Mint a villám tépte magányos fenyő
Mint a vízét vesztett patak, mint az odébb rúgott kő
Mint a fáradt vándor, ki némán enni kér
Otthont, házat, Hazát, nyugalmat már többé nem remél

Mint a leszakított haldokló virág
Mint az öt millió magyar, akit nem hall a nagyvilág
Mint porba hullott mag, mi többé nem ered
Ha nem vigyázol rám olyan leszek én is, nélküled.

—  Ismerős Arcok “Nélküled” c. dala picit átköltve
Torsades de Colin en papillote et son chutney mangue Patak's®

Coucou à vous j'espères que vous allez bien mes petits lecteurs , d'abord un grand merci à vous pour les premiers retours que j'ai pu avoir pour mes débuts de Diabolo bleu .C'est vraiment très enrichissant de vous lire et de découvrir vos propres blogs .Pour étoffer un peu mon blog , j'ai décidé de tenter une recette salé , comme en plus j'ai eu la chance de gagner un pot de chutney de la délicieuse marque Patak's® ,ça ne pouvait pas mieux tomber .

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Fruity ideas for February

Forwards into February and I’m always so pleased at this time of year that the early evenings are a bit lighter, and we can start to look forward to Spring. After the freezing winter we’ve had, and a certain amount of ‘being good’ over diet, exercise and money during last month, I’m definitely up for some fun!


I’m going to spend plenty of time over delicious feasts this month, treating myself, my partner and friends to some great evenings in, cooking up warming feasts and opening some lovely wines to go with them. ‘The girls’ are heading over soon, for an evening full of chat and the kind of food that’s perfect shared with close mates. I’ll be making vegetable samosas followed by a big chicken curry, with plenty of spicy, scented ginger, garlic and coriander. To drink with it, we’ll be cracking into some rich, fruity white wines - like buttery, rounded Australian Semillon-Chardonnay blends, and peachy, perfumed Viogniers. At this time of year, I prefer my whites pretty ‘full on’, aromatic, fruit-driven and packed with flavour - and these whites stand up to fairly hot spices too.
But the main date in my February diary is Valentine’s Day. Last year we had a real treat - pan-seared, Indian spiced duck breasts, with an utterly irresistible Pinot Noir to go with it. The Pinot Noir grape creates red wines which are exceptionally smooth, soft and juicy - and they go especially well with tender, succulent meat like duck. For those who prefer lamb, switch to reds made from the Carmenere grape which is more gutsy and has a distinctive peppery twist. Carmenere - usually from Chile - is almost ‘savoury’ in style, with a spicy, cinnamon and clove character too. Perfect with rogan josh and other classic lamb curries.
Which just leaves room for a chocolate or two. I’m raising my glass, then, to a truly sociable and, of course, very romantic February!

Susy Atkins

The Distribution of Aché

Obatalá is often referred to as the oldest Orichá because, according to most versions of the creation story, he was Olorún’s first born.  He became the representative of God in the sphere of the universe known as Ayé (earth), and he was charged with overseeing the distribution of aché on earth.  Only Olodumare can give life, which occurs when Olorún breathes emi (divine breath) into the empty shell that’s the body.  According to Lucumí mythology, Obatalá made human bodies out of clay, and once Olorún breathed life into them,  the human race began.  In this sense, all humans are the creations of God and possess some of God’s divine energy, which is aché.  Not all humans possess equal amounts of aché, however.  As one patakí (sacred story) explains, all the knowledge of the world was at one time contained inside a large pumpkin, and the divine entity known as Ogbedí (Ejiogbé Odí) was given the task of carrying it.  He dropped it, and bits and pieces flew all over the universe.  Wherever a bit of pumpkin fell, it permeated that space with some aché, but it was no longer possible for one person or one place to have it all.  Humans are the living hosts of aché but not all humans are the same; therefore, not all humans have the same kind of aché or the same amount of it.  Depending on the person’s character, behavior in life and, to some degree, personal destiny, he can acquire more aché or lose what he had.  It’s important to remember, however, that everything in the universe has some aché, so we should never be disrespectful toward those who are different from us.  No one can know for sure how much aché another person may have, because none of us are in full possession of all its mysteries.  


