patapon oc

“[Desert Brothers]”

Meet Qin (pronounced ‘kin’) and Ren!  

These two brothers grew up travelling the harsh, unforgiving deserts together, and are probably as close as two siblings can be. Nobody really knows why they began to travel in the first place, and at this point it’s likely that even they themselves have forgotten the exact reasoning, but that hasn’t stopped them from traversing some of the most dangerous territory known to Patapon kind and coming out (mostly) unscathed!  

Ren, the more laid back of the two, is perhaps a bit more charismatic than his brother (who always has things like sarcasm constantly flying over his head, despite his best efforts), but that sure doesn’t mean that he can’t pack a punch! This rigid-winged duo’s travels eventually lead them to a mountain settlement near the desert’s edge, and, in turn, to Almighty Yarii’s army. Offered free food, water, and shelter, the pair agreed that it was a pretty good deal, even if some leadership was involved– and the sandy winds that whip at the cliffs of the village makes things almost feel like home.

Not everyone has quite gotten used to them yet (okay, hardly anyone has), but Yarii appears to have taken a shine to them– she just hopes that they won’t decide to up and fly off again one day, gone just as quick as they came.

(Time taken: ~6 hours
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Art © @ticktocktimepiece 2016