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dan, let phil talk and be in a room alone for 30 min, u can do it, i believe in u (why is dan always clickity clacking away on that loud ass keyboard in phil's live shows haha?)

well at least this week he had the excuse that the new guild wars patch came out so he was probs intensely in his gaming zone w no regard for phil or the live show audience or anything else hahaha

y’know what i really live for? yoongi breaking people’s expectations

like i somewhat have this coffee shop au in my head, no specific pairing really, but like yoongi frequents this coffee shop all the time

he always has his laptop  open and he sits in what the employees all dub, “his” corner, with his laptop and his notebook out and huge ass headphones on and he’s there every morning on weekdays for a few hours before he leaves

and poor guy has the most intimidating resting face and he always looks so tired and dead that everyone just automatically dubs him as the typical morning grump that always orders black coffee, no milk or sugar, and hates people

the employees and the regulars all know of yoongi and everyone gives him a wide berth usually

but then one early morning, these 2 boys come in

they’re younger guys, relatively same height, one with a wide boxy smile and the other with cute bunny teeth

they both order drinks and they look around and they spot yoongi. they get huge smiles on their faces and they start. heading. to the corner™.

and the whole coffee shop just inhales as one and holds their breath because omfg there’s gonna be a murder

the guys sneak up on yoongi and then the boxy smile guy just thumps his hands on yoongi’s shoulder and yoongi jumps so hard and he turns around and

he smiles

the cutest, most endearing gummy smile with crescent eyes and squishy cheeks and everyone is flabbergasted and a little bit in love

and after that day, he sometimes comes in with a few other boys, always the same 6 though, and he smiles and laughs and jokes around all the time

and it’s beautiful :’)

High Tensions - Five

Reid x Reader

The game was suspended over the next five days due to the team being called away. Derek had made a comment about room sharing when it had come to the evening as there weren’t enough spare rooms at the hotel for you to each have one. 

“I vote Reid and Y/N share. I’m sure I’ve got this week in the pool anyway.”

Hotch had glared at him and you’d spoke before he had chance to, “Not gonna happen Morgan. Play is suspended when we’re out in the field. Let’s try to be professional shall we?“ 

Hotch had nodded at you approvingly and in the end it had ended up being you and JJ sharing. 

You’d been talking to her the last night you were there. The case had been solved but it was too late for you to fly home so you were spending another night before taking off early the next day. 

“So how’s it going between you too? Because we’re not actually seeing that much interaction between you so we can’t tell who’s got the upper hand,” she said into the darkness. 

“Erm, honestly Jayge I’m not sure. Some days I think I’ll get him to cave but others I think he’ll make me cave.” Some of the texts he’d been sending to you this evening were pure filth, all very much along the lines of the things he’d said to you in the email that Hotch had intercepted, and every so often he’d look you dead in the eyes and lick his lips slowly. 

“Really? That’s unexpected. Go Spence……Are you sure that this won’t affect you working together though?”

“I don’t think so. It’s just sex right? Why, do you think it will be weird for Spencer?”

“I’m not sure. I was surprised that he wanted in on the whole thing to begin with because he’s never really shown that side of him. But I guess if you’re thinking of caving then you must be seeing a different side to him. ”

You nodded although she couldn’t see you, debating whether to share one of the messages with her. “Jeez, you’ve got no idea. Do you wanna hear one of the texts he’s sent me? You can’t say anything to him though. ”

“God yes, I wanna hear what our Boy Wonder’s been saying to you to make you consider throwing in the towel.”

You pulled out your phone swiping until you found one, the light illuminating the room. 

“I’d eat you out slowly, letting my tongue circle your clit until you were close to coming. Then I’d slide my throbbing dick into you, filling you completely and fucking you painstakingly slow until you beg me to go faster.” You smirked as you read his words, watching as JJ lifted herself onto her side to stare at you, her expression incredulous. You’d been pretty incredulous too when you’d read it yourself. 

“No fucking way. Spencer…. Our Spencer sent you that? When? Oh my god!”

