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Harry Styles: Wedding Series

Wedding Series #3: Proposing

“Hey, mate, you alright? You sounded flustered on the phone. What’s up?” Niall wondered as he shuffled across the café, over to the back booth were Harry was sitting with his hands cradling his face. His eyes were full of sleep and his lips were dry and parted, as if he was caught up in a whole load of thinking. “Harry? Mate, what’s wrong?” Niall asked, as he patted Harry on the shoulder, knocking him from his daydream.

Harry looked up, his eyes scanning Niall’s face as he licked his lips. He removed his hands from his face, and exposed his reddening cheeks. He looked flustered, and tired, and Niall knew something had been bothering him. He just hadn’t a clue what.

“Niall… I can’t do it. I’ve tried to come up with so many ideas which she’d like, but nothing seems to be something I like. I want to take her out for dinner, but we’ll get followed. Nothing will stay secret. If I take her out for a beach walk and get you guys to help, we’ll get followed and it’ll be all over Twitter. And, no offence to you or anything, but you’re not so good at keeping secrets. I mean, I know it’s difficult keeping the fact that I’m going to propose to her a secret. I can’t keep bundling the secrets upon you, or you’ll explode” Harry stated, a soft laugh leaving his lips. “I can’t think of anything perfect. She doesn’t want anything extravagant, and I don’t want to go full out. Niall, my mind is everywhere and it’s really stressing me!” Harry cried out, as he dug the heels of his hands into his eyes. His lips parted, and he let out a soft puff of air.

“Mate, don’t get yourself stressed out. You’re not good with stress, okay? I can’t give you and ideas because, personally, I don’t have any. But, anything that comes from you will warm her up” Niall grinned, as Harry pulled his hands from his face. “She loves you, mate. Don’t let your flustered mind get the better of you. Just get that ring on her finger and everything will flow, okay?” Niall chuckled as the young waitress came over to take their order.

“I’m just going to have a mug of English Breakfast tea. I’m not that hungry” Harry mumbled, as the young girl wrote down the order.

“I’ll have a plate of toast with jam, and an English Breakfast tea as well, thank you” Niall smiled as the waitress nodded and wrote down his order before walking away from the table. Niall’s eyes looked over at Harry, scanning his face as he watched the cogs of Harry’s mind turning. He could only picture the steam coming from his ears. “Harry… Everything will be fine. She loves you. You’re like the power couple of the 1D couples. Even Liam and Sophia couldn’t beat you” He laughed, as Harry blushed softly.

“I want to propose in a way she’ll remember. In a way she’ll be bragging about. When people ask her how I proposed, I want her to have a massive smile on her face as she tells it. I want to propose in a way she won’t ever get bored of telling the story” Harry sighed, as Niall squeezed his wrist softly. Harry could see it now. His children would all be gathered around the barbeque in their new garden, the sunset setting behind them, as you all munched away on the grilled food Harry had learnt to make from Niall. He could imagine his eldest sitting between his legs as they chewed away, a curious grin on her lips as she asked the question. Harry’s own eyes would lighten as he watched you perk up, your son sitting beside you. You’ll tell the story, of how he proposed, with a glistening sparkle in your eye. “I want her to tell our future children how I proposed, and they’ll be so in love with it. I want everything to be perfect, Niall” Harry sighed, as Niall laughed softly.

“You are overthinking, Harold. Stop it. I can see the cogs working away. They’re steaming. Stop and take a breather, okay?” Niall suggested, as Harry sighed. Sliding his phone from his pocket and placing it on the table, it lit up with a message. Your name shining on the screen. “Is that your missus? Text her. Call her. Just take your mind off of it” He smiled, as Harry slid his thumb over the screen.

Harrrry. I woke up and my cuddle buddy wasn’t here. Where are you? xxx

He chuckled lightly, and typed away at a reply.

