🎃Ghibli Inktober 2016🎃

Okay so I didn’t realize how much I actually love inktober and I thought, hey! Why not make some ghibli inktober prompts? So I did and I have some followers that maybe want to participate in inktober?? so this is what I came up with starting tomorrow (better late than never)

Day 4: Your favorite protagonist
Day 5: Your favorite supporting character/animal companions
Day 6: Your favorite antagonist
Day 7: A pairing that you love/your otp
Day 8: The scene that speaks to you the most
Day 9: A scene that makes you cry
Day 10: A scene that makes you laugh
Day 11: A quote that you love and who says it
Day 12: A cute little doodle of any character
Day 13: Your favorite action scene
Day 14: Your Ghibli crush 💕
Day 15: Two characters from different movies interacting
Day 16: A genderbent version of a character
Day 17: Something beautiful
Day 18: An overly short/small or tall/big character
Day 19: Two characters wearing each others clothes
Day 20: The character you most identify with
Day 21: A portrait of you in Ghibli style
Day 22: A fish or sea creature that belongs in Ponyo 🐋
Day 23: Any flying machine or airplane from any movie
Day 24: Your favorite character drawn from memory (no references ;)
Day 25: Any original characters or other characters ghiblified!
Day 26: What you would look like as a witch/wizard/magical being from Howl’s Moving Castle or Kiki’s Delivery Service (include your magical animal companion)🐱
Day 27: Candy! Anything involving sweets!🍬🍫
Day 28: Ghibli in a pumpkin patch!
Day 29: Any character as a traditional Halloween monster
Day 30: Something scary
Day 31: Finally, any ghibli character(s) dressed up and trick-or-treating on Halloween 🎃

I will be tracking the tag @susuwatori and ghibli inktober 2016 so post some stuff and I would love to see it!!

😚😚 Okay love you all and happy drawing 😚😚

(Also I’ll try my best to participate in this too so look out for my drawings 😌)

Human Emotions patch (v2017.9.29.245)

  • Decreased the Depressive Episode cooldown from 280 seconds to 100 seconds.
  • Increased the duration of Depressive Episode from 2 days to 4 days.
  • Fixed a bug involving the collision of the player model and Bed [Primary] when attempting to break free of Depressive Episode. Previously, when the player was afflicted with Depressive Episode [Stage 2], The player could leave the bed with no issues. With the bug fix, any stage higher than 2 will cause the player to be “cemented” to the Bed.
  • Anxiety Attack coundown timer decreased. This number is still under development.
  • Increased the base amount of Special Interests from 4 to 7.
  • Increased the Perceived Value [SI] by 33% on any physical Special Interests.
  • Increased the amount of Depression Points added to the Depression Meter when a Special Interest, item or otherwise, is taken from the player, insulted, or perceived negatively by majority.

I’ve made a Neko atsume Birthday Scenario because I see no one is making one so I decided I should make one.

If you can’t read what the text says for Days it should be:

1: Peaches

2:Senor Don Gato   3:Bob the Cat      4: Pickles   5: Kathmandu

6: Ginger    7: Saint Purrtrick    8: Joe Dimeowgio 9: Pepper

10: Tubbs    11: Ms Fortune     12: Dottie   13:  Fred

15: Cocoa    16:  Marshmallow:    17:Smokey  18: Ramses the Great

19:  Snowball   20: Billy the kitten  21: Socks    22: Lady Meow Meow

23: Xerxes IV   24:  Bolt    25: Frosty  26: Willie   27: Conductor Whiskers

28: Patches   29: Mack     30: Pumpkin    31: Spooky

Find your true nickname:
  • ///////////////// BDAY MONTH:
  • January: curly
  • Febuary: leafy
  • March: pinkish
  • April: sparkly
  • May: royal
  • June: blue
  • July: slimy
  • August: chippy
  • September: yummy
  • October: sweet
  • November: girly
  • December: fabulous
  • ///////////////// BDAY DATE:
  • 1: elephant
  • 2: chipmunk
  • 3: pencil
  • 4: Pablo Picasso
  • 5: popcorn
  • 6: chocolate
  • 7: bubbles
  • 8: croc
  • 9: harley quinn
  • 10: kitty
  • 11: rubberband
  • 12: lemon
  • 13: shirt
  • 14: hottie
  • 15: chicken nugget
  • 16: rainbow
  • 17: bumble bee
  • 18: princess crown
  • 19: turtle
  • 20: dog
  • 21: cotton candy face
  • 22: maya hart
  • 23: lucaya queen
  • 24: riarkle queen
  • 25: chapstick
  • 26: baby lips
  • 27: pewdiepie
  • 28: nail polish
  • 29: sour patch kids
  • 30: yo mama
  • 31: classy mama on fleek

In episode 29, we’re looking at none other than the Smart One. That’s Mycroft Holmes, yes, but also Mark Gatiss! So if you’ve got recs for us, don’t be shy. Rec us fics, art, fanworks, and whatever else strikes your Mycroft/Gatissian fancy. Ships and ratings are open. Have a mystrade fic that didn’t make it into the mystrade episode we did in May? Dying to rec that johncroft fic you found this summer? Gotten into holmescest and don’t know what to do with all your recs? Got a Sherlock/League of Gentlemen fusion fic? Send them our way. Holmescest recs will feature in their own roundup, just FYI.

Send us your recs by email to or by submission to our tumblr, and remember to include links where possible. We’ll be collecting until Tuesday, October 28! Masterposts to come along with our episode, which drops on November 1.