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Personal headcanon for the Taaco twins in order to justify my over-blingification of their designs:

When you’re poor, one-meal-per-day-poor, at-least-we-have-a-roof-over-our-heads poor, everything that shines is gold to you. You want this uselessly complicated “exotic fruit, emerald flower, ivory soft” soap; you want the perfume in a shiny golden box that leaves glitter on your fingers; you want that too-rich food that swears it contains two dozen different types of carrot and has too much cream; and you absolutely don’t care if it’s tacky or unhealthy or actually cheap. You want what you imagine luxury is, and luxury is to have Everything.

The bigger the better. No time for subtlety. No time for refined shit. You want to swallow everything you can because you never have anything anyway – let me have this, let me have this.

Lup steals her first dress in a thrift shop: it’s covered in thirty different patterns, overly-saturated, obviously made in bad quality fabric, with too much ruffles and poorly painted wooden pearls and plastic sequins and loose golden threads. It’s the ugliest piece of shit, but it’s a lot, it looks like a lot. She wears it until she can’t anymore, and even then, she still keeps it because hey, who knows, maybe someday she’ll make a new dress out of it? You have to keep these things, they might get useful again someday. She says that of all the clothes she owns and never throws anything away. “You never know”, she says. You never know.

Taako loves these super cheap, way too bright to be true jewels you can buy dozens of at the local market: he pierces his ears himself, in dozens of places, just so he can wear more of these pseudo-gold plated hipster earrings with suns and stars and intricate patterns that leave green stuff on his skin and cause the holes to bleed and leak pus two times out of three. He still wears them, and still loves them. Who cares if it’s not an actual diamond? A shard of glass shines just as bright, with colourful tiny patches of light that dance on the palm of his hand whenever he holds it in front of a candle. Plus, it’s not like he could ever get an actual fucking diamond, so.


The trick is not not-to-be-poor, but to look like you’re not.

(The first time Barry buys Lup an actual good dress, something made of silk, maybe, or comfortable velvet, something colourful and shiny but something nice, she straight-up refuses to wear it. It’s too much, too real. How much money did he put in this? Why didn’t he save it in case something happens? She just can’t have that. They argue until Lup can’t even find words to put on the gut-wrenching feeling she has and bites her lips until she tastes blood, incredibly frustrated and angry and afraid, so afraid, of this fucking real nice dress.)

(Kravitz looks nice, pretty boneboy, handsome faced reaper man, and like, Taako knew this, Kravitz’s a man with style – so he eyes his jewellery at the Chug N Squeeze, and sure, he’s not wearing much: two small earrings, a couple of bracelets, a broche with his goddess’ insignia on it. It’s a small round crow with a bright orange eye. It catches the light in a way Taako’s jewels don’t, and suddenly, something nasty turns his blood to ice when he realises it’s because it’s an actual fucking gem – and the rest is too solid and heavy to be gold-plated.

Kravitz is wearing solid gold jewellery, and for the first time in forever, Taako, bright, loud, pseudo-fashionable Taako feels cheap.)

They never argue when people call them too-much, greedy, shallow. They don’t care. All they have are rhinestone bracelets, fake crystal stones, glittery nail polish, colours and cheap glamour: they’re the king and queen of fake it ‘til you make it, so they just. Don’t. Fucking. Care.

Save the Light - v1.02 Patch Notes

A new version of Save the Light, version 1.02, is now available on PS4 and is expected to go live on Xbox within the next few days [11/16/17 EDIT: Now live on Xbox!] This update brings a very large list of improvements, fixes, and increased stability to the game. You can read about most of the changes in the below patch notes. 

We’d like to offer our sincere apologies to anyone who’s experienced technical issues with the launch version of Save the Light. We take these problems very seriously, and we’re extremely passionate about this game, Steven Universe, and the SU fan community, so we want to do everything we can to continue to support STL and make it the best it can be. Our small team will continue to be very hard at work doing just that for the foreseeable future.

If you are still experiencing issues after this update, please feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to help you. Thanks to all our fans and players for your patience on these matters and the continued support.