Sorry, baby. I couldn’t sleep well last night, and I figured I could come out for some tea and breakfast. I called Niall up, and we’re sitting in the café down the road. I’ll be home soon though. For some cuddles, maybe even a bath. xxx

“Just marry the girl, Harry. Get her down that aisle, and put a ring on that thing” Niall teased, as Harry kicked at his shin under the table. “I’m serious, Styles. You can’t even see that smile on your face right now, and you’re only texting her” Niall laughed, watching as Harry pulled his fingers across the soft and pink flesh of his lips. The curve of his lips something he was absent to feeling.

“I love her, Niall. Just give me time, and we’ll get there” Harry whispered, as he locked his phone and placed it on the table. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back as he ran a hand through his hair. “We’ll have a wedding soon, don’t worry” He added, as Niall cheered lightly.

“S’my boy” Niall teased, as Harry chuckled softly.

* *

“Darling, I’m home! Are you still in bed, or are you wide awake?” Harry joked, as you heard the keys drop into the wooden bowl on the table by the front door. “I can smell your coconut bath gel. So, I’m only hoping that when I get up these stairs, you’ll be naked and covered in soap suds?” He laughed, and he could hear your soft giggle from the bathroom upstairs. He toed off his brown suede boots, and shrugged his coat off before ascending the stairs. Missing one step at a time to make time to get there quicker.

“You know, you’re so heavy footed” He heard you laugh, the sound of sloshing water coming from the en-suite bathroom to the bedroom. The curtains were still drawn in the master bedroom, and the duvet was messed up. Your clothes were thrown out around the room, and the only light illuminating the room was from the bathroom itself. The door was wide open, and he could just see your reflection in the mirror. “I can see you staring. Come in and join me, Styles” You grinned, sending him a wink through the mirror.

“You’re such a cheeky little thing, you are” He laughed, as hooked his fingers into the material of his shirt. He pulled it over his head and threw it into the laundry basket at the door. His belt clicked together as he undone it, letting his trousers loosen and fall to the floor. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here this morning. I’ve been stressed out over the new songs we’ve had then management and writhers look at. They’ve yet to give us some feedback” Harry sighed, as he hooked his fingers into his boxers, pulling them down so he was standing in the nude in the bedroom.

“I’m sure the songs were amazing. They always are, Harry” You smiled to yourself, as he heard you shift up in the bathtub. Your skin rubbing against the porcelain, the squeaking going through his ears. “You’re a true songwriter, Styles. Makes me happy” You giggled, as he poked his head around the door frame. His face lighting up from the bright light in the room, with a smile on his lips and his eyes crinkling. “Hi there…”

“Hi, my beautiful lady. You look beautiful. Is that one of my hairbands?” He grinned, as you blushed and bit your lip. “It is. You stole my hairband?” He winked, as he emerged round the doorframe, and came into view.

“Only because my last one broke, babe. I’m going out tomorrow with Gemma so I’m going to buy some more. Don’t worry” You grinned, as he padded across the bathroom tiles, and over to the bath. He hitched a leg into the water, and then hitched his other over the side, falling into the bath opposite you. He stretched his legs out so his feet came to your hips, his hands pulling at your ankles, lodging your feet between his hands. “How was breakfast with Niall?” You wondered, as Harry nodded softly, kneading his fingers into the soles of your feet.

“It was okay. Nothing special went on. Just a catch up” Harry smiled, as he looked to the bubble filled bath you were settled in. He needed to stay subtle, and keep anything that had been mentioned that morning from your ears. You raised an eyebrow as you looked at him, his shoulders flexing as he kneaded away at your muscles. “Nothing bad happened, I promise. And I didn’t have coffee, so I’ll sleep at a regular time tonight. I promise” He grinned widely, his pearly whites shining brightly.

