lud unconsciously touching feli, like putting an arm around him or holding his hand or just standing so their arms touch and not thinking about it, because he’s gotten so used to being close to feli that it’s just becoming second nature to him and he’s not even that flustered about it anymore (he’ll always be a little bit flustered, since this is ludwig, but it’s…it’s normal now)

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hi! for the sterek valentine meme could you please do "always" :D

Stiles spots Derek easily. He’s sitting in their normal spot, on the bench right outside of the cafeteria, and he’s kicking his legs back and forth. Stiles grins and bounds over to him, fingers crinkling the paper in his hand. “Derek!” he shouts, catching the older boy’s attention.

Derek’s head snaps up and he grins right back at Stiles and waves him over. Once Stiles is close enough, Derek pulls him into a slightly awkward one-armed hug. “What took you so long?” Derek asks of his best friend.

“Teacher held me back.” Stiles sniffs. “I have another meeting with my parents next week. It’s not my fault I can’t concentrate!” Stiles seethes.

Derek reaches over and pats his knee. “I know it’s not.”

Stiles beams at him. “That’s why we’re best friends, ‘cuz you get me.”

Derek ducks his head and blushes slightly. “Mhmm,” he mumbles.

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How ridiculous would a public paternity test confirmation be though? That would just make it look even faker. If a paternity test was done and it came back positive we wouldn't hear about it, Louis' tweets and instagram would be used to introduce the kid and we wouldn't hear about a pat test. The fact that the no pat test thing came to light AFTER the tweets and photos is what makes it suspicious, really you'd only do the public introduction after it was confirmed but nope.

Yes……that was when I was sure this was all fake. 

Hit (Calum Hood pt.2)

Requested by @hoodhoranhemmings and many others <3

Part One    Masterlist



My feet pound against the track


“Y/N, please, talk to me”
“Cal, why don’t you go back to Beth”
“She won’t let me”


“Why not? I thought you two loved each other”


My shoes start to wear down


“No. She doesn’t want me around for it’s sake so she doesn’t have to explain”
“What’s it, and what does she have to explain?!”


My chest tightens


“She didn’t tell you?”


“She’s pregnant”

My feet stop. And so does my heart

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I've seen a lot of fb friends who wanna be gender inclusive saying that anyone who identifies as a woman is a femme and it "doesn't only belong to white lesbians"

That’s so wild because I’m a woman and have absolutely no claim to femme as an identifier and don’t want to lay claim to it because it has no connection to my experiences with womanhood and lesbianism. That whole set of methods for dealing with gender (the fact that, in trying to be inclusive, they often violently exclude other people and just pat themselves on the backs for their progressive politics without closely examining their prejudices) is 90% of why I don’t even try dipping my toes any further in Queer shit in my city. It’s obnoxious and hurts real people.

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im v sorry if this is weird but im super proud of you , like , sticking with your art even when it got hard? like ive always wanted to draw and find my niche style-wise and youve been a huge inspiration for me but i still cant get a hold of it? but you have this like, fantastic ability to stick with it and figure your stuff out and improve and then look back and pat yourself on the back for doing that, and it really really makes me want to do the same for myself. youre just really wonderful, idk

oh gosh anon,, its not weird at all!! i,, i dunno what to say,, i guess i just lean on drawing very heavily bc its one of the thing i know that are able to make me happy/cheer me up/take me out of things so even after all the frustration and the years-long breaks (cause of health or otherwise,,) i still… i still have to admit to myself that spending my time drawing just,, makes me happy hahah,, and! i dunno why ive started being more positive.. i guess having my best friend be always, always enthusiastically supportive of my art, like as excited about it as i was, and realizing how much good that did for me, i wanted be a bit like that for people who tell me they picked up drawing too or started drawing new things whether its smut or comics of just drawing in general,, and also… opm dragged me out of a,, kind of a dark place. im glad i have the kind of energy to be this involved and productive at all, now. thats not something u can just take for granted. so, yeah. things gets better, sometimes for silly stuff like a parody anime coming along and making u feel excited about things again, haha,,

Date Night 2016

Pacific Pinball Museum (Alameda, CA)

Being true to my 2016 resolution, this year is for exploring new places and trying new experiences. Pacific Pinball Museum has been on my “Place To Visit List” forever. We went on a cold and rainy Saturday night after dinner. This was a perfect cozy date night activity! (Patting myself on my back!)