“When we were all at dinner earlier.”

“That’s why you two kept getting your phones out. You were fucking sexting? Spencer doesn’t sext!! What did you send back?”

You coughed, finding your own reply.

“Sweetie I’ve never begged a man, or woman for anything. They beg to be able to do those things to me. The only way you’d be eating me out is if you beg and plead with me to sit on your face. And Spence, I would grind all over that pretty mouth of yours. You just have to ask.”

“Fuck me Y/N! Did he text back?”

You nodded. “All he replied was ‘We’ll see who’s pleading to fuck who’s mouth. You’ve seen how fast I can talk when I’m excited about something. You know how fast my tongue can move.’”

“Jesus Christ, I never knew Reid had any of that in him. Fuuuuck. He’s so much more attractive to me right now.”

You flung your spare pillow at her. "Er Will?“ 

She laughed, “I know I know. But he never sends me any stuff like that.”

“So send it to him then.”

“You know, I just might.”

The rest of the team had passed out yet again on the flight home, and you were passing the time catching up on Game of Thrones on your laptop.

You felt a tug on your ear bud as a body deposited itself in the seat next to you. Spencer. He’d woken up, his hair still messy. 

“Watcha watching?” he leant in closer to see, his hand brushing your thigh. 

“Just some GoT. Catching up before the next season comes out.”

“Mind if I watch with you?”

You handed him the ear piece nearest to you and he moved closer to get a better view. This was the sort of stuff you did when you actually hung out as normal friends, as opposed to friends who were trying get the other to beg them for a banging. 

It was nice, seemingly being normal together again and you watched the rest of the episode in companionable silence. 

And then the next episode started, and then there was scene with two of Little Finger’s brothel girls touching each other. 


To skip it would be too obvious so you let it run, feeling an intake of breath from the man beside you. 

And then that man’s hand moved to your thigh, your thigh that was bare because you were wearing a skirt and had torn your last pair of pantyhose this morning. 

Your eyes flickered to the side, Spencer’s eyes still focused on the screen in front of you. His hand started to move in small circles, inching further and further up your leg. It tickled and not in the ‘haha’ way. More the, ‘oh my fuck, any minute now and he’s going to make me moan’ way.

Pulling your lip between your teeth, you bit down hard. You could no longer look at the screen, what those two girls were doing to each other as well as what Spencer was doing to your leg was a recipe for disaster. 

He shifted his weight, his hand moving to the inside of your thigh and slipping higher, his fingers disappearing underneath the fabric of your skirt. 

Your body betrayed you then, your legs falling apart slightly ready to allow him access, and you could feel yourself growing warm…..uncomfortably so. 

His long fingers moved higher, a smile on his lips as he heard you whimper, you cursing yourself internally. He was so close to your panties now he had to be able to feel the heat radiating from you and if moved his hand oh so slightly, he’d certainly be able to feel what he was doing to you. 

Through gritted teeth you muttered, “Any higher Reid, and you’ll be stroking my pussy through my underwear. And that means I win. One touch and I win this.”

“Which is why I’m staying very clear of that area Y/N, although I can feel that you want me. It’s soo warm down here. And I can feel you having to tense yourself to avoid pushing yourself against my hand. Just let it happen, you know you want it to.”

He moved his hand so it was almost cupping you, only millimetres away. He was right, you were having to work so hard at this and the amount of wanting and desire you felt right then was too much to bear. You literally only had to move the tiniest amount and his hands would be on you.

You yanked his hand away, standing up and pushing past him, walking quickly down the aisle to the bathroom and locking the door behind you. 

Fuuuck. Fuck fuck fucking fuck. 

You sat down on the toilet, pulling your panties down and spotting that tell tale damp patch. And then….. An idea. 

Cleaning yourself up with tissues you exited, noting that the rest of the team were still asleep. Thank God. 

You sat opposite Spencer this time, seeing the smirk on his face. The sexy little shit bag. 

You tossed something black and lacy to him, him catching it with a curious look on his face. 