You let out a soft giggle and rested your palms at his shins. His skin was soft and the hairs were tickling at your tips lightly. “I love you. Have I told you that? I’m so lucky to have you” You grinned, as he dropped your foot into the water. The bubbles splashing up and spotting his face with suds. “You’re amazing, and I love you. A lot. I was speaking to Louis the other day, and he was saying how head over heels you are for me, and it got me thinking” You smiled, as Harry placed his arms on the sides of the tub. His fore fingers drumming against the white porcelain.

“Thinking of?”

“Thinking of the future, H. We were talking and he looked so heartbroken when he told me about Eleanor and him. It made me feel like even the best relationships could have unfortunate endings. I don’t want that, Harry. I want to be with you forever, as cheesy and petty as that sounds” You giggled, as his hands reached further down the porcelain sides. “I want to marry you and have babies with you and you make me happy and no one understands that, H. They think I’m with you for money, and I’m not” You sighed, as he pulled himself towards you. His knees bending as he braced his hands on the bathtub behind you. His breath was fanning across your face, his lips curved into a smile as he pressed a kiss to your nose.

“That all sounds great, baby. That all sounds wonderful. You have no idea how much I want all of that with you” He smiled, as his mind wandered to the suede box hidden in his boxers drawer. Now is the right time, he thought. If he got the question out, you’d be engaged. “I love you loads as well, you know that” Harry smiled, as he cupped your jaw with his large palm.

You let your head fall forward, banging softly against his forehead. He grunted lowly, before your lips melded with his and your fingers ran through his locks. The long locks which hung down to his shoulders. “I love you so much, Harry Styles. So, so, so much” You whispered, before nudging your nose against his. He parted his lips to ask you the all-important question, but you knocked him off. “I’m going to get out and get ready. I promised Soph I’d meet her for lunch. Will you be okay without me?” You grinned, as he sighed inwardly and nodded.

“Of course, baby. Go have fun. I’ve got some stuff to do around London anyway. Might pop in and see Grimmy. And I may even call up Gemma and see if she’s around” Harry smiled, as he watched you push his shoulders softly so you could stand up. “Do you want me to pop into the shop and get the food for dinner?” He wondered, as you nodded, reaching for your towel resting on the counter. You stepped out of the tub, and onto the fluffy rug beside on the bathtub.

“That sounds good. I’ll be back to cook it. I’m digging Spaghetti Bolognese right now. I might even bring back some of that cake you like from Starbucks” You grinned, as he nodded and fell back against the curve of the bathtub. He crossed his arms over his chest, and ducked under the water, so the water level was up by his earlobes. “Don’t look so frowny and pouty, mister. I’ll be back in a maximum of 2 hours” You grinned, pressing a kiss to his cheek. You tugged the towel tighter onto your body, and straightened up.

“I love you. Don’t leave me” Harry whined playfully, and gripped your wrist so he could tug you back to him. You squealed softly, and grabbed the counter top. “A kiss. Give your darling boyfriend a kiss before you leave him for good” He sighed, as you shook your head and rolled your eyes softly causing a grin to form on his lips. He smirked as you neared his pouted lips, your own protruding and pressing softly against his flesh. His hand came from under the water, and rested at the nape of your neck as he deepened the kiss, causing your cheeks to flush hotter.

“Harry…” You mumbled against his lips, the sound of your flesh detaching from his being heard in the bathroom. “I need to get dressed, baby. I have 20 minutes to change” You giggled, as he pouted and nudged his nose against your jaw. “I love you, and I wish I could have bath sex with you right now, but I need to go. We can save that for later” You winked, and ran your fingers through his hair.

“I’m just thinking kitchen sex would be good right now…” He winked, and pinched at your hip cheekily. “Now go and chill with Sophia, my love. Have a good time. I’ll see you later. Don’t forget my cake” He grinned, as he settled back against the tub, closing his eyes and lacing his fingers together whilst he placed them on his belly. “I love you…”

“I love you too, Styles… Have fun without me” You winked, pinching his nose and walking out the bathroom.

