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The man-tiger should be proud of his garments. But he should still learn how to wear a belt properly.

  • Matt: That sucks, when you've outlived your purpose.
  • Pat: I know right?! And then everyone turns on you? It's bullshit!
  • Matt: I hate it, every time it happens I'm like "this is bullshit!"
  • Pat: I'm constantly on edge for Liam to just stab me!
  • Matt: "You've outlived your usefulness!"
  • Pat: Nooo! I helped build this channel!
  • Matt: No, no, you write Liam's name in blood on the floor, then I come in and I look at it and I go "ah shit, it was Woolie!"
The signs according to my leo friend adrian

Aries: a bit snobbish

Taurus: they sound cool

Gemini: they can burn

Cancer: uhh *I don’t know sound*

Leo: the best… the definition of awesome. kings and queens

Virgo: they’re nice, a bit reserved but all in all nice people

Libra: is that the one with the measuring cups? sweet people

Scorpio: *pats my hand* (I’m a scorpio lol)

Sagittarius: cool

Capricorn: that star sign looks like a satanic thing

Aquarius: good people

Pisces: all in all good but sometimes can you please just sit the fuck down


@nosferanne ( More of a compilation of songs Sam would show to Anne )

Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains - Harmony Parking Lot

AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad) - Love in the Time Of Human Papillomavirus

Pat the Bunny - I’m not a good person

The Taxpayers - Hungry Dog in the Street

Wingnut Dishwashers Union - My Idea of Fun

Bonus: -> A Sapphic Song <3