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This could be nothing but you know Sam's Patagonia hat that Sam wore on the Great North Run? Do you know if the name has some charitable connection just F Boy was saying that it was sweet he had it over his heart when he crossed the finish line??

He did wear a Patagonia hat on the Great North Run- but it wasn’t THE Patagonia hat. It was a very different one. One obviously purchased from, and advertising specifically the Bowery NYC Patagonia store. If a guy was trying to make sure that his Patagonia hat was of a completely different pattern, color, etc. than a Patagonia hat used to create innuendo by a certain other person, whilst still wearing a Patagonia hat, then this would definitely be the hat to choose.
As to having it over his heart- he removed his hat at the finish line- most likely to get a good picture as he crossed as he knew many fans would be posting shots of him in that particular phase of the race. The place he is holding the hat is a natural one for a runner to hold something to avoid the drag of holding it in the hand when the arm is moving during running. After 13+ miles at a grueling pace a runner is tired and a hat flopping around in the hand is not a great look when running either. I think both hand placement and hat removal were to make sure of a decent photo at the finish.
As to why a Patagonia hat at all- I would think a sponsorship deal is likely given that it an outdoors clothing company and Sam is (was?) planning a mountain climb where he could showcase their products.
He’s just doing a bit of product placement whilst running- not pining for a lost love.

Tomorrow’s the big day! Beers, Roberta’s pizza, great people and you are not going to want to miss the band who’s playing. I’m contractually obliged to not tell you who it is, but I can give you these clues:

  1. They’re tri-state hometown heroes
  2. They’re in town for CMJ
  3. Imagining them surfing is pretty hysterical, at least the three original members

Come hang!