pat moriarity


R.I.P. Larry Fischer (born November 6, 1944, died June 15, 2011) This is an animation segment I created for the 2005 movie DERAILROADED. The sound comes from Larry Wildman Fischer and Barnes and Barnes. Larry’s song, “The Bouillabaisse,” was intended to be a psychedelic dream, his own outsider Sgt. Pepper interlude – all good until Fischer, according to Mumy’s liner notes, became convinced of subliminal messages in the song, and that Barnes & Barnes, Doctor Demento, Frank Zappa, “Weird Al” Yankovic and others were joined in conspiracy to sever his penis, throw him in the ocean, chop him into little pieces and throw him to the sharks.

The Bouillabaisse Uncut (by PatMoriarityDotCom)