* *

“You think he’s hiding something then?” Sophia wondered, as she took a bite from the panini in her fingers. The smell of the cheese and ham wafting through the air and to your nose. “What makes you think that then?” She asked, placing the half she was eating down. You sighed and put your mug of coffee down on the table, beside your half eaten chocolate muffin and sandwich. You sat up and looked out the window, sighing again and looking at Sophia.

“He went out early this morning. Said he couldn’t sleep and that apparently the songs they sent off were bothering him. He’s never been this worried about song writing before. I feel like he’s hiding something really bad from me. Like, they’re going on another world tour, or he’s going to LA for a month. Soph, I’m really worried” You whispered, as she took your hand in hers. Giving it a slight squeeze as she looked to you and smiled.

“I am 100% sure it’s nothing bad. Maybe he’s just having a few off days. Liam’s been getting that. I mean, it may be jetlag. I don’t know” Sophia started as you shook your head. “It’s not going to be anything horrible, I’m sure. (Y/N), you’re worrying so much about nothing” She added, as you closed your eyes and let out of a puff of breath.

“What if he’s cheating on me?” You whispered, almost inaudibly as she let out a soft gasp. “What? I can’t help but think that, Soph. He’s been having so many days out, he sometimes blows of dates because they are working late at the studio. I don’t know what to think, Sophia!” You cried out, as she stood from her chair and walked over to you. Her arms wide and engulfing you into a tight hug.

“Hey, hey. Don’t you ever think that, love. He is head over heels for you, I can assure you. Liam is always telling me how it’s so annoying that Harry goes on and on about you. Constantly. I can see that he loves you, (Y/N). He is so in love with you. Everyone can see it, love. I can hardly believe he’s cheating. He isn’t like that” Sophia smiled, as she squeezed you softly. “Don’t get so upset, my darling. I’m sure you’re worrying over nothing. He loves you” She whispered, squeezing your hand.

“I’m just a worrier, okay?” You laughed and wiped at the small tears collecting in the corner of your eyes. “I know it’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure everything is fine with him. Harry just bottles everything up and it upsets him and pulls him down and it’s worrying” You sighed, as Sophia laughed softly.

“Sounds like Liam… Sounds a lot like Liam.”

* *

“Have you planned out how you’re going to ask her?” Gemma wondered, as she walked alongside Harry. His hands were curled around the trolley handle as he pushed it down the aisle of the local supermarket. It was full of supplies Gemma needed for her home, instead of things that Harry had needed for your home. “You’re going to ask her soon, right?” She wondered as she nudged his shoulder softly and grinned widely.

“I literally spoke to Niall about it this morning. It’s driving me insane. I was thinking of just asking her tonight. Out of the blue, just at random” Harry grinned, as Gemma laughed softly. “It’s our 5 year anniversary tomorrow, but I feel I can’t wait until then. I just want to be able to call her my fiancé. I want to see that ring on her finger” He smiled, as Gemma cooed softly.

“You’re so adorable, baby brother. You need to put a ring on her as soon as possible, because I want her as my sister in law” She grinned, as Harry laughed softly, reaching up for the spaghetti on the highest shelf. “I’m serious. Mum wants her as a daughter in law, and I want her as my sister in law. She’s incredible, H. We can’t wait for babies” Gemma grinned, laughing as his cheeks tinged a pinkish colour.

“Gem… Shut up. We’ve got a wedding to plan first” He winked, as Gemma nodded, waltzing off down the aisle to grab a box of canned soup. Her knees bending as she bent down to pick up a couple of tins. “Does your missus want some tomato soup? I heard her moaning one time she didn’t have any. Did you buy her some, like a good future husband?” She grinned, as Harry rolled his eyes cheekily. “You did buy her some? You’re learning, Styles. I’m proud of you” She laughed, as she placed her tins of soup in the trolley. “I’m just teasing, H. You’ve been nothing but amazing for her, and she’s lucky to have you, you know?” She smiled, as Harry nodded.

