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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  yay! take a look at my brand new patch ϟ ♥ D R A G H O L ♥ ϟ the weirdie vampire! ♡ there is no Bat weirder then this super original patch *:・゚✧
- - -
inspired by Psycho-billy style, this unique and fancy Vamp-patch will bring a spooky touch to your outfits! this little vampire looks awesome on denim jackets and turns every gal in a stylish Vamp-Babe
- - -
this cutie will be totally hand-embroidered (made to order) with love and magic expressly for you! give yourself something totally original and unique and support an independent artist ☆ LOLLE SHOP


(ノ♡ヮ♡)ノ*:・゚✧ yay! looking for some badass patch to customize your jackets? I’ve just added some brand new, original handmade patches to my shop 💖 ✨

*my patches are totally unique, designed and created by me expressly for youwith the most original designs, realized with love and magic *:・゚✧  ©Lolle

♡ treat yourself with a magical creation ♥ support an independent artist ♡
Stim Freely Embroidery Patches - Imperfect Prototypes, on Sale for $5 each
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Hey all! To earn money for top surgery, I’ve started working on some autistic / neurodivergent pride patches. I’ve completed two so far, and because I’m working out how to make them they aren’t quite perfect – but the good news is, that means you can get them for a cheaper price than the perfected patches will be!

So check out these two patches or sit tight for the perfected patches, which should hit the store within a few days. 

We all deserve to stim freely – wear this patch on a jacket, a purse or backpack, or anything else you like to remind yourself (and others) of that.

I’d also love some more ideas for other phrases or designs to include on further autistic pride patches – let me know what you’d like to see on a patch!


LOADS of shiny new gems. those top ones are my favourites out of the batch. i think the extra space between them and the edge makes them makes them look brighter. what do you think?

all (plus more!) available in my etsy shop


Hey Cutie Pies! It’s time for another huge sale!

This one is going on until the end of August, and there are two coupon codes to choose from! In celebration of Aphrodisia, use code PATCHLOVE for 20% off any order over $20.00, or APHRODITE for 40% off any order over $40.00!

You can also buy any 4 patches for $15.00 or custom order your own design for $5.00!