patch work dress

Halloween with the Winston’s

Pairings: Opie x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 343

For the @samperv Halloween challenge found HERE


“Ope! Wanna give me a hand?” Your arms were full of bags of Halloween decorations as you navigated your toy covered living room in a way only a mother could. “I got those Warhead things you were looking for. Had to fight another bitch for the last bag.” You could hear your twins giggling from your back bedroom. “Opie?”

“Mama look!” You looked over as your two year old daughter, Stacy came running out of the back bedroom with a bright red wig, patch work dress, and a couple drawn on stitches that you could guess were drawn with eyeliner. Your eyes went wide as you dropped the bags on the counter and looked at her.

“Look at you! Where’s your brother?”

“Right here.” Opie said as he carried out Pete on his hip with a smile. You looked up at your son, who was currently dressed at Jack Skellington, and smiled.

“Ope, why are our children dressed like Disney characters?” He laughed as he set his son down on the ground.

“Gemma’s Halloween party at the house?” Your smile dropped and a groan escaped your lips.

“Shit. I totally forgot.” Your boyfriend laughed as he held up a finger and headed back into the bedroom.

“I knew you would which is why mommy get to be…” You cocked your eyebrow at him as he held up a short, white dress, white tights and a red clown nose. “Zero!” You laughed as you took the white dress from him.

“Oh yea? And what is daddy gunna be?” He shrugged as he gestured to Stacy.

“Daddy was gunna be Oggie Boogie but Sally over there is scared of him. So daddy’s gunna be just daddy.” You pinched your lips together as you nodded slowly.

“Cheater.” A small smirk pulled the corner of his mouth up as he bent down to give you a chaste kiss.

“Better get dressed or we’ll be late.” He said with a small chuckle as he smacked your ass. “Last time we were late, we got twins out of it.”