Father, Father (Part 3 - Nate Maloley)

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I call out his name but the whole scene catches the attention of his relatives.

“Y/N what’s going on? Where is Skate going?” His mom asks, concern written all over her face.

I didn’t know what to tell her because I didn’t know where he was going. I pulled her and Monte aside and broke the news. On the contrary to Nate’s reaction, they were excited.

“Wait, I’m going to be a grandma?” Kami squeals in delight.

I nod my head and she gives me a congratulatory hug. So does Monte.

“What’s the commotion about?” Nate’s grandmother says as she enters the room we were all in.

Mrs. Maloley shares the news and there were hugs going around, but the one person that I wish was there to celebrate with me…wasn’t.

“Wait, where’s Skate?” His grandfather asked, looking around the room.

Everyone looks at me for the answer, but I looked down, not knowing what to say to make Nate not sound like a bad guy.

“He just needed to take a walk to digest the news,” I tell them, faking a nonchalant attitude which they seemed to buy. I look over at Stew and Kaylan, begging them to change the subject somehow.

“Well…dad, grandpa, looks like you two aren’t the only people this day is dedicated to.” Stew laughs, slinging his arms over their shoulders.

“Yeah and this better not be your way of telling us you got a girl pregnant too.” His grandpa jokingly says, patting Stew on the back.

“Okay, well then I won’t say anything.” Stew teases.

“Stew, stop you’re gonna give mom an excuse to pester me about getting pregnant too,” Kaylan jokes around.

I was thankful Nate’s family was so accepting of it, but I couldn’t be happy until Nate and I talked about it. His words were on repeat. Get out of here. I can’t even look at you right now. I could already feel the resentment he was feeling towards me.

As we prepared for lunch on the patio, I secluded myself from the rest of the family. I was worried about where Nate was and the state of our relationship.

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Patrick Stewart Gives A Passionate Response to My Question at Comicpalooza 2013 Panel.

When he embraces me he is saying “You never have to go through that again. You’re safe now”

I hope everyone who needs help in abusive (sexually or physically) or violent situations has the courage to do so. There are people willing and ready to help you.

Here is my post about the entire interaction.


Animation plays a big role in Cosmos - and wherever there’s animation, there is also the work of talented voice actors. Cosmos is blessed with some great guest voices, but this Sunday’s episode includes one of the very best actors out there, period: Sir Patrick Stewart.

We love Sir Patrick as the indomitable Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. As Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, he’s enough to make us want to grow up mutant. And don’t get us started on his work as the inner voice of Baby Susie Swanson on Family Guy. Seriously, we could happily listen to Stewart read from the phone book and be thoroughly entertained.

Luckily, he’s got a role befitting his talents as an actor in William Herschel (seen in the above model sheet) on this week’s Cosmos episode, entitled “A Sky Full of Ghosts.” Though his early career as a musician didn’t quite pan out, Herschel’s discovery of the planet Uranus paved the way for a full-time career in astronomy. Read more about William Herschel in Nick Sagan’s “Great Minds: The Herschel Family,” available soon in the Cosmos app for Android and iOS.