  • Fixed issues causing possible freezes or “soft locks” that could occur in battles throughout the entire game. Most were related to an error involving collider calculations directly after either enemies or players were knocked back. Players who were experiencing these freezes should now notice drastically improved stability in battle
  • Fixed many instances of team attacks and fusions sometimes causing “soft locks” or freezes in battle
  • Fixed several achievements not triggering, especially “team building exercise” and the three achievements awarded after completing the game’s various endings
  • Improved prevention of party members/followers getting stuck in the world, and also improved their ability to auto-teleport themselves to catch up to the player character
  • Fixed “Snowballio” the snowball enemy often “peacing out” and deciding to leave the battlefield mid-battle
  • Fixed wackiness with party members/followers not resetting properly sometimes when falling off cliffs, especially when moveable metal blocks were involved
  • Fixed Amethyst’s shock whip not functioning properly in some instances/against some enemies
  • Fixed an issue with Sour Cream wanting 11 total glowsticks instead of 10. (Note: for players who already started this quest before this update, it will still be possible to collect and deliver 11. New save files will only need to/be able to collect 10.)
  • Fixed an outdated description of Garnet’s “Ironhide” perk, and adjusted the order of her defense perks
  • Connie’s “protect” ability has received improved stability to prevent specific circumstances that could cause it to get stuck or behave improperly
  • Fixed corrupted animations during the surprise ‘phone call’ in the Great North
  • Boss fixes: fixed various issues that could cause some of the bosses in the game to get stuck. Fixed a bug with the Forest Boss where, upon defeating it, a sound effect could get stuck looping. Fixed a bug with the Strawberry boss involving the Tablet throwing ability not properly damaging its armor. Fixed an issue with last boss where it was possible to have game get stuck in slow motion upon final blow.
  • Fixed various other bugs and issues across the game


  • Some general performance improvements
  • Relationship meters now fill 5% faster, leading to slightly more frequent team attacks and fusions
  • During the “Kudos” moment, now displaying the corresponding button icon next to each relationship meter in the top right corner of the screen
  • Added some new environment animation and polish to the Barn scene
  • Quest items in the backpack that are “completed” now show a green checkmark
  • Added new messages for landing your star taps in battle other than just NEATO BURRITO 
  • When using Sugilite’s Fire Punch, it’s now easier to fill the ability meter
  • Connie’s “Study” ability has seen an increase in power 
  • Peridot’s “Repair” ability star cost decreased from 2 to 1
  • All “secret” stages have had their difficulty bumped up somewhat, especially for the final two chapters
  • Added some new polish and various improvements to the game’s ending sequences and epilogue
  • A new jam now plays inside the Big Donut
  • Fixed an oversight with in-game text referring to Smoky Quartz as female. Fixed several typos in various spots across the game
  • Added some new, previously missing VO and sound effects to various parts of the game


  • Currently investigating reports of the “CBF” achievement not always triggering
  • [XBOX ONLY]: We are aware of the “Believe in Steven” achievement (for collecting all other achievements) not triggering on Xbox and will be providing a fix soon
  • [XBOX ONLY]: We are aware that the “Hidden Grove” secret stage is often failing to load on Xbox. This is a high priority issue and we will have it fixed ASAP



Busted Study

This is an old Collaboration between myself  and @bustedpixels 
I created the meshes while BustedPixels recolored them amazingly if I may say so .

So lets get down to business
Set consists of: 

  • Desk 
  • Consol 
  • Modular Sofa 
  • Modular Seats  
  • Desk 
  • Chair 
  • Lamp 
  • Books 
  • Clock 
  • Ornament 
  • Shelving Rack 
  • A Desktop Pc 
  • Hanging wall art in 2 sizes - use resize tool for more variety 
  • Wall leaning Art in 2 sizes - use resize tool for more variety 

All items contain appropriate slots , lights and chair are updated to work with Dine Out and latest Light Patch , All Lods replaced

 Feel free to recolour this set ,please just dont include my meshes 

Find it ingame by searching Bustedkiwi’s study 

Download Here : SimsFileShare

Bruise [ V ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.4k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by chanssoo

Bathes were supposed to be relaxing, everyone always said that they would be soothing to your aching muscles and wash away your problems. The water was warm against your freezing skin, the bubbles up to your chin and jostling whenever you moved your legs. The air was faintly filled with the sounds of cars driving by on the streets down below, the tires splashing in the puddles of leftover rain. The room was dimly illuminated, your wet hand glistening on the edge of the tub when the candle on the sink flickered patches of light onto your arm, giving it life when it felt so dull. Everything smelled like oranges and vanilla, your skin, your hair, even the bubbles threatening to spill over the edge of the porcelain. It all seemed relaxing, in theory. It was supposed to feel nice and like a reward after a long day, but in reality it was making you want to rip your hair from your scalp.

