TSA failure: Investigators able to smuggle weapons past airport checks in 95 percent of tests

In internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through checkpoints in 95 percent of trials, ABC News learned exclusively.

The series of tests were conducted by Homeland Security Red Teams who pose as passengers, setting out to beat the system.

According to officials briefed on the results of a recent Homeland Security Inspector General’s report, TSA agents failed 67 out of 70 tests, with Red Team members repeatedly able to get potential weapons through checkpoints.

In one test an undercover agent was stopped after setting off an alarm at a magnetometer, but TSA screeners failed to detect a fake explosive device that was taped to his back during a follow-on pat down.

Why y'all always saying shit like “ i hope transgender women make heterosexual males uncomfortable”? Like is that a gotcha? Like “ Ha you aren’t straight because you like a transgender woman? ” Doesnt that go against your faux acceptance of people being who they are? Also wouldn’t that mean you dont view transgender women as women?

You out here telling on yourself but still want a pat on the back. Stupid.

Ok Im Actually Really Proud Of This One

FR Bonus Challenge I Did!! (re-draw a piece you did previously)

Heres The Far-Away View (I only have 4-5 pages left in my sketchbook I havent finished one in awhile im so excited!!)

Its done in gel-pens and colored pencils

Here’s the closeup, some of the silver gel pen is a bit shinier in the lighting then it should be but im super proud of it.

It took about four-five hours

So yeah

Now im done with the challenge! *pats self on back for actually completing it*

Sometimes I ask myself: 

“Why is Posey the titular character of Teen Wolf when he can’t act to save his life, plus Jeff and the audience clearly favor Dylan/Stiles.”

but then I’m like, oh wait

I forgot! 

Posey wasn’t cast because he could actually act and support the weight of an entire TV show on his shoulders. He was made the lead because Jeff wanted to pat himself on the back, like the asshole he is.

And if Jeff wasn’t totally in love with getting praise from media outlets, he would have kicked Posey out of the front and replaced him with Stiles after s1… he did in 3b (the highest rated season out of the entire series)….


leedonghae: ELF Happy 9th birthday ^^ Because I like writing letters so I tried writing one to everyone ^^ Please take care of us in future too!! Don’t get sick, eat well and smile a lot ^^ I love you.

leedonghae: Ur my hero ELF !:) i’ll be standing right next to you :)) always….^^  

 Donghae’s letter:


Congratulations to my beloved ELF from the bottom of my heart on your 9th birthday! It’s already the 9th year since we’ve walked together, time has really passed. 

So many things happened right? We cried and laughed togther, and leaned on each other, you were beside us protecting us and patting us on our backs, ELF is something that SJ cannot do without.

 It was nice to meet you in the beginning, I’m thankful that we could become close, and I’m happy that we could love, giving us these times that when we look back there are so many memories that I don’t want us to be separated ^^ 

I hope that we can love like there is no tomorrow, making up for the weaknesses of each other and hope that you can stay by us ^^ I love you ^^

Donghai1015: ELF sheng ri quai le [ Happy birthday] !! Happy birthday to ELF 9 (c)(c)

I achieved my daily goals but...

Stop right there.

Don’t utter another word.

You set yourself a number of daily goals.

You make the effort to achieve them.

If you achieve them, you give yourself a huge enormous pat on the back.

Don’t start going on “…but I didn’t do this” or “…. but I did this”.

You achieved something that you set forth to do. That is success. Nothing can take that away. NOTHING.

Build on that success every day.

Think of it like a stack of Legos or a jar of marbles. Each success is a new block/marble added on. Anything you have struggled with, does not take away from what you have accumulated.

A struggle is a lesson learned. It is not a punishment.



“NO! DEAN STAHP!” You heard Sam’s struggle cry from the living room and you dropped your spoon running to where the commotion was occurring. You ran in to see Sam in a choke hold with Dean performing it behind him. You saw Sam’s long arms flailing around trying to squat his big brother away who simply wouldn’t budge.

“NOT TILL YOU SAY ELLIOT NESS CAN KICK CHUCK NORRIS’S ASS” You stifled a giggle when you saw Dean’s determination but you saw Sam’s face go from ivory to purple and you slightly panicked.

‘Alright you two, cut it out!” You pushed Dean off Sam and he dramatically coughed as he tried to breathe. You smoothened Sam’s back and patted it in comfort while he threw a smug look to Dean.

