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About lanky galra… Do you think their joints work in their own way? I mean, we only saw then moving and bending their joints in a very human way (or maybe I didn’t pay much attention to their joint work??), but THINK of then bending and stretching in ways that instinctively makes our brain go NOPE. Weird creepy moving galra. In the dark. Coming for you. (nopenopenopenope)

I mean, I don’t know if they’d be able to dislocate their joints- especially if I’m right they’re primarily built as sprinters, having knees that flex backwards would probably take a bunch of tendon and ligament adjustments that would be a liability without obvious gain. But this does give me the idea of them being, in general, very flexible- since as a species they seem more predisposed to lean muscle. 

Even relatively stocky silhouettes like Zarkon, Sendak, and Prorok have that whippy quality to them. Zarkon is about the most powerfully built galra we’ve seen and comparing him to a body type like Hunk’s, Hunk clearly has a lot more in the core (and no, I’m not just talking about fat, I’m talking about his ribcage) so I wouldn’t be surprised if, Zarkon’s supernatural assistance put aside for the moment, Hunk pound for pound could lift more weight than Zarkon.

My rough thoughts is that comparing humans to galra- a good galra athlete compared to a good human athlete, the galra would have much better acceleration and speed. It’d be like getting in a running contest with a cheetah- they’re built to run, and fast, so as soon as the starting gun goes off they’re practically out of sight and the human’s just there like “oh… okay.” I also imagine they’d have certain adaptations that make it harder for them to hurt something- sprain or twist an ankle- because their joints are more flexible. And with the general size difference they’d also just have more leg to work with. 

But if you have the human athlete start at a walking speed, and the galra sprint until they’re tired, the human would pass the galra long before they (the human) gets winded- a tortoise and the hare kind of situation, and we’re the tortoise. 

That’s not to say galra categorically have awful stamina, but I think in general there’s the idea that humans are adapted more for endurance and galra are adapted more for speed. This also feeds a headcanon I have that humans observably patch themselves together pretty quickly compared to most species, and with pretty good results. Conversely it seems the galra invest a lot in prosthetic technology, which would make sense if more kinds of injuries for them could be potentially career-ending and it’s a lot easier to end up at “you can keep the arm, but it’s never going to work the same way again… or we can amputate it and put this cool metal one in instead”

Also because, with the assumption that looks notwithstanding, Keith is set up much more like a typical galra than a typical human, this would make a hilarious amount of thematic sense considering his whole ability set is “the fastest, impressive attack, can’t take hits very well” and if he’s from the zippy sprinter race that’s not quite as hardy as humans, that’d just fit him perfectly.

Everlark Short Fanfiction

It’s the Great Pumpkin Rye Mellark!

Posting this because an anon gently reminded me of this story. Thanks so much! Many many moons ago @sohypothetically challenged me to a Drabble challenge with the topic “Pumpkin Patch”. I was extremely excited because I was pretty new to tumblr at the time. This actually ended up as a short story instead of a drabble and is at least 2 - 3 years old at this point. Thanks as always to my beta @dianaflynn22!  :-)

Summary: Little brothers sure can cause a lot of trouble but you just never know when it can be the good kind. Peeta loses his little brother in a Pumpkin patch but luckily Katniss is there to help him out. 

Warning: There be fluff ahead!

“Rye! Rye! Where the hell are you!” Oh my god, I lost him. He’s gone forever, pretty sure he’s been kidnapped, and my dad is going to kill me.

The panic rises inside me as increasingly horrific scenarios multiple in my head of the different things that could have happened to my rambunctious little brother. Of course this would happen! With Rye, anything was possible. The task was supposed to be easy one, our father just wanted us to pick some prime pumpkins for carving and some for baking. He thought it would be a good distraction for my crazy little brother since he’d been wrecking havoc around the bakery all day, thanks to some pixie sticks that he had traded his lunch for. Who the hell knows how many he downed before we found him in the storage room like some drug addict snorting up coke.

“Come on Rye! If you just come out, I promise you won’t be in trouble,” I beg, but it’s useless, because there is still no answer. “Argh!” I yell out in complete frustration.

“Is everything okay?” a soft voice asks me from behind and my back stiffens at the sweet sound. God, I know that voice. Please don’t tell me it’s her.


Agonize. [Peter Maximoff Oneshot].

