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I have noticed that Yoongi sometimes grabs or touch back of the necks of other members or rubs his nose while talking. Do you perhaps know what does that mean in body language? You seem to be really observant or aware of those kind of things. ILY

YOOOOOOO. I strongly believe that Yoongi is heavy handed. The way he turns things over in his hands, when he’s playfully pushing around other members, him patting people on the can see the force behind it every time. Hm, just be a weirdo like me and watch Yoongi’s hands the the tendons working and how his fingers change colors with pressure as he handles things, lol. You’ll see 😉  (but this has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re talking about haha.) 

But, yuss~ He has this habit of like, dropping, his hand onto the other members shoulders and neck and like..squeezing/holding them in place. BUT HE DOESN’T JUST GRAB WHEREVER HIS HAND LANDS, HE MOVES HIS HAND TO WHERE HE CAN HAVE THE BEST GRIP! This dude is on a mission to grip everyone, idk..

Also IDK, if I’m just a creep on Yoongi or something, but when he touches someone (unless it’s like a complete stranger) he will 

1.) Always grab them/ tightening his hold/squeeze and 

2.) He shifts his hand until he’s reaches somewhere when he can actually get a good/better hold on them.  

There’s this one gif (that I can’t find right now), but Hoseok goes to sit beside Yoongi and he sat practically on top of him to mess with him. Anyways, as Hoseok is sitting, Yoongi lifts up hand and rests it on Hoseok’s side, along his ribs, and he squeezes (but like, bones are in the way so he shifts his hand down to the fleshy area between the ribs and hip and grabs even harder). He’s gotta grab them all..???

He’s looking for the optimal spot to keep Jungkook in place

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Got that grip on Namjoonie

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Jiminie is never spared

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Here we have him searching for the best place to grip (he chooses the bony areas)

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He went for the back of the neck like cats do with Tae

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A bit less force, but not even the hyung was spared.

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I hear that people from Daegu are very handsy, so maybe that’s why he likes to grab people…? It’s also some sort of masculinity thing behavior wise. Like, dudes grip things firmly as some sort of ingrained ‘alpha’ type behavior or to show dominance.

For the nose rubbing thing, I think that is just a habit of his. Usually rubbing your nose while speaking is seen as an indicator that you’re lying. Hahah, idk if he’s always lying though, but I’d like to believe that he saves his lying for games

You and I both know that the house is haunted

I don’t want to pat myself
on the back 
or anywhere on my body 
I’d prefer if I could assign
the job to you.

I’m Pacific and you’re Atlantic 
so for now I’ll settle 
for finding the shoreline 
where I’ll align my spine to curve
against its ridges 
and because you hate cheesy rhymes-

(and poems without structure)

I’ll work on building bridges
to cross over
if only to say thank you
for straining to listen 
to my guilt ridden thoughts
that team up with my
unfiltered and unrefined uncertainties. 

(and because you hate unfinished endings)

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MiSaru switches heights for a day or so (via Strain ofc); How would Misaki take advantage of this situation to tease Saru xD?

Yata would probably take advantage of the opportunity to get back at Fushimi for all the height mockery, not quite realizing that this will all backfire terribly on him once they go back to their normal heights. Like imagine right after it happens it takes the two of them a moment to realize what’s happened and then Yata starts laughing, like who’s the short one now huh. Fushimi’s all grumpy about it and then kicks him in the ankles or something. Fushimi probably looks even scrawnier since Yata’s at least fairly well-muscled while Fushimi’s just a skinny little nerd. Plus imagine Fushimi ends up going to work anyway and all day people are patting his head and offering to help him reach things and Fushimi’s getting super annoyed by the whole thing. Meanwhile Yata goes to the bar and is all about showing off his new height, like ‘oh hey Kusanagi-san do you need me to get that thing off that high shelf? Because I totally can. Without a stepladder or anything. Just ask me, I’ll get it.’ He’s super proud of being all not-short anymore. As soon as their heights switch back Yata hopes that Fushimi finally understands that it isn’t easy being short and he shouldn’t make fun of Yata for it, Fushimi’s like what was that I couldn’t hear you all the way down there.

My very first Gamzee cosplay (circa 2014) vs. my latest (circa 2015)

If you are a cosplayer, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for a long time, I want you to stop and give yourself a pat on the back. You, through thick and thin, get costumes together and have the guts to go out and wear them. Here’s the added bonus: by doing so, you make a lot of other people happy and that is something to be proud of.

I’m reminding you of this fact here and now because know a lot of cosplayers can be very critical of themselves and bring themselves down. It’s so easy to compare yourself to your idol cosplayer and think, “Wow, I’ll never be as good as them…” It’s so easy to become discouraged. But that thought that is getting you down, can also bring you up again. In fact your idols too have that same thought (crazy right?!), but they use it to their advantage by adding just one small phrase.

They say, “Wow, I’ll never be as good as them… But I certainly will give them a run for their money!” And you know what?–it pumps them up!!

Here it is plain and simple: there is always room for improvement. Especially in cosplay. It is a craft that is constantly evolving–that’s just how it is. But don’t let it get you down. Let the challenges you face breath life into you. Look back and see how far you have made it, and just know that you can and will go further.

You are always getting better. No matter where you are on your cosplay journey you’ve already left wherever you were last year, last month even, in the dust. You are so much better a cosplayer. So if you are in a rut and feel like you are just not improving and that you will never be as a good as your idols, or anyone else really, just take a breath and look at the road behind you. Look at all of things that you have accomplished. Because if you’ve made it this far, you will definitely make it farther.

And if you don’t believe my words, I invite you to look above and trust your eyes. Look at the difference just one year can make.

what if there was like a subjug convention

like all the subjugs/purple government officials get together to pat each other on the back for how brutal and competant they are

theres awards for like keeping lowbloods in line and catching revolutionaries and gettin the sting on rebellion plans

performances from famous entertainers who have no choice but to come because how you gonna say no when everyone whose gonna be in the room could literally tear you to shreds

i dunno i was just thinking about that

lol @ that one time savage was hurting because obi wan cut off his arm and maul has the comforting manner of a vulture so he just rests a fist at savage’s back post arm loss and ¿¿kindly?? tells his apprentice to gtfo cause their plan has failed??? BUT THE BACK PAT. BLESSES ME? Maul it’s ok we know nobody did anything about your pain ever, you are excused.

(Cut to savage legit throwing aside his weapons and running to see if feral is alright when asajj knocks him out I SUFFER)

TLDR; savage woulda looked out for ya buddy he woulda dad-ed you better than talzin ok

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I want to say something, but I really don't want to get the hate in my box.. Please, be proud to be black, but don't make me feel bad about being white. I understand some white people are prejudice, but not all of us are. I don't care what color you are, what you look like, or how you present yourself, you will get my respect as long as you give me respect. Don't make me feel bad for being white because of other white people.

You are racist.

All white people are racist. All white people benefit from and participate in white supremacy, whether we’re conscious of it or not. That’s how privilege works, what it does. White supremacy exists regardless of the amount of pats you put on your back, and you live in it.

And you’re not an exception, especially since you’re sending messages like this. You are racist. You do not live in a vacuum, you were not raised in a vacuum. You, like all white people, are racist.

Sending messages demanding to be treated as an exception makes you a false ally. Stating you will only treat marginalized people as people if they “respect you” is being a false ally.

Seriously, our lives are conditional to “allies” and it’s a bunch of bullshit. So here I am as a white person calling you out as a racist because people of colour don’t need to appeal to you or any other white person to earn their rights.

Honestly, this wasn’t provoked; there was no reason for this to be sent. If seeing black people talk about white supremacy, police brutality, opportunity gaps, and so on, is more offensive to you than these concepts are, you’re not an ally, you are racist.

Respectability politics are garbage distractions away from real issues. Your unwarranted self importance and bruised ego are not real issues.

- damegreywulf

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request: super hero au raychael

note: mentions of violence

“Listen, it’s super cute that you think you’ve got this – but you really don’t.”

“We’ll see, wolfboy.”

And with that, Ray shot the boy with the flaming eyes a grin, patting him on the back before he took a step forward and dropped from the roof of the building. Michael stared, watching with static in his fingertips as Ray rolled onto the concrete below – Michael stared, in a state of awe denial, as Ray pulled the throwing knives from who-the-fuck-knows where to spin on his feet, releasing them with grace into the flesh of nearing attackers.

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they made deadpool have a girlfriend and be basically straight in the movie, apparently, so theres honestly no point. you have no right to proudly tout around the pansexual flag like you’re some god damn beacon of positive representation, and then just not do shit with it and continue to pat yourself on the back over it. that’s not how it works.

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Anon who lives in Ventura county- please take up someone's offer and drive to the office for us?

LOL someone is bound to eventually right? I just want to make sure someone does. I know someone ordered one online but i dont know how long that will take so if someone is available to go in person we could at least know if it’s been registered with the clerk.

Anonymous said:I thought about this today. Since the bc really just shows what we know that he is saying he is the father, it goes along with tmz’s narrative of that he doesn’t need a pat test. So I’m wondering if it comes back to them somehow and they break it that way. 

i mean that’s how i sort of see it  - especially with the 60 day to change thing.

you guys im so hyped up i might do a third video.

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If Sansa's pregnant they're gonna pass the Satan's spawn's sacrifice as a pro abortion plot. It's going to be super progressive and mega empowering.

Yep. D&D will pat themselves on the back for their amazing and progressive “pro-choice” storyline. Because OF COURSE Asnas will be 100% down with getting rid of her rape-baby to save her bro!!! She’s a “hardened woman making a choice”!!

Apple Juice and Red Wine

Pitch’s favorite drink is fine quality red wine, and Jack’s favorite is apple juice. Jack likes the sweetness in juice, while Pitch isn’t that fond of it. On the other hand Jack doesn’t like the bitterness in wine, but still open to try out getting used to it, and see if he could perhaps like it by time. 

Alas, the boy has a low alcohol tolerance, and doesn’t usually drink alcohol, as by one and a half glass of wine later, Jack feels rather dizzy, and Pitch pats his back, telling him he should’ve taken it more easy, because unlike juice, drinking big sips will make the alcohol hit you like a smack in the face. 

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Their whole little "It's only by our basic decency that her real name and address hasn't been pasted everywhere" jig really only tells me how awful they are. Decent people don't pat themselves on the back for not doing reprehensible things.

Yep….of course it would also be a complete violation of tumblr ToS and possibly constitute invasion of privacy laws, but hey, as you note, let’s all praise ourselves for not being utterly subhuman. Though, TBF, it isn’t as if my information (and most of theirs through twitter and FB) isn’t public, anyway….

Or are they now gonna do it because it’s code for this freaky weirdness?:

Also, they are just really, really obsessed with me, no?? I’ll just add this:

Vile apparently brings up this quip about how “uncreative” (not a real word, sweetie) I am because I don’t do manips or fanfic. Here’s the deal, adults (including highly educated, well connected women) are well aware that “creativity” takes many forms besides online arts and crafts or appropriating someone else’s creations to make your fantasies work out. Cooking, sewing, decorating, engineering, programming, problem solving, etc all involve significant creativity. And people over 11 recognize this.

However, the irony is, I actually DO write both professionally (in marketing, where I also compose visuals, when doing copy) AND personally—I’ve written poetry since childhood and some of it has won awards. I just prefer to keep that part of my life separate. Actually, even my snarking is akin to a critic looking at something and requires writing ability. But hey, I get their pea brains are, in actuality, on the narrow level of pretentious middle schoolers, so there it is.

Meanwhile, their manip challenge fully proves the fandumb apartheid they continue to seek to perpetuate (I’ll be happy to privately send the link to a screen shot to anyone who comes here off anon—the link will only post as an image and that would be a tumblr violation!)…..there’s literally an “anything but Hook” category.

Cause life would be just sooooooo beeyootiful if only we’d (once again) accept that our canon ship, that we were able to call the narrative on all along, makes us third class citizens and we need to accept that and thank them for treating us like shit because of their pathetic, mouth-foaming envy

I’ve never been one to consider myself pretty. I have such low self esteem, so it’s hard to consider myself anything but boring. For the most part, I’m a 3 out of 10.

I’m not saying this for compliments or pats on the back. I’m saying this because when I look at these beautiful pictures taken by @nschwkr I feel beautiful. I look at these pictures in awe. I’m not used to feeling beautiful, but this picture does just that. ♡♡♡

#model #beauty #flowers #babysbreath #hair #makeup #stunning #angel #angelic #wedding #smile #lovely

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❝ So, what you're saying is... if they disappeared, no one would notice? ❞

❝   exactly !!  ❞  tone rising abruptly,  graves’ right hand pats with certain unintentional aggressivity the other’s back.  a grin lined up,  cigar curls from one to the other side down his lips.   ❝   seems like we’re gonna get along well,  jhin - boy !!  ❞

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so some of my friends hate 5sos and part of me wants to murder them yet the other part of me wants to pat them on the back because ya know what they say: "no one hates 5sos more than the 5sos fandom" :):)

I don’t get it. Why do your friends have to like them?