Baby it's cold outside

The decorations are packed away and the last of the chocolate has been eaten so now what? Well, in my case January is always a month to atone for the culinary and financial abandon of December.  The rules for me are simple: go out as little as possible, spend as much time in the gym as possible and try and spend as little money as possible.

So, if I’m not going to go out and I’m going to cut spending then how am I going to treat myself?  Well, by cooking delicious meals at home to counter all that is dreary and dull about this month.  The other rule for me is that the meals have to be quick to prepare and relatively simple as there seems to be so little time in January (what, with all the working and exercising).  Words I want to hear include braising, slow-cooker, one pot wonder… Let’s hear it for deeply satisfying, easy ways to rich, winter warming meals.

To liven up my January dishes I love using as many of those wonderful warming spices and flavours as possible – turmeric, ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, and chilli – I could go on and on.  These are not only delicious but most are very good for us too. Turmeric is, amongst other things, a natural antiseptic, ginger is great for warding off the dreaded ‘lurgy’, and chilli, one of my favourites, helps release all those feel-good endorphins (just like chocolate does, but this is January and we‘re being good remember!). 

In short, staying in, in January for me is about regrouping, resetting and restoring after a manic December but hey, it’s only a month and February is just round the corner.

Dhruv Baker

Butter Chicken

With a warm soothing aroma, and a rich creamy flavour – it’s no surprise that Butter Chicken is the most popular Indian dish across Canada.

Butter Chicken (also referred to as Murgh Makhani) is not only a focal point of Indian culture and cuisine, but has also become popular in countries worldwide.

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In life, I realise and I know that you two realise that already na sometimes all you need is a broken heart to realise that something or someone even better is right in front your eyes and they’re just waiting to be found and I’m so glad that we all have found it, them. Alam ko naman na lahat ng ulan, lahat ng mabibigat na patak ng ulan ay may kapalit na sobrang masinag na araw at makulay na rainbow.
—  My bestfriend, Aerielle. 

Ito ay isang tula
na nabuo sa ng puro kuda
ito ay walang tugma
at nagtataglay ng butas- butas na talinghaga 

‘Di ba’t ganoon naman ang tula?
E ano kung ito ay hindi na bago sa pandinig?
E ano kung butas ang talinghaga?
Ilalagay sa papel ang mga hinuha


Ito’y kuwento ng aking paglayo
Nawasak ang damdaming magkasama nating itinayo
Pinili kong itigil ang agos ng damdamin
Para mahanap ang kasiyahang mailap sa pagsama mo sa akin


Sa aking pag-alis, hiling na ika’y sumaya
Hindi ngayon
Hindi bukas
Hindi sa makalawa
Hindi sa isang lingo
at maaring hindi rin sa sususnod na buwan.


Wala namang madaling hiwalayan
Wala ring mabilis na kalimutan
Ito ay proseso… lahat ay magbabago
tulad ng anino kapag lumubog na ang araw sa dulo


Bawat patak ng luha na mula sa mata mo
ay asidong susmusunog sa puso ko.
Makita kang tmatangis ay nababasag ang puso ko
Makita kang umiiyak ay ninanais na wakasan ang buhay ko


Lahat ng sakit na idinulot ko ay mawawala
Balang araw ito ay huhupa
tulad ng baha kapag may bagyo
tulad ng bitak sa lupa kapag tag-araw


Pero sana balang araw
pasalamatan mo ako
kahit hindi mo sa akin sabihin
masambit mo sana na salamat dahil lumayo ako.


