. 

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      “ I do not want to fight. “

Straightforward and simple, Mihr stated her wants and turned her attention back to the person in front of her. They had been gravely injured, presumable the hunter at her back knew something about it. Mihr realized the dangers of turning one’s back on a hunter, but she smoothed the hair of the young woman scarcely conscious before her. Her grace seeped into the vessel, patching all the wounds it found.

     “ I just want to help her. “