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you're from boston right? so how do you feel about brady's suspension

I don’t think it matters whether you’re a fan, whether you hate the Pats and Brady or you love them. 

What matters is this: in the eyes of the NFL, the suspected abuse of a football merits more punishment than the extemely violent physical abuse of a woman. And punishing a man for supposedly cheating somehow requires less evidence and results in a greater sentence than punishing a man who without a doubt abused his partner.

In other words, to the NFL, football > women. And there is something very, very wrong with that picture.

We had so much fun backstage and then that darn Darren had to look straight in the audience to say goodbye as Harry – you thought there were tears in the audience? You should have seen backstage – we were all up against the curtain looking up at the two big screens. Literally not a dry eye in the cast. The camaraderie amongst the fans – complete strangers crying on each other’s shoulders… Their love was like a warm blanket.
—  Pat Brady (x)

“…I’ve represented a lot of brilliant actors who’ve made a great deal of money and become major stars, but I have never been so excited to see what’s happening with these guys and gals! It’s amazing to see it because they’re so professional and they’re so loving. Their fans are the most important thing to them. You’ll never see any of them diss a fan.”

Every Starkid actor: [6/???] - Pat Brady

Starkid is about friendship – that is it – nothing less than best lifelong friendships. Like Harry, Ron and Hermione. You know when you spend even five minutes with any of them they will be there for each other the rest of their lives. The girls have a sisterhood tighter than most sisters I know and the boys would do anything for each other.
—  Pat Brady