Mahal kita hanggang sa paglubog ng araw
at sa muling pagsikat nito
Mahal kita sa liwanag
mahal kita hanggang magdilim.


to ay isang tula
na nabuo sa ng puro kuda
ito ay walang tugma
at nagtataglay ng butas- butas na talinghaga

‘Di ba’t ganoon naman ang tula?
E ano kung ito ay hindi na bago sa pandinig?
E ano kung butas ang talinghaga?
Ilalagay sa papel ang mga hinuha

Ito’y kuwento ng aking paglayo
Nawasak ang damdaming magkasama nating itinayo
Pinili kong itigil ang agos ng damdamin
Para mahanap ang kasiyahang mailap sa pagsama mo sa akin


Walang connect yung kwento ko sa picture diyan. Pauwi na ako, nung nakarating ako sa Gil Puyat. May naririnig akong natawag ng pangalan. Actually “Gee” nga yun eh kasi di ko nililingon kasi madaming tao atsaka baka mamaya hindi naman pala ako yun and mas sanay akong tawagin na Gec kesa Gee pag kilala ko personally yung tao. Tapos bigla akong hinawakan sa may balikat, eh di naalaerto ako. Tas pag lingon ko si ate pala. Yung pinsan long nagoojt dito sa manila. Eh di ayun nga, sabay kami. Kaso sabi ko parang gusto ko ng jollibee kahit fries or ice cream lang and naiihi na din kasi ako. Sabi naman ni ate wala siyang pera pero at the end dumiretso din kaming jabi. Pero palabas kami sa station ng bigla akong makaramdam ng patak ng tubig sa ulo ko. Sabi ko “hala ate may naihi ata” pero joke lang talaga tas nung naglakad pa kami biglang lumakas yung tubig hahaha. Wala na. Umuulan na. Naalala ko na naman si Seph… Wala akong payong pero swerte ko dahil kasama ko si ate. May dala kasi siya. Kaya ayun ang galing lang talaga ni God. Natutuwa ako ng wala sa oras. Hahaha.

ayy guys ano alam niyo ba (syempre hindi pa… princess pls) de ano, parang patapos na yung period ko. patak patak na lang kasi nung huling check ko e. feeling ko bukas wala na meaning pwede na ko magswimming bukas ng gabi huhuhuhu tears of joy. bale may less than 24 hours na lang ako para itigil tong pagdudugo na to hahaha. overnight kasi yung swimming, 5pm pa yung oras namin sa resort tho 6am pa lang aalis na ako ng bahay bc may aasikasuhin sa school + may pasok ng 10am.

excited na ko sa swimming namin ng block ko. feeling ko masaya eh saka time na rin to para makachika ako kung ano na bang nangyayari sa away ng sections at kung sino ba yung traydor sa block namim. sana matapos na talaga to at wag na mag-inarte tong period ko. swimming na swimming na ako kahit di ako marunong lumangoy huhuhuhu

edit: saka pala ano baka may inuman din bukas haha pag sila kasama ko napapatikim ako ng alak eh hahaha ok

Kung mayroon lang akong gitara, titipa ako kasabay ng kulog na nagwawala.
Sasabayan ko ang pag awit ng bawat patak ng ulan tumatama sa lupa, sa dahon ng mangga at sa bubungan. Sabay tayong tatangis at ilalabas lahat ng bigat na dinadala. Hindi ka nag-iisa. Malunod man ako sa aking pagkatingala. Masarap sa pakiramdam ang pagdampi ng ulan na hindi mo malalaman kung luha sa aking mukha.

Siya na nakapantalon
at mainit ang hininga
inihiga ako sa gilid ng mundo
at tiningnan nang tiningnan

hanggang sa mangalisag
ang aking buhok
at sa matinding galit at takot
maging ahas ang bawat isa sa kanila
gutom na gutom
sa lasa ng laman
ng labing may pawis ng pagnanasa

hanggang sa madurog
ang aking puso
at sa di-mapatid na sakit at pait
maging bato ito
malamig na malamig ang pintig.

Ngayong lupang latag na latag na
ang aking katawan
sa ilalim ng malulupit mong talampakan
ikaw naman ang aking titingnan nang titingnan

hanggang sa matuyo ka
sa apoy ng aking mga mata
at sipsipin ng bawat ahas kong buhok
ang bawat patak ng dugo sa iyong mga ugat
at masimot ang kaliit-liitang kutob ng buhay.

Namamangha ka sa liyab ng aking higanti?
Ay! ikaw ang guro ko’t hari, Lalaki.
—  Medusa, Benilda Santos, Sa Ngalan ng Ina: 100 Taon ng Tulang Feminista sa Pilipinas