The look on his face when he realised he was holding your underwear was just priceless. Although the look on your face as he spread them open and examined the crotch area was probably worse. 

“I’m guessing if I licked these, I’ll be able to taste your juices on them right?" 

Your eyes widened and he pocketed them, grinning at you. 

The jet began it’s descent and slowly the rest of the team starting waking up, talking amongst themselves. 

The plane landed and taxied into the BAU’s hanger, and the team stood and began making their ways to the exit. Just before you stood yourself, Spencer dropped his phone under the table, in a move which was far from accidental. 

An evil grin on his face as he disappeared underneath it and you felt his hands grip your legs, pulling them apart. 

You gasped, glad that the team was up the other end of the plane. 

His hands slipped up your thighs again and you were so sure you were going to win when you felt a slow hot breath against your clit. Your knee hit the table so quickly and loudly, and Morgan who was closest to you turned around just in time to see Reid scrambling out from beneath the table. 

"Dropped my phone!” He held it up in the air, moving to stand behind Morgan. 

You glared at him. Technically he hadn’t touched you. 

But you’d never been so glad to be wearing a black skirt before in your life. 

He’d won this one.

 'Would you try some sweet magic?’

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YO, have you got any more Angel/Demon prompts? Idk how old that last post was but it was like a gift from God (no pun intended)! I'm writing an angel-on-demon fic and am totally stuck for interaction ideas between them? And if you really are a bunch of cats inside a trench coat then you must have like twenty brains x9 which is way more creativity than I can even comprehend please help iloveyou

I hadn’t planned on a part two but here goes! I saw your message when you sent it thought all of these up then went back to bed. The downside to being a bunch of cats in a trench coat is we need to sleep longer than most humans do.

I hope these can help you~ I love you to anon-dear!

Aaayy I like seeing what y'all create! Tag me please?


  • I sorta kinda hate the human I’m supposed to be watching over??
  • You can’t keep asking God to damn me after every little argument we have
  • Look I know you’re worried about your cat back on earth but I can’t just-! Fine we’ll go check on them one last time…..
  • I forget how large my wings are sometimes and knock things (mostly you though) over all the time.
  • I sorta people watch a lot and you human are up there in my list of weird people. Please explain that time you tried to eat a pinecone.
  • God…. This human upon figuring out they were dead promptly bent down and ripped up some of the ground and ate it. When I asked why they said “I wanted to see what heaven tastes like, y'know the saying ‘tastes like heaven’? Well heaven tastes gross as fuck” can I keep them?


  • The first thing you asked me is if there are cats in hell and I’m quite sure that’s when I fell in love
  • You sold your soul to me to find your soul mate and now I can’t leave. What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fu-
  • I found out that this demon has a thing for praise so I keep them in line by praising them for all the good they do.
  • Hell is a lot more chill then I thought it’d be…. Wanna share an apartment together?
  • You keep getting your horns stuck in stuff. One if these days I’m going to just leave you there.
  • There are no substitutes for a human soul either you pay up now or I’m taking your cat back to the grave with me


  • I had planned on harassing this angel but they look so sad I don’t have the heart for it anymore
  • Demon! What you doing h- Oh…? You’re just petting cats…. Mind if I join you?
  • How am I, an angel, supposed to keep this demon in check when they can just smile and turn my brain to mush?
  • Honestly I’m kinda sick of heaven take me to hell I wanna see what it’s like.
  • Awkward family dinner date with literal God and the Devil cause their kids fell in love.
  • Stop pointing to hallmark Angel cards and saying “that looks like you"
  • This human isn’t at all amazed by finding out that angels and demons are real. I will put my differences aside if you will to so we can show them how awesome we are.
  • I got kicked out of heaven you got kicked out of hell… Wanna like get an apartment together and not die on Earth miserable?
  • Every time I see this demon we end up in a fist fight but now I’m kinda looking forward to these fights? Plus it doesn’t help the demon is super attractive
  • Will you stop with the heaven/hell puns already