Brady Skjei #1 - Puppy Kisses

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A/N - be prepared for so much cute puppy fluffiness in this one. You might get a cavity due to the sweetness of this imagine alone :)

For the anon request: Hi your writings are so cute! Can I request one for Brady Skjei?? 

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You don’t think you’ve stopped smiling in over an hour. You really need to stop because at this point your cheeks actually hurt but then you look over at your boyfriend, Brady Skjei, who is jumping up and down and running around the fenced in yard playing chase with a five year-old pit bull mix. God, its hard to tell the difference between which one is a rambunctious dog and which one is your boyfriend of two years. You and Brady had been talking about getting a dog for practically forever but you both agreed that you needed to wait until you were more settled. Well, with the two of you finally settled into the house outside of the city that you bought at the beginning of the season and the end of your second year studying at Columbia drawing to a close, now was as perfect a time as any.

You both had grown up with dogs for your whole life so there was absolutely no cat vs. dog debate to be had and after researching potential breeders, Brady thought that it would be a better idea to adopt a rescue dog from the shelter. You spent the next two weeks researching everything you could about rescue dogs and how to be a perfect forever home for them. You also spent a solid four hours one afternoon with Brady going around and dog proofing your house but you refrained from going out and buying supplies for the dog because you weren’t exactly sure what kind of dog you were going to come home with. Today, you had walked in the front doors of the Humane Society of New York around an hour ago and you don’t think you could be in a happier state. Finally you see Brady give the dog a scratch behind the ear before giving the ball they were playing with back to the handler and jogging over to the gate. As he latched the door shut behind him his eyes scanned his surroundings until they fell unto where you were sitting crosslegged on the floor of nearby kennel, tiny puppy curled up in your lap. When Brady’s eyes met yours you could see the exact moment when his heart melted into a puddle of goop.

“Brady look!” you beamed up at him, “he’s only two months old!”

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven" he sighed before plopping down across from you. The presence of a new person woke up the dozing puppy in your arms but instead of getting up to go investigate, the little ball of fur simply nuzzled up higher into your arms, gave a little lick to your face and the started to chew on the collar of your hoodie.

“I think I’ve reached peak cuteness. I thought I had reached cute overload levels when I met your parents’ dogs but nope, this right here, is it.” He gushed. You shifted the dog around in your arms and passed your boyfriend the now wriggly puppy who starts to clamber all over him as soon as he is placed in his lap.

“And to make him even more perfect,” you continue, “Guess what his name is?”

“Hmm, Brady?”

“Nope, though that would be funny,” you laughed as the puppy started to paw at Brady’s face and lick his chin, “His name is Stanley.”

“Hey there Stanley, bud.” Brady cooed at the puppy, “You must be a good luck charm then, eh?”

“I’d say so, he’d look cute in the cup.” you winked, “please brady! he’s so cute we can’t just leave him here. What if someone else adopts him that aren’t good for him.”

“No need to beg babe, I’m a goner for him too.” Brady returned your megawatt smile. “Let’s go do the paperwork.”

You may have squealed a tiny bit


“Put that down Brady! We are not buying any clothes. It is a dog, dogs do not wear clothes!” you fake-scolded your boyfriend while you were standing of the middle of the pet store with your brand new puppy Stanley contentedly chewing on the leash that the shelter had given you.

“But it’s a mini Rangers jersey!” he pouted holding the offending article of clothing

“And in two months, this little mans’s head is going to be the same size as it. Weren’t you paying attention to the fact that Stanley is probably going to grow to be upwards of 80 pounds? Keep in mind that he is a Rottweiler.”

“Alright, alright. What about this?” Brady conceded before holding up a blue collar and leash decorated with the rangers’ logo and hockey sticks.

“Much better” you nodded and Brady threw the two into your cart which was turning slowly into a mountain. You continued to walk around the store, slowly accumulating everything that your extensive research and prior dog experience said that you might need from teething toys to carpet disinfectant. When you walked into the toy aisle you started to pull out toys for Stanley to play with. You and Brady giggled when Stanley tried to fit his little mouth around a big tire toy that was twice his size.

“Hey champ, I think that’s a little big for ya.” Brady crouched down to meet the puppy and helped him with the toy.

“Aw, he’s just a little over-achiever.” you laughed

“Soon bud,” Brady pat the little dog,”You are going to be big and strong like your dad,” he winked over his shoulder at you causing you to roll your eyes.

“Okaayy, way to flatter yourself,” you laughed but added the tire to the cart anyways, “All ready to go now?”

“Let’s get this puppers home.” Brady scooped up little Stanley in his arms and the puppy started to wiggle and kiss all over his face, “We’re a little family now.’ Brady sighed as he grabbed your hand with his free hand.

You couldn’t help the giant smile on your face when you leaned up and kissed Brady on the cheek, “Best looking Rangers family?” you asked

“Now that we have Stanley, no one else stands a chance.”


ugh I just really love dogs okay??  Up next: Auston Matthews!