“HE’S FAKING IT” Dean exasperated while Sam gave you the most innocent look he could muster. You rolled your eyes and fixed Sam’s ruffled hair.

“Enough from you Freckles. Now, go wash up I’m making lasagne” You saw the two grown ass men spring up and run to the only bathroom you had in the bunker. You heard grunts and pushes along the way with Dean laughing victoriously and Sam groaning. You got up from your crouching position and dusted your knees off as you made your way back to the kitchen.  Minutes later you put the lasagne into the oven to cook for 30 minutes. You heard Sam bagging on the door loudly while he commanded Dean to get out.

“DIMPLES QUIT BANGING ON THE DOOR, YOU’LL MAKE A DENT” You called out as you started to put away the ingredients you used. Your right pocket began to vibrate and you pulled it out reading your old hunting partners, Alex’s , name.

“Hey Alex, how’s it going?” You asked as you wiped down the main table.

“Y/N…. i’m in trouble! I need your help, please. “ You heard the panic in her  hushed tone and you dropped your towel and held the phone closer to your ear.

“What’s going on? Alex? Hello?”

“I thought i could take this pack on my own, turns out I can’t. I’m wearing one of their packs scent but it won’t last long! I’m sending you the address, bring back up! HURRY”

“ALEX? HELLO? ALEX!” You heard the phone go silent and you pulled it away from your ear.

“Damnit… FRECKLES, DIMPLES. CHANGE OF PLANS WE’RE GOING ON A HUNT! HURRY” You took off your apron and you heard Dean groan while Sam laughed. You quickly turned the oven off thinking you didn’t want the bunker to burn down. You heard wet padded feet walk into the kitchen and you put your hair into a ponytail.

“I JUST HAD A SHOWER” he walked in with his towel wrapped around his head and a towel covering his lower half.

“You can always have another shower, hun. Just go pack and meet in 4 minutes. literally, GO!” You ordered the boys away and you heard your phone vibrate again. You turned your phone on to see the blaring white screen read ‘NEW TEXT’. You opened the text see Alex send you the coordinates to her location which was 10 minutes away and you hoped you weren’t late.

You were about to walk to your room until you saw water on the floor.

“FRECKLES YOU DRY YOUR FEET BEFORE YOU EXIT THAT DAMN BATHROOM” You heard Sam laugh in a taunting manner while Dean told him to shut up and you rolled your eyes at their childish behaviour.

“Okay okay turn left here” You said and Dean turned the Impala accordingly. You were where the red dot had been flickering and you pulled out your gun. You tried calling your friend hoping she’d pick up but her phone number didn’t dial. You hoped her battery ran out within the last 15 minutes you spoke and not something else.

“Okay so 1- Don’t die otherwise I’ll kill you. 2- there’s a pack so shoot anything with sharp teeth and claws. 3- Please don’t die.” Sam nodded from behind you and Dean whispered an affirmative from beside you. Opening the door to the impala the creak of it was the only thing that could be heard in the quiet night. You saw the massive warehouse and rolled your eyes, so typical. You neared the entrance and the boys signaled they were going the opposite way as you went forward.

“Alex?” You whispered and you made your way into the center of the abandoned warehouse and you saw three bodies sprawled out. Your grip on your gun became tight and you slowly walked towards the body. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of your shoes and your steady breathing. You pushed the nearest body overseeing it was a young female. Your stomach churned knowing she died because of something she most likely didn’t want yet you didn’t know. You pushed the rest over and saw none of them was your friend and you kept going further until you heard two growls coming from behind you. You turned around to see two wolves attempting to corner you. You huffed and pulled out your other gun shooting both of them at the same time. They fell to the ground and you then heard more gunshots go off. You heard another one and your mind went to Sam and Dean’s safety.

“Shit” You cursed and ran out the warehouse towards the back. You saw Sam straddled by a wolf while Dean was passed out near by him.

“HEY TAYLOR LAUTNER, OVER HERE” The wolf looked back with his yellow eyes staring deep into yours. He growled and got off Sam, extending his claws he was ready to attack. You emptied two cases into his chest before he lurched forward and he fell on his face. You ran over to Sam and saw the three cuts on his side wasn’t deep. Your hands flew to his head and he kept assuring you that he was fine. When you didn’t see a major wound you made your way over to Dean. Your fingers went to his neck feeling his lively pulse and you saw the cuts on his face that weren’t deep as well.

“Freckles! Hey wake up” You lightly slapped his face and he woke up slowly with a groan. You exhaled in relief and patted his chest.