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Title: Agonize.
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader.
Words: 1230.
Rating: T (Mentions of blood, minor injuries).

The sound of a door opening and then proceeding to slam shut is what caught your attention. And the fact that it was the dead of night, and there was no light down the hallway to help you navigate made for some creepy scenery. The shadows of the trees outside expanded on white wall as your feet lightly pattered against the wood floor of the hall, occasionally creaking under your weight. The dim light of the bathroom illuminated your senses.

Peter’s home, you sighed in relief, following the light shining on the floor. Something slammed once again, maybe, the medicine counter, which was followed by a long groan of distaste and slight pain. You panicked, moving faster and opening the door quietly. His X-Men gear was skewed across the room, some of it lying in the bathtub. And you were sure if you looked in the living room, the rest of his gear would be lying in there somewhere. “Peter-”

“It’s just a scratch,” He didn’t even look at you as he stumbled his way through the first aid kit sitting on the counter. Dirt and what looked like dried blood clung to his face, and to some parts of his hair near the back. “Please, don’t freak out.”

It was surely more than just a scratch, by the amount of blood that was on the floor, and splattered on his fingertips. It looked like Peter’s back had been cut by a shard of glass, or, perhaps a piece of metal. “What the hell happened!?” Your voice bounced off the walls, and Peter found himself smiling slightly at the amazing acoustics of the room. He’d have to remember if he ever wanted to record anything, that this room was made for it.

“I mean, they patched me up pretty good,” Peter managed a small laugh, “But, by the I got home, I kind of bled through the bandage, and instead of having Jean rebandage me, I told ‘em you would. ‘Cause you take care of me.” He sounded tired, and he looked even more so. Especially in the drooping of his eyelids as he tried to find the gauze that he knew you had. And for a man who was always moving quickly, he seemed to be pegged, and was found no motivation to move excessively fast. “You take care of me, right?”

You didn’t say anything and merely shoved him away from the medicine cabinet, reaching up and pulling out the gauze from the top shelf. Peter put the lid of the toilet seat down and sat down silently, as if speaking would get him tossed around even more. “I take care of Peter Maximoff, not some asshole who comes home to bleed on my white rugs.” His eyebrows furrowed together at the spitefulness that was tugging in your voice. Your hands moved silently, tugging out an antibacterial wipe and cleaning around the cut as best you could. Peter hissed at the feeling, but that didn’t deter you to slow down.

“What’s your issue tonight? Not get enough beauty sleep?” He teased, and he seemed rather amused with himself before you pulled away, tossing the used wipe into the trash bin with a scowl. It was made of something Peter couldn’t quite read, though at first glance, it seemed to be despise.

“Will you shut up for one minute and take this goddamn thing seriously?” You snapped at him. He did just that, and fell silent in front of you. “I’d like to see you in my place, every night, worrying about if you’re going to come home in one piece, or if you’re going to come home at all. Don’t you know how that feels? Or, do you only know what sarcasm feels like?” By the end of your sentence, you had your pointer and middle finger shifted at yourself, the tips of your fingers pressing against your sternum.

Peter licked his bottom lip slowly, his dark eyes dropping to look at his hands as you began bandaging him up. It was unskillful, but still, you were doing a better job than Jean had done earlier. “I’m sorry…”

“I’m the sorry one,” Grasping his forearm slowly, you rubbed the bare skin under your smooth fingertips and whispered shamefully, “You save the world… Both humans and mutants…. And Here I am being a selfish idiot because of that…”

“If it makes you feel better, I wouldn’t even let you go.” Peter glanced up at you, trying to find your eyes but to no avail. “Knowing the dangers that are out there, I wouldn’t let you step foot out that door… I’d be too… Too afraid of what could happen to you…” He paused, reaching up to cup your cheek in his hand, “I’d be afraid of what would happen to me if I didn’t have you anymore…”

“Peter, I’m sor-”

“I fight for you, you know…” His hand expanded onto the side of your face, “Because… Maybe deep, deep down, I really truly, believe that one day humans and mutants are going to live peacefully together, as cheesy as that sounds.” Peter chuckled, “I try my best… And I’m sorry if my best isn’t enough for you anymore… I don’t think it’s ever going to be enough for anyone… I am, and always will be, a bit fuck up…”

He bit down on his bottom lip roughly, “My dad didn’t even want me, he must’ve known I was a fuck up before I was even born.” The laugh that snuggled its way out of his mouth was that of disgust in himself, rather than for Erik. It was megar, short and to the point.

