pat o'kane

you know how it’s summer and everyone misses hockey? well on the other side of the planet it’s winter and there is hockey! so i give you a couple of ponies from the Melbourne Mustangs,  Olthsus and Uni-O'kane (his name is freakin’ Patrick O'kane, how can i say no!)

i got plans of an AIHL herd coming up for all you Aussies who follow me! all 3 of you!

Hey followers. Check out some of my music. If you like Dallas Green, you might dig some of it.

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You can download this track and hear my others at the link below! :)

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I have nothing else to post at the moment, so I’ll re-post this.

You should listen to this if you want to calm down, or if you like Dallas green / City and Colour.

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