pat reilly

Ironman Lake Placid Recap

Eight months of training boiled down to one day… and I had an amazing day. The weather was hot, not humid. The water was perfect. No mechanical issues on the bike. My family was everywhere, screaming their heads off! I probably saw them a dozen times. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

(sorry this is long, so was the day)

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Happy to finally present to you folks a trailer for my film No Way Jose. A labor of lust, I co-wrote this with Sarah Kate Levy, directed it, made some songs for it, and licked it. It’s got an exceptional ensemble with some wonderful known and not so known actors – great friends of mine with whom I’ve collaborated on a variety of other projects and other mediums over the years before writing for them. Featuring Ahna O’Reilly, Emily Osment, thepathealy , Brendan Hines, Anna Belknap, and steveagee  making a very special appearance as The Clown). Also featuring some badass titles from number34 and an amazing soundtrack featuring some of my favorite ‘70s era tunes I cleared for the film, but not the trailer.  Coming to a home near you on July 7. You can pre-order the DVD (bonus features, commentary by me, etc)  or watch it on iTunes and other digital outlets in July. Or both. Or neither. It’s your life, you need to do what’s best for you.