“I TOLD YOU TWO NOT TO DIE! DO YOU WANT TO GIVE ME A HEARTATTACK?” You yelled at the brothers who simply smiled.

“We didn’t die though” Dean remarked like the usual smartass he was. You slapped the side of his head and he laughed in return. You got up and heard more footsteps come your way. You lifted your gun to where the noise was coming from and you saw Alex exit from the shadows covered in blood with a smug look on her face.

“Jeez took you a while” You went to hug your friend who did the same until you smelt the dog blood covering her.

“Right pack scent. Got it” She laughed and she shook your hand.

“Thanks for the backup man, I saw the two you shot down in there” You nodded and heard Dean cough from behind. Sam was now on his feet clutching his side.

“Right. Alex meet, Sam and Dean Winchester.” She extended her hand and shook both of theirs.

“Sorry I’m covered in doggy blood. Makes it easier to hunt a pack of 7 wolves… wait Winchester? You John’s boys?”

“We’ve seen worse and yeah why?” Sam questioned.

“I uh we hunted once a while back. Had a great weekend afterwards… he spoke highly of your boys” You saw Dean roll his eyes at the mention of them together. You giggled at Sam’s grotesque expression yet he smiled it off.

“Well Alex. I’ve got friend who owns a cleaning business and they’ll get rid of the bodies. Go clean yourself up and I’ll meet you tomorrow, okay?” You saw Sam almost double over and you helped him back on his feet.

“Still bossing around I see? Right, tomorrow it is” Alex turned around and walked away, limping with her bloody body. You saw Dean’s eyes travel from the back of her head down to her ass and you slapped his arm.

“Don’t get any ideas freckles” You put one of Sam’s arms around you and walked towards the car. You set him in the back gently as you sat in the driver’s seat while Dean sat next to you. You ignited baby and made your way back to the bunker.

“Alright, freckles get me some whiskey, gauze and a rag, yeah?” Dean walked away. “MAKE SURE IT’S CLEAN” You called out as you gently laid Sam on the couch.

“Y/N, I can do it. It’s fine” You pushed his hand away and took his already ripped shirt off. Dean walked in with the whiskey and a clean rag. When he saw Sam sprawled on the couch with you beside him he whistled while Sam flushed red with embarrassment. Dean passed you the bottle, you opened it and poured some on the cloth. You put the rag on Sam’s cut and he winced in pain, you threw him an apologetic look and he patted your arm in reassurance. You cleaned up his wound and wrapped it in gauze, making sure it wouldn’t get infected.

“Uh Dean, put this away? Thanks” You handed him the whiskey and you checked Sam’s body for more wounds.

“Yes, mom” As soon as the words rolled off Dean’s tongue and your hands froze above Sam’s stomach. Your stiff posture was noticed by both the boys and suddenly your vision became cloudy. You wiped your eyes on your sleeves and your hands became shaky.

“Y/N…. you okay?” Sam gently whispered and you got up from your chair. Dean confusingly looked towards Sam and he saw your struggled expression.

“Y/N?” You passed Dean and you walked towards your room. You tried not to offend the boys yet you couldn’t be near them. You pushed your door open and you fell near your bed. You released the tears and you sobbed uncontrollably. Sam and Dean followed your path and when they heard you cry their hearts shattered into a million pieces. They loved you with all their hearts and they try to protect you from everything. So not knowing what made you upset caused a sense of curiosity and worriedness to arise within them.

“You go in” Dean hushed outside your door.

“No you go! You made her cry!” Sam retaliated and Dean whined. A smile formed on your puffy red face when you heard the two bicker like children. You wiped your tears under your eyes and you sat on your bed.

“Just come in” Your spoke in your slightly hoarse voice. You saw Dean get pushed in while Sam followed behind him.

“Y/N… what happened?” Sam asked and he sat on your left while Dean sat on the right. You saw the pure concern in their eyes and leaned forward with your elbows on your thighs.

“About 6 years ago, way before I met you two… I had a husband, Jack.” You saw Dean’s eyes widened in surprise and Sam moved in his seat facing you fully.

“Close your jaws! So, I was married and my husband wanted a child” The painful memory caused the knot in your throat to tighten yet you kept telling your story.

“And we tried so damn hard and nothing happened. We went to the doctors and they told me that I couldn’t have kids so when you called me mom it took me off guard.” You felt Dean’s arm wrap around your shoulders and Sam’s hand interlocked with yours.