“Peter, you’re not a fuck up,” Dragging a hand through his thick, silver hair, you looked into his dark eyes for the first time this evening, “You will never be one to me… And I… I guess I’m just afraid of losing you…” He tilted his head towards your hand, “I’m afraid that one day, I’ll wake up and I’ll have to remind myself that… You aren’t there anymore. You aren’t there to make you obscure dick jokes, to make me burnt toast which actually tastes pretty good, if you put a lot of butter on it.” You grinned at him before it dimmed down to a small frown. Subconsciously, Peter’s dark eyes traced the lines on your face as your expression changed.  “But, the worst is… I’d have to remind myself that you’re not there to love me anymore… And that’s something I’m not sure I can do… ‘Cause, I love you… Peter…”

“I love you more,” Peter sighed shakily, cupping both his hands on your cheeks and pulled you down so he could press a warm kiss of assurance against your lips. It was slow, at least, for Peter it was. His naturally pouty mouth melded against yours, his fingers curling on your jawline. This was something Peter needed. He needed you, and he’d fight for you as best he could.

 The moment he pulled away, a smirk came washing over his expression, and the words that tumbled out of his mouth were surely said only to relieve some of the tension that had built up around the two of you, “ And if I die before you, I’ll come back as a ghost and haunt the ever-living daylights out of you, I promise.”

Colourless Colour

(More Give Me Love will appear soon, but until then, I hope you like this!)

Words: 13,500+
Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: An AU in which Dan is blind. It’s sort of choppy, checking in at various different points and events in their lives, but it’s mostly a high school AU. Dan and Phil have been best friends since they were toddlers, and Dan lost his sight completely when he was eight.

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Selfie AU: Henry’s estranged younger brother, Jeremy (Daniel Henney), shows up at Kinderkare Pharmaceuticals as part of its in-house legal counsel team. Eliza wants to help patch things up between Henry and his brother, but Jeremy ends up falling for her instead.

Based on chrisdwoo’s awesome idea.

a thousand words for love, kurt/adam, 1500+words: prompt: Kurt and Adam make conflicting plans for each other on their first valentine’s day together. 

Thanks to shadowc44 for the awesome prompt. I’m really bad at sticking to them completely, because how do you even plan a secret valentine’s day thing without the other person doing it to? but I tried?


Adam’s sat through numerous rounds of rom-com re-runs. A lonely group valentine’s celebration, a night spent cheering up a broken-hearted friend or a last-ditch effort to wake up an uninspired soul.

Not a single movie had ever prepared him for celebrating his first valentine’s day with Kurt.

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please note : the current cookie clicker beta has two pretty ridiculous bugs where 1. you gain your total amount of prestige in heavenly chips every time you ascend and 2. each heavenly chip gives +100% CpS instead of +1%; this means next patch will remove all of your heavenly upgrades and refund all your chips so they’re back to exactly your prestige level. you’ll most likely still keep your stupidly high amounts of cookies, though. i still don’t know how i let those kinds of glaring bugs slip by. thank god for betas, i guess

hope y’all have a merry réveillon (which is how the french call the day before christmas; also some places in New Orleans, the more you know)


So iRO2 dark whisperer’s patch came around I thought I would jump on to take a look. Instead of zooming in, we get character illustration *-* Some look kind of ooc but otherwise it’s really pretty great. I didn’t take manage Jacob, Master Jehoon and key was stuck i guess and I’m too lazy to get back on _(:37L)_ I still have morroc npcs and yggdrasil npcs though!

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Hey! I just read your angel stiles drabble and loved it:) I know you're just drabbling so maybe you could doodle a tiny something about dragon!Stiles? (But ofc you can totally ignore this; I just thought I'd ask cuz I love all your steter fics.)

Welp, here’s a tiny something:) Dragon!Stiles is always awesome, and I don’t mind doodling a little so long as my muse strikes and you’re not expecting something crazy long and thought-out.

(I hope you don’t mind that it’s in Peter’s POV though. And also, there isn’t actually that much dragon!Stiles in this, it just sort of turned out this way, with a lot of lead-up.)

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