He knew he was lucky. He loved you, and he wanted to give you the best life he could. 5 years had flown by, and he could only imagine how life would be when you were together with the same last name with the family you had both always dreamt of. He was excited to have a family, and he knew it was sitting there in your mind. Gemma, and even Anne, knew that you were the one he was going to marry. When you first stepped into the warm, roast-chicken smelling home in Cheshire, they knew you were going to be the one he was going to marry and have tiny, Styles babies and you were going to be the one who came to family reunions and family parties and dance with him at family weddings. He was excited to experience anything with you. And you were excited to experience anything with him.

* *

“There’s my handsome man. Dinner is nearly finished. Give me what? 10 minutes and I’ll have it all set out” You smiled, as he came up behind you. His palms resting on your hips, as he dug his fingers under your shirt. His fingertips were cold against your flushed skin, sending shivers down your spine. “You’re being extremely cuddly. What’s wrong?” You wondered, as you stirred the pasta in the saucepan in front of you. The wooden spoon tightly held in your grip.

“Can’t a boyfriend be all cuddly with his lovely girlfriend whom he loves very much?” Harry winked, as he grumbled lightly against the back of your neck. “I love you so much, baby. I do. I really do” He smiled, his eyes closing as he kissed along your clothed shoulder. “You have no idea how much I love waking up to you, every morning, and seeing your smiling figure looking at me” He laughed lightly and kissed your cheek, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “I love that you’re the first person I see in the morning, and the last person I see at night. You are incredible, and such a great sight to look at” Harry smirked, as you turned your upper body to look at him.

“What’s going on, Harry Styles? What do you want from me?” You wondered, as he tickled his fingers up your skin. “If you want sex now, you’re going to have to wait. I know for a fact I won’t get you off in 10 minutes” You giggled, as he gasped lightly and pulled a hand from under your t-shirt, placing a soft hit to your bum. “Hey! I was kidding. I want to eat first before I do anything with you” You giggled as you took the spoon from the saucepan and placed it on the counter. “Come here, mister. Give me some love” You winked, and hooked your fingers behind his ears to pull his head closer to you.

“I love you, baby” He whispered against your lips, as you grinned softly.

“I love you too, Harry. So much” You winked, as he pulled your hips closer to his. A grin on his lips as he pressed them to yours. His hands rose up your back, the t-shirt hooking up as he did so. He parted his lips, and rested his forehead against yours, his eyes situating a soft sparkle. One that was only visible around you.

“You love me enough to marry me?” He whispers, his breath warm against your face. Your eyes widened as you pulled back some more, your palms cupping his cheeks. “What do you say? You want to become Mrs Harry Styles?” He asked, as he unhooked his fingers from the dip in your back, placing one of his hands into his jean pocket. You sensed that he had the box in his jeans, the blue suede coming to view matching with your thoughts. “(Y/N), my darling, my beautiful girlfriend, and my absolute soul mate, will you do the honour of becoming my better half? My wife?” He wondered, as you let out a cry, your chin wobbling as he opened the box. His knee bending as he went down.

“Harry…” You whispered, the word muffled behind your hands. “Oh my god, yes! Yes, yes! Oh my goodness, Harry!” You cried, hooking your arms around his neck, falling into his body as he fell back against the tiled floor beneath you. Your legs straddled his hips, as you pressed a warm and passionate kiss to his lips. “I love you so much, Harry. I really do. You’ve made me so happy” You cried, as the tears fell down your cheeks.

“I love you too, baby. I love you so much. You’ve made me the happiest man alive the past 5 years, and to know you’re stuck with me for the next however many years, just makes me even happier” He whispered, as you ran your thumbs under his eyes. “Let me…” He whispered, as he took one of your hands in his free one, kissing your ring finger before he took the ring from the constraints of the cushion in the suede box. He slid the cool metal onto your flushed skin, the diamond shining under the light of the kitchen. “It looks beautiful. Do you like it?” He wondered, as you hitched a leg from over his hip, sitting beside him as your eyes stared at the silver metal on your finger.

