Oh what a day indeed.

Patrick visited his cave woman of a girlfriend and stayed for a week. The following post chronicles the mis-adventures, specifically the digestive kind, we’ve had over the time he was here. Expect the pixel density…and cheese every now and then. 

He arrived at dusk, which gave room for us to watch the sun go down from his room. We walked from the bus station to his hotel, a prudent and more relaxing choice as one tends to spend 6-7 hours sitting down and getting acquainted with butt numbness aboard a bus ride to here. This city is cold but ever welcoming. 

And so we just ended that day with a quiet dinner at Oh Mai Khan and walked around some more just because the night brought about a kind of breeze that asks for gentle and closer contact. 

Like a typical tourist, we started the next day devouring the breakfast buffet. Giddy for horses this boy was. I’m sure everyone who’s ever been to Baguio would know Wright Park, putting a certain local spin into what we know as cowboys and gauchos

We proceeded to the famous Camp John Hay but I opted not to take any more photos. I am showing him the city where I was born and raised for the majority of my life. I didn’t want to act like a tourist at my own home. 

We ended his first day with dinner at an underground Korean BBQ place that is one of my favorite food haunts. I guess we were both too hungry to take photos. :)) 

Skipping the hotel breakfast the next day, I brought him to Cafe By The Ruins for a taste of the city’s finer cuisine. I’ve already written about how much I love this place earlier. This cafe is one of the most picturesque places in the city…and they have a mean bacon too. :D I opted for my regular:  Camote bread and herb cheese, along with warm lemonade. 

Afterwards, we went to Tam-Awan Village - another tourist haunt famous for decades old heritage huts from the different tribes of the Cordilleras. They also house one of the best local art in the city. To my slight disappointment, most of the huts I’ve enjoyed during visits here when I was younger, were destroyed due to landslides. I was looking forward to seeing the Village again as I hadn’t been there in five years. The eco-walk did make up for it though. We really lived up (sort of) to our undergraduate majors as we went around naming the flora and fauna we saw. HAHA! We later had local Civet coffee and kamote fries at the Village cafe. 

We ended the day with a quiet dinner (translation: take out). I had to leave early because of my curfew (YES I KNOW I’M FREAKIN’ 20 AND STILL WITH A CURFEW GAAAAAAAH). Ah well, there was still the next day…

For a light lunch, we crashed at (Pizza) Volante. This place has been the subject of many of my photographs and alcoholic crusades with my hs batchmates. I had Patrick try the Burger Pizza which I had described to him earlier that week. I’m not a burger person, but hearing from me that it tasted surprisingly to my liking, it took to his curious palate. He also surprisingly liked my iced lemon grass tea. He normally doesn’t take to my organic choices. :))

Later we commuted to BenCab Museum

The museum is owned by Benjamin Cabrera, one of our premiere national artists. The museum houses his acclaimed works of art as well as a hefty collection of Cordilleran artifacts. It was my first time here and I found it quite the experience. I think I have 200-300 photos aside from the ones posted here of our visit. The following are our more decent ones…haha 

Cordillera Brew coffee at their in house restaurant, Cafe Sabel. 

Corn Patch Crazy. 

Once we got back to the city, the boy wanted to try the street food he saw while walking around Burnham Park. Here we are at a livelihood fair, he, trying out “footlongs” and I, (still) baffled at why would anyone want to stuff that much meat unto one’s mouth. 


And fruit, of course. What’s a food trip to Baguio without fruit and veggies? Nom. :9

Dinner was spent at Wood Nymph, another Korean restaurant with a bitching Jjampong. 

We happened to pass by a carnival, so we played a while. :))

There are tons more photos and even more places we ventured during his stay. We went from one tiny food stall to another for honey mint iced teas, fresh vegetable salads, takoyaki, and green tea ice cream. We pretty much ate each other up. 

And thus ends this rather lengthy blog entry. Excuse the awkwardness in both words and photographs, I haven’t done this in a while. If all goes well, I could get to blog a lot more about my adventures for the LAST good summer of my life before Med school. :D