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anonymous asked:

MM is not wish Billy and what you guys are saying is slander because you are accusing her of cheating on Sam basically and spreading false rumors? And you wonder why people think shippers are ignorant and hurtful?! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Don't you have daughters or nieces? Would you want anyone talking about them like this or insinuating things you know nothing about. Talk about cowards hiding behind a computer screen!

Oh you poor little lamb , bless your heart . Sorry to burst your little bubble of indignation but , and please pay close  attention . This is what I said ~

~ Hhhmmm what do you know he’s wearing a Patagonia jacket. I thought Patagonia was only worn by Sam to prove he is with a certain person. Now everyone is wearing Patagonia apparel , how will we ever know who is who and what is what??? I thought Patagonia was the exclusive clothier of Shamzie!  I tell you  there ought to be a law!! What is this world coming to???~

I only spoke about Billy’s wardrobe choice, tell me where I said he was with a single solitary person in that comment. No you can’t can you? Didn’t think so. As for saying she is with Sam in any kind of relationship where are YOU getting your rock solid confirmation from?  Certainly not from Sam. So why don’t you take your own advice and stop insinuating things YOU know NOTHING about. As I have said many times before Anon, you can’t ride two horses with one ass. So you decide if you want to attack others in error for doing the very things you  yourself are doing with this message. There’s one person guilty of your accusations in this message and its not me .