Let’s Stop (Suga X You)

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Request: hi :) may I have a yoongi scenario where you’re both idols but you get attacked by saessangs and you try to break up with him because if it and he fights for you? sorry if that didn’t make sense thank you :))))

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[Fanaccounts] 150716 Love Me Right Fansigns (Buchun + Artium) - SUHO
  • Junmyeon said Jongdae is really sweet/he’s like a real boyfriend.

  • During the first ment, Junmyeon teased the fans by claiming that he is ‘the funniest in EXO’ (abbreviation = 엑젤웃 )

  • OP presented Junmyeon a fan having its feature and pattern, so Junmyeon guessed OP was japanese. OP denied that she is not. Junmyeon teased her by saying her Korean sounds good and then laughed. When OP was about to leave, Junmyeon noticed the 'Made in China’ on the fan that he got from OP and read it out loud.

  • Baekhyun: (to JM) pls turn on the mic and say something
    Junmyeon: (turns the mick) check check! korean language book! mathematics book! (he did a pun of the terms 첵 & 책 which have very similar pronunciation)
    B: … (feigned smile)

  • Fan: between bibim cold noodle and original noodle, please choose one that you want to eat
    Junmyeon: I prefer Janchi Guksu ^0^!!! (his most favourite noodles dish)
    Fan: Pardon?
    Junmyeon: Janchi Guksu!!!

  • OP asked Junmyeon what to do if she wanna meet a guy like him. He said 'just come to fansign’

  • OP: Junmyeon, thanks as always. I’m sorry. I love you.
    Junmyeon: eh~no need to say sorry. Why did you say it~
    OP: I’m going to watch your movie (Glory Day) 10 times!!
    Junmyeon: Really?
    OP: what kind of songs are you listening to these days?
    Junmyeon: the one by Maroon5~ Maroon5!!
    (When Junmyeon was saying 'Maroon 5’, he accurately pronounced 'Five’ with /f/ sound which is normally pronounced with /p/ sound in Korean)

  • After Artium fansign session came to an end, Junmyeon introduced himself saying 'the name that I use for my activities is Suho.“ Baekhyun suddenly asked "Are you engaging in some kind of activities? You seem to work on some campaigns” Junmyeon stated that he is working on the leaving apart from his family kind of activity. Chanyeol misheard it as “Did you just say 'shut up’’s 자취” (means  to leave apart from one’s family)

  • Fan: oppa whats your favorite pokemon?
    Junmyeon: all this time ive been liking bulbasaur but people didnt know it… (trails off sulkily)

  • Fan: i have many pokemons at home, come take a look, i’ll cook you ramyun!
    Junmyeon: okay!

  • A fan born in 1991 asked junmyeon if she could call him oppa and he said yes please call me oppa.

  • Junmyeon saw a bulbasaur on a foreign fan’s post-it and he kept asking her 'do you know bulbasaur? do you know bulbasaur?’ till she moved

  • A fan gave junmyeon a line rabbit fan and he mimicked the expression of the rabbit.

  • Junmyeon took a heart plush, one that is around your fit size, and did a heart. he did a move that made it look like it was thumping. He even used to heart to do 'her love her love’ dance in overdose, even the part where he put the heart into his mouth-

  • Fan (keeps staring bcs he’s too handsome)
    Junmyeon: wow you have a beautiful name
    Fan: thank you
    Junmyeon: beautiful name, and beautiful family name too

  • Fan: my friends keep making fun of me bcs of my new short hair
    Junmyeon: why? i think it suits you well! fan: really? TT please tell me that i look pretty
    Junmyeon: you are pretty! fan: thank you TT
    Junmyeon: you must’ve been even prettier before + eye contact 

  • Junmyeon started talking but 3 members were still giving signatures. so Chanyeol told him 'we can’t hear anything over hear, your too loud. please do some tting king (thinking) before you talk
    Junmyeon: tting king? is that even english? tting king~ tting king~
    He kept repeating Chanyeol  

  • Fan: i spent too much time on exo my grades r a mess. (tells him the worst mark she got)
    Junmyeon: (couldnt believe asked her again)
    Fan: yes…

  • Fan: please tell me to study harder…
    Junmyeon: please study harder. next time do better in the exam and come

  • Fan: Junmyeon ah you’re the funniest person in the world?
    Junmyeon: yes? oh ^^
    Fan: i really wanted to say this. you’re the funniest
    Junmyeon: thank you ^^ 
    Then he did a love gun pose to her w his two hands. the fan then did it back to him so he smiled and did it again to him T^T

