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Profile: Pumpkin Patch,  23 months.

You could say that we picked Pumpkin right out of the pumpkin patch, as he was found at a farm on all hallows eve amongst the pumkins.

Pumkin is a holiday special! His parents will be picked out on the 27th and he will be sent to his new home on the 28th, just in time for his birthday on the 30th and to celebrate Halloween with his new family.

Are you interested in adopting Pumpkin? Contact us here and fill in the form!

Every Single Kaneki

I know there’s already a few of these (I think only like one I’ve seen) but I wanted to make a complete set of Kaneki references for all of the Tokyo Ghoul fans. (Includes the chapters each Kaneki appears in and short info)

Child Kaneki:
• Appears in flashbacks
• Human
• Age: Tiny Child
• Most notably Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 140

Kuro Kaneki Ken:
• Chapter 1
• Human
• Age: 18
• Wanted a date
• Got fucked over, but not in the good way

Kuro Kaneki Ken:
• Chapter 2 - Chapter 66
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 18-19
• Started working at Ghoul Cafe: Anteiku 
• Meets Many Ghouls
• Still small and scared

Eye Patch:
• Chapter 23- Chapter 140
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 18- 19
• As Kuro: weak and not a very good fighter
• As Shiro: “the fucking strong”

Shiro Kaneki Ken:
• Chapter 67- Chapter 140
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 19
• Cannibalized
• Left Anteiku
• partnered with Tsukiyama, Banjou, Team Banjou, and Hinami

• Chapter 100- Chapter 107 / Chapter 134- Chapter 140
• Kakuja Half-Ghoul
• Age: 19
• Insane
• Very aggressive
• “Mother, mother I’m so fucked up”

One Shot Kaneki Ken:
• Chapter 143.5
• Ghoul
• Age: 19
• Works at Anteiku
• Kuro, but more aggressive
• Willing to eat humans

Sasaki Haise:
• :Re Chapter 1 - Chapter 53
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 21 - 23
• CCG Investigator
• Has Amnesia
• Becomes First Class later in series

• :Re Chapter 13
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 21
• CCG Investigator in Disguise
• Mother of Quinx

• :Re Chapter 54 - Chapter 58
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 22
• CCG Investigator
• Bloody Hair
• “Good night Haise”

The Black Reaper:
• :Re Chapter 59 - Chapter 77
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 22
• CCG Investigator
• Now comes with glasses
• Very Distant very sad ;-;

• :Re Chapter 76 - Chapter 98
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 23
• Wants to Live
• Defected from the CCG
• Fought to the death with Arima 

:Re Chapter 99 - Present (Chapter 144)
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 23-24
• King of the Ghouls
• Gonna be a dad (maybe)
• The new One-Eyed King  


• Chapter 88
• Half-Ghoul
• Age: 19
• mmmmmboi
• Grade A for A B S

Good Girl - Part 7

Summary: Werewolf!Reader Story. Readers a young doctor and uses her skills to keep her condition hidden, until she transfers to the Enterprise and tries to deceive a certain grumpy Doctor

Bones x Reader

Wordcount: 2130

A/N: Another long one. I rewrote the last part two or three times, bc I wanted to get McCoys Character right. There is some medical BS in there I suppose, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. (I had a beautiful couple of hours reading about mauling incidents). So pls bear with me :)

This could be AOS and TOS

Warnings:  Language, slight Body Horror, Blood, Injury


„Doctor M’Benga, what’s our status?“ - it was the special power of anyone who worked on call, not just werewolves, to get ready, dressed and cleaned of any bodily fluids within about 10 minutes if necessary. That’s how you stormed into the sickbays operation room A - the blue shirt slightly disarranged, hair still damp from a very short shower. You slid into the scrubs on auto pilot to get a look at the scenery.

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Finally got to go out again! So proud 🙌

-Squishy: $5.99 (x2)
-Hourglass: $16.99
-Phone case grip: $10.99 (x2)
-X-acto Knife: $6.99
-Instax Mini Film: $23.99
-Patches: $2.99 (x5)
-Glitter: $3.99 (x4)
-Tape: $0.99
-Food Color: $2.50 (x6)

🔹Pärtÿ Cītÿ
-Garter Belt: $14.99
-Tights: $6.99 (x3) & $7.99 (x3)
-Spirit Gum: $5.00
-Rave Stack: $9.99
-Liquid Latex: $16.99

🔹Stïëñ Märt
-Scarf: $15.99
-Phone Case: $12.99
-Sleep Mask: $6.99
-Sponge: $9.99
-Face Masks: $7.99
-Nipple Concealers: $12.99 (x2)
-Sunglasses: $14.99 & $16.99 (x2)

🔷Total: $349.64

Alice in the Country of Hearts - Ace 100% Scenes & CGs Best End Walkthrough

I’m back! I’m sorry it took so long - I started a walkthrough on Peter but got discouraged (still working on it, though!) then took a break to enjoy Elliot (is it just me who found him disappointing? Anyway, I’ll probably do a proper review on each character once I finish the whole game) then discovered you need to complete Ace before Julius, so here we go for the Knight! (Minor spoilers) HOLY MACARONI, this guy is twisted!! While I understand his appeal as a character I must admit I have no idea why he’s so popular as a love interest, because seriously a guy who accepts your low self-esteem is sweet but a guy who gushes over your low self-esteem as an attractive feature… Do I need to explain how creepy that sounds? T_T Heck even Alice has no idea why she likes the guy!!! X_X Anyway, more ranting later, and on with the walkthrough~~