“I love it. I love it so much. Oh my god, Harry… We’re engaged. We’re getting married” You sighed, as he sat up and brought his knees to his chest.

My darling fiancé. I love you so bloody much…

Authors Note: Did you all like the Proposal then, my lovelies? I’d love to know what you thought. We see how Anne, Robin and Gemma react in the next one. I should get it up some when this week for you guys. xxx


For raelynnmarie​ because it’s her birthday. <3 

Ritlua Trevelyan struggles to pick out a gift for Cullen. (Inspired by this comic - Ritlua belongs to raelynnmarie. 1025 words) 

“I don’t know what to get him!” Ritlua’s head hit the table with a light thunk as she continued to groan to Varric. “Have you seen his office? The man has nothing other than a thousand stacks of reports and military books. What do I do? Buy him another chess set? Another book?” She raised her head a few inches only to let it fall back down onto the table. “They’d just end up tucked away in those shelves with everything else he owns.” 

“You’re overthinking it,” Varric said with a light pat on her back. “Give him some of those sweets he keeps stealing from the kitchens, or a bottle of wine.” 

“But anyone can give him those things. It’s not special.” 

“You’re missing the point. It’s not the gift that Curly will care about, it’s the fact that he got something from you.” 

Ritlua scowled and took to glaring at her glass as the light front of the fire danced around in the polished surface. The coin Cullen had given her in Honnleath burned in her pocket, reminding her of what he’d offered. The one thing in the entire world he’d kept from his family; the one oath he’d broken in the Order; the one thing he’d held onto through all the years of torment… and he’d given it to her

How could she ever match that?

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kbsaysthings asked:

Do it. Write the fic about them sharing a room at Clint's house. (please) :)

Just a short fic but I did it! *not really spoilery, just fluff*

It’s been a long day and Steve and Tony finally get a few moments of peace in their bedroom at Clint’s farm.  



He turned at the sound of his name, halting in the threshold of his and Tony’s borrowed bedroom, and found Laura standing behind him, two folded towels resting in her hands. 

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Imagine your favourite character having a hatred for food going waste, often eating way beyond their capacity because they know it’ll just go in the trash if made into leftovers in their house. Imagine them after one such session, sprawled back over their chair, taut and bloated belly poking out from under their shirt as they hold it and groan. BONUS: imagine their roommate/partner/ect. teasing them for it but also patting and rubbing their ever growing stomach, to keep them comfortable.

footstepsoftheelephant replied to your post: stop having dean call cas “angel”…

lol what kind of pet names do you think dean would use? i have a personal headcanon that he doesn’t /really use them, just like by accident, and then gets v flustered and embarrassed and has to bluff his way out of just calling Cas “sweetheart”


I like the scenario where they’re all having a family drinking night (like in Book of the Damned) and they’re all a lil drunk and Cas (now human) makes to stumble to bed. On his way he kind of heavily leans on/pats Dean’s shoulder which immediately puts tipsy Dean in a state of “:D :D :D” so when Cas is going through the doorway and says “Goodnight” Dean just throws back a slurred “Night, babe.”

Cas stops and is all “???”

Sam’s frozen as the personification of “!!!!”

Dean realises what he said and becomes “(⊙_◎)”

Charlie’s like “(☞゚∀゚)☞”

Then before Sam can even get out “Babe???” Dean’s cutting him off with “I said blade.”

Sam: “Night, blade?”

Dean: “YeAH”

Charlie: “Alright, Josh Birk.”