Here are the reasons why this place is awesome:

  • It is open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.
  • For $15 you get to play all day/play all you can starting at 11 am. Play, get stamped, have lunch, play, have dinner, play again!
  • There are over 100 pinball machines to have fun with all for a flat fee of $15!
  • Pacific Pinball is also a museum. You get to see really old pinball games (for viewing only) such as ones from 1871, 1931, etc.
  • You get to see lots of really cool murals on the walls and read about Pinball History trivia.

The BF and I played for almost 3 hours until past 11 pm. It was fun. Most of the games we played were from the 80s and 90s. Pacific Pinball museum is dingy and not very attractive. Pacific Pinball is trying to raise $3.5 M to restore and move it to a more worthy location which is the Carnegie Library in Alameda. 

Many couples had the same idea that evening. A truly unique and fun date night activity!

Pre-Pinball Museum Dinner @ Zen Tapas

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“My mum once gave me a rose because she felt sorry for me.”

Making a silent cringe, the older man sat down next to the younger. And gave a reassuring pat on the back, as it was all he really knew how to do. Before, replying. Telling a story of his own so the other would not feel as if he was alone. “ If it makes you feel any better, once I went out and planned this perfect night for me, and my then girlfriend to spend together. Only to half way through have her bump into her ex, and leave me before we could even finish the date. “

But on the plus side when I managed to fall back asleep this morning I had ANOTHER DREAM which involved David Cameron telling me to do something.

And dream!me’s response was to reach up, gently close his mouth, then pat him haphazardly on the face while murmuring,

“Oh, babe. Darling. Honey. Sweetie. …No.” and then tipped him into the hole that had opened up in the ground behind him. It closed up again over the top of him and I took his place as leader of the conservative party.


Spoonfuls of lingering sugar.

How sentimental, just the two of us
stabbing each other in places no one else will see.

Your smile was always just a little wider,
just a little brighter, that’s why you get all 
the cooing words, 
pats on the back.

I don’t mind your poison in my coffee,
I’m slowly killing your sister and your mother and
when every morning I was terrified to face you
and couldn’t sleep for the fear that you would surely come;

who could know
love would ever be as sweet
as this.


    Stephen had woken up and since Ashton was actually still awake at the time, he’d taken the baby into his arms and slipped outside of the bedroom. Mia was still asleep, Lexi curled up right next to her, her small fist tightly holding to Mia’s top. Ash has plopped down on the couch,dressed in pajama pants and an actual shirt since there was someone else around besides his girls. Grazing the nipple to the bottle to his son’s mouth, he smiles when the little boy takes the nipple into his mouth greedily. “Daddy’s missed you so damn much, bud.” He whispered quietly. Steph has half the bottle down and he’s shifted him over his shoulder to burp him when he feels another’s presence and he lifts his gaze, spotting his blonde best friend. “Can’t sleep either?” Ash asked, voice low as his large hand pat onto the baby’s back gently.

The Dog Days

(( A roleplay with @acedetective1947‘s John Goode!)) 

TIME: 3:47 AM 
DATE: November 17th, 1947 
It was cold outside…

Christopher tucked his dog into his jacket a bit further, to keep him from the rain. The dog was whimpering, Chris patting his head, and kept trucking along the worn out cobblestone path. 

He slipped and fell into some garbage bins, one tipping over and several rattling together to make ringing sounds. He rubbed his head. 

“G-Good Grief… Wh.. Muffins?” 

The dog, now known as Muffins, was yipping out into the street, tail tucked between his legs. 

“Oh, darn it, Muffins. Come here, boy! Muffins!” 
The dog whined and crept back to the boy, and spotted a figure, and barked at them. 

“Wh- Muffins! Q-Quiet down!”

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Diana-chan: * sighs awkwardly * ( so that is what he is dreaming about? Didn't know he's scared of them. -_-" ) * pats gently on the head and whispers * I'm here Shu-san. There are no polar bears here... so please don't cry. * lays back down and closes my eyes, not sleeping *

Shu: *wakes up and screams* NO MORE POLAR BEARS! *falls from bed*


Louis sad instagram post caused a strong reaction. Immediately I thought: poor Lou, his whole family together celebrating and he dealing with the Junglewurms and their gold digger ways .

But that could very well be the narrative they are aiming at. Poor Lou, all alone with a baby who he didnt take a pat test with. Without family, his best friends not there, his bandmates god knows where with who knows who. That golddigger family pressuring him into more and more childsupport. An obviously fake birth certificate and even adidas promo.

How devestated will he be when the pat test he took under pressure comes back and *gasp* he is not the father.

Harry S who is close by will guide him home to his warm and loving family who will help him pull through this devestating loss.

Could be, could be close. Hang in there folks! He might very well snuck home to be with the twins today. Who knows?