There are probably other ways, but here is my walkthrough for Ace’s best end, 100% CGs and 100% scenes! I tested it, but let me know if there is any error! As always, remember to pick the options to rise your affection and avoid responsability. :)

Alice in the Country of Hearts - Ace 100% Scenes & CGs Best End Walkthrough (from Ep.1)

1) Is it that amazing ? (avoids responsability)

2) I’m getting used to him, though

3) I definitely must pay my respects

4) ….. (+1 affection)

5) I’ll accompany you when I come back

6) Hatter’s Residence (unlocks Elliot’s Carrot Party CG)

7) I’ll go see him again

8) It’s an illusion (+1 affection)

9) I’m just having fun at the moment (avoids responsability)

10) I wanted to get to know you better, Vivaldi (Home Event 6B* see note at the end)

11) It is kind of….fun (+1 affection)

12) Hmmm, ok…

13) You can’t be (+1 affection)

14) He’s helpless, and makes me worry

15) He doesn’t even like me (+1 affection)

16) I will

17) Help pitching the tent (+1 affection)

18) Punch him (+1 affection)

19) Clock tower

20) What do you think? (+1 affection)

21) I can understand what he says.

22) Takes his eye patch off

23) Is this love…? (+1 affection)

24) I started liking people here (avoids responsability)

25) Get mad.

26) It’s because I’m interested in Nightmare.

27) I blame Nightmare

28) Embarassed (+1 affection)

29) I have nothing to apologize (avoids responsability)

30) I’ve never invited him (+1 affection)

31) But it’s fun anyway (avoids responsability)

***SAVE HERE****


32) Keep dancing (completes the ballroom CGs)

33) You are no Knight (+1 affection)


32) Stop dancing (unlocks sexy times in the guestroom CGs!)

33) You are no Knight (+1 affection)

***BEST END****

*To complete the scenes with Home Event 6A, simply redo the first 10 choices with the skip option by changing choices 3 (I’d better pay my respects), 5 (I’ll be back) and 10 (I wanted to play with you, Vivaldi). (Edit 2015-01-09) : It seems there’s difficulty to unlock that scene. The difference between 6A and 6B is super minimal, so it’s easy to miss (I think, one sentence more in the dialogue with Vivaldi in your card game? T_T) so don’t forget to complete the event 6 and checking if the game registers 6A as done before believing you didn’t unlock it. The strategy here is to be dismissive of Vivaldi rather than admirative in every choice option pertaining to her. I hope that helps!!

Enjoy! :)


More Shots Of  The Air Jordan 9 “Anthracite”

Release Date: September 5, 2015
Color: Anthracite/Black-White
Price: $190

Here are some more photos of the upcoming Air Jordan 9 “Anthracite”, following up the Air Jordan 9 “Statue” this is another color-way for the Air Jordan 9 silhouette this year. With an all anthracite upper, black mid-sole, white on the eyelets, “Air Jordan” tongue patch, 23 on the heel, and Jumpman. You can cop these 9s this Saturday, September, 9th for $190.

Images Via: GC 

The Patch #118

Ryan: [reading ad read] You need to look fresh..
Meg: *giggling*
Ryan: Don’t laugh at me. I’m getting there, I got nicer jeans.
Meg: You got rid of your dad jeans!

Why no sparks between John and Mary?
Three Patch Podcast
Why no sparks between John and Mary?

In this outtake from the Mary Meta roundtable in Episode 23, 221beemine, loudest-subtext-in-television, dixiebell, penns-woods, and emmagrant01 discuss the lack of romantic chemistry between John and Mary in The Sign of Three.

You can find find links for downloading or listening to the entire roundtable here.

anonymous asked:

Hi Rae, sorry if you've been asked this a lot, but I was just wondering how do you hack? And what does it do? Like how does it improve your town etc. Thanks!

Hello! First of all, to hack ACNL, you need to have a 3DS/3DS XL/2DS console (not a New 3DS) that is running firmware between versions 9.x and 9.5.0-22. To check, you can go to System Settings and it ought to say the version in the bottom right corner of the top screen. The hacks exploit a flaw in the 3DS Internet browser which was patched from 9.5.0-23 onwards, so those systems can’t be used for hacking.

I’ve been using LeafTools and the ACNL RAM Editor. Between these two tools you can do pretty much anything a Powersaves device can do and more. The LeafTools page has a pretty detailed rundown of everything that’s possible with those tools. The RAM editor can be used to place virtually any item available in the game, move buildings, change villagers, bypass the bush chain limit, put things in the river/ponds, build PWPs on the beach etc. I haven’t really played around with it much so I can’t tell you much more than that! There’s also a map editing tool which I’ve yet to try out, which you can use to alter the actual layout of your town. 

Here are some links to a lot more useful information: famousmushroom’s hacking FAQ, descrossing’s hacking FAQ and resources, delia-song’s hacking guide

I hope this helps! And I hope you have a lovely day!