  • Fan asked Junmyeon if he had cleaned his room yet and if Baekhyun is still a runaway, Junmyeon sighed loudly and said he had given up on cleaning his room and that he was still rooming with Sehun

  • Fan: oppa please pick 4 numbers
    Junmyeon: *thinks hard then writes 4 numbers*
    Fan: oppa, this is your bank account’s time i’ll bring you the bankbook
    Junmyeon: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Fan: then see you next time with a bankbook

  • Fan gives jm a braille bracelet: this is a braille (jeomja) bracelet
    Junmyeon: an electric (jeonja) bracelet????
    Fan: no a braille bracelet
    Junmyeon: oh braille
    Manager Yongmin in the back burst out laughing and Junmyeon got embarrassed so he suddenly quickly drew her 4 more hearts

  • Fan: hello
    Junmyeon: hello (draws 3 hearts)
    Fan: oppa really where did all your gags come from?
    Junmyeon: haha where else of course they’re from my mouth (draws 2 more hearts)

  • Fan: oppa you’re the funniest in exo 
    Junmyeon: haha thank you
    Fan: what’s your favorite movie?
    Junmyeon: the most memorable one to me is terminator

  • Fan: what do you order when you go to a coffee shop?
    Junmyeon: when i go to a coffee shop… i order patbingsoo!!!

Source: jopop_ujapfel1231hush011213callme_babyeonsuperbyjlikepeach77
Translation cr: tyche_boys, junmapanda & littleariel13

Cognitive Functions as Desserts

Fe: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies aren’t necessarily the individual’s favorite—but it’s the overall group’s favorite kind of dessert. Fe works by catering to the group and has somewhat of a group-mentality, although this can mean ignoring a few people in favor of the overall consensus.

Fi: Apple Pie

Although apple pie has a crust, the insides are a gooey mess of warmth and apples. This is similar to Fi since Fi won’t necessarily show on the person’s face (or their crust) although inside they can be a bunch of gooey feelings inside.

Te: Layer Cake

Layer cake is kind of methodical, similar to how Te takes an idea and structures it to fit into reality. It’s made a certain way, with a certain number of repeated steps: cake, frosting, cake, frosting, cake. Each layer is a portion of the plan, and the overall cake represents the goal. Each piece on its own may seem a little incomplete, but together, it makes a cohesive whole.

Ti: Macarons

How do they work? Why are they hard on the outside but all soft on the inside? How do they have the cute little foot at the edge? How do they manage to be baked without getting all brown? How do they even managed to be baked while being made almost entirely of powdered sugar and almond flour? They also resemble the thought process of Ti in some aspects – hard and immutable on the outside, but with complexity and all sorts of interesting flavors on the inside.

Ne: Ice Cream Sundae

Think about the amount of toppings that can overload the sundae. Whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, gummy bears—I could go on and on. Ne is similar to the toppings on the sundae. You never know what you’re going to get, but in their opinion, that’s probably the best part.

Ni: Croissant

The spiral shape of the croissant is similar to Ni’s way of perceiving, since it looks at patterns. Also, there are sometimes things inside of the croissant and the way the outer part spirals around it/curls around it corresponds to how Ni takes in a piece of information and then looks at it from many different perspectives.

Se: Patbingsoo

Se is all about the physical sensation. Patbingsoo offers a multitude of tastes and textures, from the grittiness of the red bean paste to the cold sharpness of the shaved ice to the smooth sweetness of the ice cream. It’s also extremely colorful, with bright fruits and white mochi mixed with the more neutral ice and ice cream. Patbingsoo also doesn’t last too long. Reminisce too much and it’ll all be melted by the time you actually eat it. 

Si: Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies. Prevalent in so many parties, yet never quite the same every time. Each person sees Christmas cookies with a different kind of connotation yet they are still united under the idea of Christmas. Every year, Christmas cookies are a must-have and a classic but timeless choice.

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유희열의 스케치북 - 세븐틴 - 한여름밤의 꿀 + Ice Cream Cake + 짝사랑 + 팥빙수.20160708
세븐틴 - 한여름밤의 꿀 + Ice Cream Cake + 짝사랑 + 팥빙수

160708 SEVENTEEN - A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness + Ice Cream Cake + Unrequited Love  + Patbingsoo @ Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook