okay but imagine isaac coming back and finding out that scott has a new beta so like every once in awhile he takes liam to the side and is like “lesson 1 on how to be isaac jr” and lil liam is like “wait what but i dont” and he just pats him on the head and is like shhh and he refuses to call him anything other then isaac jr

so he’ll be talking with the gang and then be like “well what about isaac jr???” and they’ll be like “who” and liam just hits the wall and quits life 

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I'm white and I'm the only one in my family to argue anyone on anything racist or transphobic or literally anything their close minds can't comprehend. Everything you said applies to my family it's sickening

listen… I don’t really care that you’re a Special White™ go pat yourself on the back elsewhere


I just wanna say that this is the best community and I am so proud of everyone keeping the tag positive and supporting each other and I truly do see you all as family right now and I just love you so so so much <3  Jack’s content is so energetic and optimistic, and then you guys just add to the fun by being amazing. :) Pat yourselves on the back, and GET OVER HERE AND HUG ME DAMMNIT!!!!!!  *aggressively hugs ALL OF YOU* *except those of you who don’t like being touched* *to you guys I make aggressive “i love you” eye contact*

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mycaffeinebox requested: Steve’s first sad 4th post freezing, then first happy one with Bucky (:


A lot of cities ask if Captain America would be the Grand Marshall of their 4th of July parade.

He’s nearly tempted to accept Gambier, Ohio’s invitation, since they’re the only small town that even tries making a bid against New York, Chicago and LA. But even a ten minute parade in Gambier is in the least bit enticing.

He visits Peggy on July 2nd, gives her a peck on the cheek and tells her he’ll be back in a few days.

The plane ride to Arizona is uneventful. One little girl spots him, asks if he’ll pick her up so she can kiss his cheek. He checks with her parents—yes, they say, of course—and does so. She says, “Happy 4th of July, Captain!” in a squeaky, energetic voice after she kisses him, patting his head with a chubby hand. Her smiles as he puts her down.

Her parents get it all on camera, and it ends up trending in an hour.

Steve, however, doesn’t see it. Instead, he ignores the notifications on his phone and double checks that he has all his equipment before he heads in.

The Grand Canyon is beautiful and vast. His guide is a nice young girl, who he ditches as soon as he can. He’s not like most people—he can withstand a lot, and has a Stark-patented tracking device with him, in case something does happen.

He camps out in a strong SHIELD-grade strength tent and watches at the sky turn from dusk to night. He can’t hear any fireworks here, just the sounds of desert animals hurrying through the sand. He gets the bottles of beer out from his backpack. He only packed three: one for him, one for Peggy, and the other for a ghost. He opens his up, and sets the two other unopened bottles next to him in the sand, next to the fire that he built.

He raises the beer up to the sky. “Happy birthday,” he says quietly to himself, before he drains the whole thing down.

And he doesn’t feel a thing.


Steve wakes-up with Bucky’s warm breath on his neck.

He glances at the clock, then back down to the man next to him, and decides that it’s his birthday—he can shut his eyes again.

When he wakes up a second time, it’s because Bucky is sitting up, wiping his sleepy eyes with his metal hand. “Morning,” Steve says, with a little smile.

Bucky blinks a few times at Steve, then smiles back. “Hey birthday boy,” he says. He flaps back onto the bed and snuggles up close. “Did I wake you up?”

“Mmm,” Steve hums, reaching up and smoothing Bucky’s bedhead down. “Not really.”

Bucky leans down and gives Steve a warm kiss, lingering and sweet. “Sorry,” he says. “For wakin’ the birthday boy up.” He smiles, a bit wicked. “Anythin’ I can do to make it up to you?”

“I can think of a couple things,” Steve responds, trailing a finger down Bucky’s flesh arm.

“Hope you’re thinkin’ of breakfast in bed, because that’s what I was thinkin’.”

“Provided by Jarvis?”

“‘Course,” Bucky says. “You think I’m cookin’?”

“No,” Steve says, pulling Bucky down for another quick kiss. “Wouldn’t dare.”

Bucky smiles, Steve smiles back, and it’s absolutely everything.

“So then, it’s gone for sure?” Your voice was just above a whisper

“Yea, you have nothing to worry about y/n.” Sam said reassuringly.

“I can’t thank you two enough. If you guys are ever back in town, which lets hope not, or just passing through and need a place to crash you’re more than welcomed to stay here. I know motel rooms aren’t the best thing.” You said laughing quietly.

“That’s real nice of you y/n, thanks.” Dean could tell from the quiet smiles you two kept sharing that you guys wanted some space. He cleared his throat and patted his brother on the shoulder, “well I’ll be in the car Sammy.”

“So I’m glad I got to meet you.“ You looked up to him and nodded in response. "I- uhh I’m, I’m not very good at this kind of thing.” He laughed and you could see the redness in his cheeks 

“It’s fine”, you smiled, “maybe we ca-.” You were cut of by the sound of a horn.

Letting out a sigh then forcing a smile Sam gave you hug, “I’m sorry, I got to go.”

“Yea, yea of course.” You replied looking down. He nodded at you before starting to walk away. He was almost to the car when you spoke up.

“Hey Sam!” You ran towards him and planted your lips on his. You were both locked in it until Dean honked the horn again, clearly impatient. You both stopped, but kept your lips on one another. Sam smiled, “I probably should go now or he’ll bicker at me all night long.

"He likes pie right?” Sam rolled his eyes nodding. “Tell your brother I’ll make him a homemade pie if you guys come around.” You laughed slightly.

“Ok, but know if I do he’ll want us to visit every weekend.” Sam replied putting emphasis on the last part.

“Lets hope so.” With a big smile on your face and on Sam’s he turned around and made way for the car. When he got in, his eyes remained forward.

“She’ll make you pie.” Sam finally looked to his brother with his cheeky half smile. Dean was starting his car when he heard him. Swinging his head around he raised his eyebrows, "Dude, we’ll be here every weekend.”

Actually the idea that people would need to tag ship hate under the ship tag for organizational purposes is hilarious because it’s like.

I hate this ship so much I’m gonna go through my tag and pat myself on the back for all the hate I tag.

Do people actually go through their ship hate months after the matter?? lol

Reasons why P.3

Part 1

Part 2

It was a short kiss lasting about three seconds but to Lucas and Maya it felt like forever. When they pulled away they both had smiles plastered on their faces until they heard noises from the bakery. They turned their heads to the window and saw Riley staring at them with tears in her eyes. Maya knew she couldn’t do this to Riley but yet she did. Riley ran out of the door and ran down the street.

“I’m sorry” Maya told Lucas before she took off, sprinting after he best friend.

Lucas put his hands on the nape of his neck and walked back to Farkle and Zay.

“You stole my woman!” Farkle roared as Lucas set down.

“Damn Lucas” Zay congratulated him with a pat on his shoulder.
“Farkle, I did not steal Maya. Zay, did a mistake?” Lucas turned to his best friend.
“You told the girl of your dreams that you like her! That’s far from a mistake.” Zay assured him.
“But what about Riley?”
“Riley will be ok, I promise” Farkle said with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Maya had climbed up Riley’s fire escape and was waiting for the brunette in the bay window. Not five minutes later she enterered her bedroom and saw Maya waiting.
“How could you? You know I like Lucas!” Riley roared.
‘I don’t know, Riles I like him too but our friendship is way more important than a boy. See, we even have rings.” Maya said as she stood up and took Riley’s hand pointing out the rings.
“Promise me something?” Riley asked.
“Anything, peaches”
“Don’t go out with Lucas, at least not until we get closure.

“No more Huckelberry” She promised as she hugged Riley with a smile on her face but once Riley couldn’t see her face, Maya’s smiled dropped and a single tear fell out of her eyes.

She had no idea what to do……..

Having just scrolled through a few days worth of posts on my own tumblr I have decided that I have a quality blog and follow many other quality blogs and therefore deserve a pat on the back. So well done you and well done me! :) 

(Not trying to be big-headed here folks, just trying to be kinder to myself).

Harry hiccuped, I took that as a sign of his agreement. “Do you know who used to make tonnes of jokes about this shirt?”

I sighed, patting Harry on the shoulder. He’d been making comments like that all night. Pointing out things that reminded him of her, and how she used to wear his shirts, just like how I was wearing Johannes’. “Did you love her?”

He turned over, lying on his back instead, and rested his large hands over his stomach. “No, but I could have. I would have liked to have loved her. I would have been easy.”

I hummed, playing with the ends of my hair as I failed to think of anything else to stay. I’d never been through a break up, not one I’d been upset about anyway. Relationships have never been something that I’ve been desperate to have. I was far too busy with my friends, school, and my family. Seeing how Harry was, made me glad that I’d never actually had big feelings for someone before.

Champagne Supernova ch 5 | read below or on 1dff | more info | previous chapters

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Once Upon A Dream - Joe Sugg Imagine

The church bells ringing throughout the small town woke you from your slumber, and the sun light creeping in through the slit in your curtain certainly didn’t help you with falling back into a nice deep dreamy sleep. You sighed tossing onto your side and huffed at the ringing bells since you really didn’t want it to be morning. You squeezed your eyes shut tight, wanting to return to your wonderful dream but to no avail you couldn’t manage to fall back into that peaceful dream. The birds were singing outside and your pet dog Buster was no help since he began licking your hand to wake you up. “Oh okay Buster, I’m waking up..” You mumbled sliding up from the covers before you smile patting his head softly. “Oh Buster, I had the most wonderful dream last night..” You smiled slipping out of bed and taking quiet but joyful steps over to your wardrobe getting your outfit ready for the day and allowing your mind to wander back to the amazing dream you just had sadly woken up from. “I was dancing Buster..I was dancing with this handsome young man..and we waltzed for hours..and there was beautiful music playing and we both got along so well! He twirled me around and we danced under the stars..” You gleamed twirling around with your eyes closed, wishing you could return to your dream, or even better, wishing your dream was true. Buster looked up at you with his tongue poking out and his tail wagging quickly. “Maybe tonight I’ll meet him again..” You signed sitting down at your dresser and beginning to brush your hair after changing into your white blouse and skirt, getting ready for the day of chores ahead of you.

Unfortunately your life wasn’t as simple as it was in that wondrous dream of yours. Your life was completely different from that dream of yours. You were a maid for your step mother and your two step sisters, and boy were they troublesome. At the young age of five, the woman you always looked up to and admired, the woman who would always read you one more extra bed time story, your real mother sadly passed away and left your father heart broken. Your father was completely lost without his love beside him, but since you were so young, you didn’t understand at the time why your father was so worried about the future since you were told at that your mother had to go on a small visit far away up in the clouds but you would see her soon, and although you were completely heartbroken at the thought of your mother leaving for a while, you didn’t understand that she passed away until you became quite older. Your father on the other hand did not want you to live your life without a mother role figure, so after a few years, when you were the age of ten, your father re-married to Helen, now your step mother, and that is how she and her two very snobby daughters entered your life. Helen never loved your father the way you did, the only thing Helen loved was your fathers wealth. Your father was a hard working man and would do anything for you, he was your best friend and you would both do anything and everything together when he was not at work, but sadly one day, he took very ill and at the age of fifteen your father passed away, leaving the large house and all of the inheritance to your step mother, two step sisters and yourself, but since you and your step sisters were still young, everything was looked after your mother, who of course did not give you a second look.

You thought your life would change when Helen and her daughters entered your life at first but when your father passed, your life spiralled right out of control. Your step mother soon made you do every chore in the large house and she fired all of your fathers workers, leaving you to do all the work while she and her daughters spent longer in bed and going shopping on your fathers earned money. You were made to do everything, like making the the breakfast, washing the dishes, moping the floor, making the lunch, making the beds, sweeping the yard, dusting the book cases and so much more that you wouldn’t believe. You were now twenty one and still working in the large house. Why? Is probably what your thinking. Well firstly, your wicked step mother refused to give you any of your fathers money and secondly you have no other job, sadly your life revolved around the three most wicked people in the world. In fairness, there was a third reason why you haven’t left and that reason is because of your father. This home of yours has your father in every corner and you can’t bare to leave and give Helen the satisfaction of owning your fathers house and turning it into her own little palace. You wanted and needed to stay if you planned on keeping the house and keeping your fathers spirit in every corner. You washed your face before exiting your room, with Buster beside you.

“Just another day..” You breathed out, walking down the large flight of stairs and down into the kitchen beginning to make breakfast for everyone, when your ears started ringing painfully from the three bells in the kitchen and your name being screamed by three high pitched voices. “Y/N! Y/N! Hurry up with our breakfast young lady! Do you want us to starve!?” Screamed your step mother. You sighed to yourself before sucking in a deep breath and placing a smile on your face. ‘It’s just another day..’ You thought while balancing the three trays of breakfast in your arms and beginning your journey back up the stairs.

Oh how you wished your life was completely different..

Hi lovelies! So here’s my new Joe imagine ‘Once Upon A Dream’ I’ve been working on! I’m not too well at the moment so I’ve been watching movies and I stumbled across Cinderella and it really hit me in the heart and made me feel like a princess so I just really wanted to write a Joe imagine based around it and I’ve been planning on writing an imagine like this for a while now since I’ve never seen one before and I just really wanted to write one! Would you like me to continue it? Is it any good? Please message me your thoughts because I’d really like to know what you think! Also I’ve been asked to make a master post to all my imagines and I promise, I’m working on that! Thank you so much for reading, all the love❤️ xxx

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i love when barney's binder is visible :o it makes me become the heart eye emoji tbh. i love deadendia so much omg thank you for working so hard with it, you're the best!!

Thanks very much! It’s always good to consider it. Actually throughout the series he is just starting on T so he’ll change in very subtle ways each issue. But I’m also looking to be better and not get pats on the back about it so I’m happy to listen to criticism or requests in regards to it.

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Hey babe I love your boobs I miss your boobs when I come back home I'm going to bury my head in your boobs and just stay there while we cuddle and you can pat my head. Okay see you later babe Michael's dying his hair again love ya! -lukey :-)

i just giggled like an idiot oh my god okay i havent rp’d since i was 12 but boy do i fucking love it

i actually really do hate it when people talk about how anti black/racist their family is then afterwards talk about how trashy they are like ok???? want a pat on the back? i dont care… i dont give a shit. didnt need to know? its SO ugly! keep that bullshit to yourself

Darkest Days


He had noted how Kenny seemed zoned out for a moment, probably because of the drugs, and waited patiently for him. So he just stood there in silence with his reddened hand held out for him. It was difficult not to smile but he managed to refrain, staring down at the blond and admiring him a moment. With his soft and messy hair that fell over his beautiful blue eyes, and his soft skin. It took a second to snap back into reality and pulled the other to his feet, giving a slight smile and returning to their spot on the bleachers.

Silently he watched Kenny relighting the joint and stared blankly, sitting up straight with his hands rested in his lap. His lip quirked up at seeing him struggle a moment, laughing softly as he patted his back.

“Here.” The joint was taken from him and Craig held it with his forefinger and thumb, eyes never leaving the other’s as he inhaled deeply and trapped the smoke in fix mouth. A bony hand reached over to grab Kenny’s collar and pull him close as Craig leaned forward, their lips brushing together as he exhaled into his mouth. It wasn’t even a real kiss but it gave him tingles, the lightest shade of red coloring his cheeks as he did so. Finally he sat back up, an eyebrow raised and his lips in a thin line.

“Better?” he asked, returning the joint to him.

When bony fingers took hold on Kenny’s collar, he was sure he was going to be strangled whatever the reason might be. But he was completely thrown off when he was tugged in close instead, his mouth only centimeters apart from the other’s.

Holy. Shit. he thought, brows furrowed from both shock and confusion. He went with it, of course, inhaling the smoke like some mellowed-out, silent vacuum. Hell even if it were poison, and Craig was a psychotic killer, he’d probably still go along with it. A short-lived, but slow caress of those velvety lips against his made his heart rapidly throb beneath his rib cage, and oh my god, oh mY god oh ggod. GOD. Who gave him the right.

He swallowed down a whimper as Tucker pulled away, and nodded. “Y…Yeah, fuck yeah,” he replied, accepting the joint back. “I’m so high. I wanna try that again,”

He took a heavy drag of the weed, held it away from the two of them and slid himself in closer than before. He gestured an ‘O’ with his hand to tell Craig to open his mouth, and returned the favor by exhaling his share into it. Though when he should’ve stopped–he didn’t. Nope. He…went ahead and fully connected their mouths, mentally praying to God almighty that Craig wouldn’t shove him away.

Because Craig’s lips felt so good on his.
And maybe they were the real drug.



The demon appeared at the front door of the mansion, rapping brightly on the door. He folded his hands behind his back, rocking on his heels; we wore a goofy smile at his success, mentally patting himself on the back. 

He was so clever! Who’d known it would be so easy to take out a prince of Hell? Now all he had to do was retrieve the body. He could smell others inside, but surely they would be more than happy to hand the prince over! Once they met Rula, of course they would see how much better suited to the throne he was!