At this point Cas just gives up and goes to bed because whatever he’s really tired.

i see a lot of people tag pictures of my bird with like “omg i want a bird theyre so cute” and like hell yea birds are the cutest but like … i worry people will jump into getting one without knowing anything about them? 

like for every cute picture theres her pooping on my back after drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of apple so its runny as hell and you have to try and cautiously pat around with a tissue avoiding getting any on ur hands

for every cute video shes up screaming at 6am even thought i wanted to sleep in because shes heard a flock of birds outside and wants to warn me about them

she might look innocent but she can fly and she poops a lot. you know what that means? poop everywhere, unless youre willing to put in the potential months of training it takes to get them to poop in a specific place

birds need a lot of attention and the right behaviour reinforcement or they get nippy and aggressive. some birds will always be nippy. some will take a shine to you but only you and attack other family members to try and protect you. some like pumpkin just want pats from everyone, even strangers

im just saying PLEASE dont jump into owning any animal lightly, doubly for something like a bird which is intelligent but small and fragile


You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing West Side Story, I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much. I know I’m 28 now and I know the stakes are higher, but looking back on an experience like that reminds me that I do have a place somewhere. Sometimes it’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back and say, “That was cool. That made me feel good.” - Sebastian Stan

Sometimes when you’re alone, in the trenches, I mean, at night you get the sense of something ancient. As if the trenches had always been there. You know one trench we held, it had skulls in the side. You looked back along and… Like mushrooms. And do you know, it was actually easier to believe they were men from Marlborough’s army than to to to think they’d been alive two years ago. It’s as if all other wars had somehow… distilled themselves into this war, and that makes it something you… almost can’t challenge. It’s like a very deep voice saying, Run along, little man. Be thankful if you survive.
—  Regeneration, Pat Barker.

anonymous asked:

How did it feel to hear Geoff say your name?

It felt about the same way as Simmons would feel if Sarge shouldered his rifle, patted him on the back, and said, “Good Job Simmons”
; A;

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speaking of cramps one time i met dan and i got a neck cramp from staring up at him while we talked bc height difference and he just patted the back of my neck and it hurt a lot less #danielisawizard

omg <333333 i love this so much

Holly Bailey ‏@hollybdc

“You had a crush on Jahar, right? Conrad asks. Yes. But you didn’t go to the prom with him? “I was very shy,” she says #Tsarnaev

Holly Bailey ‏@hollybdc

Looks like Booth is the last witness for today. Judge exits, but jury is leaving. Judy Clarke pats #tsarnaev on the shoulder as he stands

Jim Armstrong ‏@JimArmstrongWBZ

Judge: Tomorrow is a full day, but for now, enjoy the nice weather.

Jim Armstrong ‏@JimArmstrongWBZ

#Tsarnaev is led out of court; judge calls attorneys to sidebar.

Patricia Wen ‏@globepatty

#Tsarnaev & jurors left. Lawyers meetg w/judge at sidebar. Two of his #Tsarnaev friends who testified in back row, hugging, one crying

like I get that it’s the Internet and so there’s gonna be garbage all over it but can’t Joss Whedon be run off of Twitter without detailed threats of violence? like please? he isn’t worth all that???

he’s a garbage clown with a few good ideas and a ton of terrible fake ally baggage and he pats himself on the back so hard he’s left welts but still Twitter death threats bum me out


I can’t stand when the show gives itself a big pat on the back for how strong its female characters are when all their happy endings legit equal marrying men. Regina’s tacked on line about “being comfortable in her world”… uh, that bullshit would be nice except I saw the first four seasons of this show and episode after episode the equation has been “happy ending” = “true love” = “some dude with a Macklemore fade.” 

Lily Sparks on point as usual

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Hunter is a dick wad and I won't miss him at all.

I feel. I just wish he would’ve apologized for it. All he did was delete it (good thing screenshots are still a thing).  

I’m just glad that Dalton handled it appropriately. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been, so Dalton and the rest of the band really deserves a pat on the back or a hug or whatever form of affection would suffice.