Because in the silent solitude all you could think about was Chanyeol.

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A Gegenschein Lunar Eclipse : Is there anything interesting to see in the direction opposite the Sun? One night last month, there were quite a few things. First, the red-glowing orb on the lower right of the featured image is the full moon, darkened and reddened because it has entered Earths shadow. Beyond Earths cone of darkness are backscattering dust particles orbiting the Sun that standout with a diffuse glow called the gegenschein, visible as a faint band rising from the central horizon and passing behind the Moon. A nearly horizontal stripe of green airglow is also discernable just above the horizon, partly blocked by blowing orange sand. Visible in the distant sky as the blue dot near the top of the image is the star Sirius, while the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy arches up on the image left and down again on the right. The fuzzy light patches just left of center are the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Red emission nebulas too numerous to mention are scattered about the sky, but are labelled in a companion annotated image. In the image foreground is the desolate Deadvlei region of the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia, featuring the astrophotographer himself surveying a land and sky so amazing that he described it as one of the top experiences of his life. via NASA

We are all sunbeams, dancing
Through the cracks in our shells,
Pacing the limelight, drifting
Through its melancholy haze.
Watch me bloom in particles,
Pirouetting in patches of light.
Watch me dream the night away,
Barefoot, stepping sleepily.
I am stardust, abandoned,
Left to grace mere crevices.
I am atoms, drenched in flame,
Watch me shine.
—  poeticallyordinary, “Stardust”

Marinette’s heart lurches painfully at his question. In the past several months she’s become expert at the Art of Reading Adrien, and the way that he nervously fiddles with the scarf belies the even voice she hears. She hopes he doesn’t think she’s going to deny him this.

“Close your eyes.”

He complies, and as she twists off the couch to face him, she hears his restrained breathing. 

Scratch nervous, he was terrified. She puts a hand between his shirt collar and his scarf, hoping to ease his nerves as she leans closer and takes him in.

Framed in the red sunlight and his eyelashes grazing his cheeks, he looked serene. Had she not known him, the assumption would have been fair.

Her eyes slide along the strange patches of light thrown across his face and drift down to his mouth.

…How long had she really wanted to do this when she wasn’t busy lying to herself? She tries to push the thought out of her mind as the centimeters between them compress and her bangs mingle with his.

She’d dedicated to memory his laughter at the first stupid meme she’d shown him, the pride in his compliment when she made a bad pun to his face, the way he’d bear hug her at the end of her shift and try to stop her from making it to his door, and the pain that the gesture did little to mask.

She does her best to etch into her memory the brief hitch in his breath as she gently touches her lips to his.

She’d stolen his first kiss.

Punk (Chap. 9)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 3423

Warnings: Language, mission/war related violence and gore, shooting, enemy deaths, i think that’s all…*shrugs*

A/N: Chap.9  finally, I know!  This is a it of an information dump/setting the rest of the story arc up chapter.  I tried to dial down the angst since you lovies all told me how you cried on the last chapter :( and put some action and humour in instead.  I hope you like this one and I CAN’T WAIT to give you guys chapter 10 in a few days so please stick around through this one!  it’s worth the wait!

**I’m actually legit terrified that i peaked with the last chapter and nothing will ever be as good, especially this chapter, but i hope to give you guys a good story for the rest of the series.

Feedback fuels my life btw….and the picture is from google…i searched for beautiful things… ;]

“Kiddo, wake up we gotta go.”

Clint’s rough, scratchy voice woke you from an uneasy sleep.  Your head was pounding and your eyes felt sticky, as if they’d been glued together in the night.  “Mmm, wha—w’as happ’nin’?” you mumbled, rubbing a hand down your face. 

“Problem in Brooklyn, we gotta go.  Get dressed,” Clint replied.  He smacked your leg and the bed bounced as he got up and walked towards the closet.

“What about the desert? Nebraska?”

“New Mexico,” Clint clarified with a snort. “There’s no desert in Nebraska. Remind me to get you a map for your birthday.  Now, get—up.” He ripped the blanket away from you, causing you to squeal as cold air rushed over your legs.

“Gah!  I’m up! I’m up!”  You jolted upwards and scrambled out from the bed.  

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you wanted something to get you through your exams, he had it. you wanted a fake license, he could get it. you wanted something to hurt you, he was it.

- maggie stiefvater, the dream thieves