“Y/N… you are literally the strongest women we’ve ever met. Even if you couldn’t have kids you have us… you have raised us for 3 years and I hope you know how much you mean to us” Sam sweetly mentioned.

“Yeah, family doesn’t end in blood. And hell, it doesnt start their either” Dean kissed your temple.

“I’m not done sweetie but thank you. He said it didn’t bother him but I became slightly distant. Then one day, I came home and found him banging the cashier at our local grocery store” You chuckled through your tears and you felt Dean’s grip tighten on your shoulder and Sam’s jaw was tight with anger. When the silence became deafening you looked to the silently communicating boys.

“What’s his last name?” Dean asked

“I can find him in an hour”Sam chimed.

“Where does he live?” The boys now stood up and Dean fished out the keys for baby. You saw them walk out and you followed their trails.

“Sammy you get his address, i’ll get the shovel.” You smacked your palm to your forehead while the boys bickered.

“What are you planning on doing? kill him?” The boys didn’t stop and they kept moving around packing things. You saw Dean lock and load his gun and you stood in the doorway of the library. Both the boys tried to get past you and you put both your hands up.

“No, Y/N! You don’t deserve that! This is why God is a son of a bitch! You are the nicest fucking person ever and that dick shouldn’t be breathing right now” You saw Dean’s jaw tighten and you placed your hand on his chest.

“He’s right, Y/N! We need to teach him a lesson” Sam now inputted and you put your other hand on his chest.

“You boys are my world. You two are the reason why I wake up sometimes and you don’t need to waste your time on a piece of trash like him. He learnt his lesson, when I ran away with his car and sold everything he owned. “ Dean smirked and nodded kissing your forehead.

“Thats our girl” Sam hugged you in comfort and your head rested on his chest.

“Now that we’ve gotten that out of our way, I think the lasagne is still in the oven.” You walked towards the kitchen while Sam and Dean stayed behind.

“You know when she’s sleeping we can find him and then we co- DON’T YOU THINK ABOUT IT DIMPLES! GET YOUR ASSES HERE AND GIMME YOUR KEYS, FRECKLES” Dean looked around to see you weren’t there and he lifted his arms up in confusion.

“How the hell did she hear us?” Sam laughed and Dean put his gun on the table while Sam walked to the kitchen. “Well I am the mom, here” You said and you saw the pride in Dean’s eyes and Sam smiled. The three of you sat down on the table and Dean pulled out three beers and you sat around waiting for the lasagna to cook again.

Amongst their laughter you wondered how Jack was doing, you honestly wished the best for him except you sorta hoped he got hit by a truck. But you looked around you and you were thankful he did cheat on you because without that you wouldn’t have met your family that you have now. You wouldn’t have met your boys because family doesn’t end in blood and it doesnt start their either.

We spent a month filming that sequence which was 20 minutes long,” Harington says. “A month, a solid month. It equated to about a minute of footage a day. It was heavy and it was important to me that it worked because it’s a really important beat in the Game of Thrones story. I thought it was brilliant. I really, really loved it. I was so proud of it and happy with it. I never pat myself on the back but I thought, why not? It was great!
—  Kit Harington on that EPIC battle scene

Donghae Twitter Updates | 150602

@donghae861015 :  Ur my hero ELF !:) i’ll be standing right next to you :)) always….^^

@donghae861015 : ELF Happy 9th birthday ^^ Because I like writing letters so I tried writing one to everyone ^^ Please take care of us in future too!! Don’t get sick, eat well and smile a lot ^^ I love you.

Letter translation:
Congratulations to my beloved ELF from the bottom of my heart on your 9th birthday! It’s already the 9th year since we’ve walked together, time has really passed. So many things happened right? We cried and laughed togther, and leaned on each other, you were beside us protecting us and patting us on our backs, ELF is something that SJ cannot do without. It was nice to meet you in the beginning, I’m thankful that we could become close, and I’m happy that we could love, giving us these times that when we look back there are so many memories that I don’t want us to be separated ^^ I hope that we can love like there is no tomorrow, making up for the weaknesses of each other and hope that you can stay by us ^^ I love you ^^

I feel like Luke would be an absolute sweetheart when one day you’re just thinking about everything, but mostly about all the bad stuff: and the bad memory that had happened in your life and you just can’t take it anymore and you just wanna cry and without realising it drops the first of the tears and they keep coming in cos you can’t stop thinking about all the negative things and you don’t even try to stop the tears when you hear luke come in the front door you just sit still on the couch and the moment he sees you he instinctively fast-walks towards where you sit and just grabs you and pulls you to him and just pats you on your back and holding you close to him and whispering things like “hey don’t cry” “it’ll all be all right” “i’m right here baby shhhhh” and all those cute little things and luke just makes it easier to feel better in an instant 

