pat o'kane

Patrick O’Kane... Spam Post & Why You Should Love Him

He’s a good American Boy who loves other American sports likefootball

His chin could cut glass

He’s 5′7″, yup he’s only two inches taller than me and is one of if not the most beloved player on the team.

He loves when his teammates score and he gets so happy about it.

He’s a giant dork

This is his 5th season with the Mustangs! (This was his rookie year)

His smile clears acne and makes children happy.

This has been a PSA about the beautiful Patrick O’Kane

Please check out the Melbourne Mustangs & the AIHL who are currently in the start of their season!

All photos are credited to the Melbourne  Mustangs Facebook page!

you know how it’s summer and everyone misses hockey? well on the other side of the planet it’s winter and there is hockey! so i give you a couple of ponies from the Melbourne Mustangs,  Olthsus and Uni-O'kane (his name is freakin’ Patrick O'kane, how can i say no!)

i got plans of an AIHL herd coming up for all you Aussies who follow me! all 3 of you!


Julies, I’m sorry. Look, I really am, believe me. But you’ve just confessed in front of everyone. I really am going to have to tell the police.