Improve the Assassin’s Creed games:
  • Every game needs petting options for all domesticated animals
  • If you’re gonna kill of the most important female characters at least let the boys show some fucking emotions (because grown men are allowed to cry when their girlfriends/friends/sisters die??????? amazing)
  • Don’t kill the most important female character
  • Don’t fucking kill Evie
  • Hugs. At least one hug for every game. At least.
  • I mean REAL hugs not just ‘hey bro’ and a pat on the back I mean rEAL HU G S
  • A gay assassin I dare you to fuckng make a gay assassin I fuck in g
  • Female characters? They exist

since when is it okay to bully people, is it okay because they’re “famous”? to pick apart everything they do and act like it’s an affront to your existence. I need that no fun allowed picture rn because it pertains very heavily to this Markiplier thing. Why was his video where he put makeup on his face while playing a game not trans-misogynistic but when he replies to someone calling him ugly it suddenly is? of course he’s ugly in those pictures, not because he’s a man wearing makeup but because the makeup is badly done like???? honestly ya’ll make shit up to be fucking bullies and feel like wow you’ve done something good today, you’ve ripped someone, who works his ass off to provide you with great content, to shreds. and now you can pat yourselves on the back and say you’ve stood up for trans people.. no fun allowed 

anonymous asked:

do u get messages about how, since ur a feminist u must be lying about being a misandrist / not really a misandrist / need to stop calling yourself a misandrist? you'd think at least 50% of the shit you get about your url would be like that, but for some strange reason it never is. reading your blog, seems pretty obvious that you are a feminist, and apparently feminism and misandry can't coexist, so using that logic, you aren't a misandrist. but who cares about logical consistency, amiright?

Right?? It’s much more important that other feminists can go around attacking people and patting each other on the back. Read my blog? Understand my content? My political opinions? Why would you need that shut to form an opinion about me when you have this nifty screen name?! 

Epsom Derby hope Zawraq suffered a slight setback following his final work on Tuesday morning, 2 June 2015.

It was revealed he had a cut on his near fore.
Angus Gold, racing manager for owner Hamdan Al Maktoum, said: “He had been out to work this morning with Pat Smullen on and everybody was very happy when he came back … he had a pick of grass and then he walked back into his box sound … he was later taken out for a trot and when they pulled him up they found he was very slightly lame on his near fore … He has been taken for an x-ray and scanned and we can’t see anything. They say there is a slight cut which means hopefully he has just given it a knock …”
Read more here.

Get better soon, sweet boy.

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Bucky and Sasha

           Bucky Barnes was sitting in the Avengers lounge room with the newspaper (yes, they get the newspaper. Bruce, Steve, and Thor like it). He had nothing else to do, so he was doing the Sudoku for the day. His puppy, Sasha was lounging next to him on her blanket.

           “This is impossible,” Bucky growled as Steve Rogers walked into the room with his weird egg drink deal.

           “What’s impossible, Buck?” He had an eyebrow raised as he went over to Bucky, Dodger now following him. Bucky was about to respond when Sasha growled.

           “What the?” Bucky looked at her as she looked at him for approval of her growl. “Uhm…” Bucky patted her on the head with his left arm and went back to talking to Steve.

           “The Sudoku puzzle for the day. Do you want to take a look at it?”

           “Sure,” Steve sat down next to Bucky and took it. He set his glass down and Sasha once again growled.

           “Is something wrong?” Bucky asked her, rather confused. There was no threat in the room (unless Dodger was now a threat). Steve started giggling next to him. “What?” He turned his head to Steve.

           “I think Sasha is trying to be like you.” Steve looked at Sasha as she had her tongue out, tail waggling a bit. She was looking at Bucky and let out a little yip.

           “Good girl?” He looked at Steve for approval and he shrugged.  “Yes, that’s how we growl.” Bucky petted her as her puppy smile widened. He let out a small smile, “You’re a good girl.” He kissed the top of her head lightly and she let out another happy yip.


I got bored and so I wrote some Bucky and Sasha since they make me happy. Sorry if it’s crappy. I kinda wrote it quickly. 

Dodger is © em1ree and @flawlessassholes along with starspangledsprocket