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Household at Christmas (*´∀`*)

Shower (Boyfriend!Jungkook)

Plot: Getting caught coming out of the shower

Word Count: 768

A/N: so I have a really busy day and I just don’t have time to sit down and write but I wanted to post something so here is an old post from my previous blog (click here for the original)

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You’d had a long day, running back and forth, doing errands for your boss. You’d been yelled at all day, spilled coffee all over your coworker’s white shirt and broken your heel on the way home. To say you were looking forward to just climbing into bed and sleeping for twelve hours straight was an understatement.

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Get What You Deserve (REQUEST: Eisuke & MORE SMUT)

queenofpeaceus said:Can u make eisuke smut, where mc takes control Pls?

iiluvyousaid: Hi Hun! Could I have a fanfiction on Eisuke Ichinomiya from kbtbb where he cheats on MC. After, that MC moves on to a different guy who instantly kisses her but told him off gently where he couldn’t take no for an answer, eisuke coming in for the recuse. Later, they go home together ending making it up by having sex. And could you add just a small bonus to it please?

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Fandom: Kiss by The Baddest Bidders
Category: Smut
Character: Eisuke & MORE
Notes: Combining both requests, this is LONGGG, specially written for Eisuke’s fan. Maybe I’m cruel but meh I ain’t sorry =P

Tagging @annamreed​ and @carinecaldre69​ cux they are always supportive

PS:  I still have two Eisuke’s smut to finish GRRRRRR

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

“Hands off my woman, dumbass.” A familiar voice announces, follow by a kick to the stomach, the man who just forces a kiss on her is now curling on the floor. Not entirely sure if it’s a good idea to go clubbing right after breaking up with Eisuke but he saves her, she can’t turn a blind eye on that. “Thanks.” She mutters and leaves the club.

Eisuke hurries after her and pushes her into his limo, his eyes on her heavy makeup and her distracting cleavage. “I’ve never seen you wear this before?” Rolling her eyes, she retorts, “You don’t let me choose my clothes, remember?” He snaps and punches the seat next to him, “I said sorry, godammit!”

“You also said you love me and that includes fucking some other whore? No thanks I don’t want your love Eisuke.” That shuts him up, not another word till they return to his penthouse.

“Just one last time. I’ll show you how much I love you.” His hand gripping her wrist tightly, “You can do anything to me and I won’t complain or punish you.” Springing herself free, she opens the wardrobe and starts packing. “Punishment shouldn’t exist in any relationship in the first place.” Suddenly, he is on his knees, begging her to stop and listen to his final words. “Please, ______. Anything.”

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Last Dance

Originally posted by jimint-condition

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Member: Jung Hoseok

Words: 4.3k

Trigger warning: Mentions of character death!

Synopsis: Hoseok was your faithful boyfriend, of whom his second name was happiness. However, you were slightly unaware of the struggles your boyfriend was dealing with, because the only thing that Hoseok wanted to show you was his happy self. Ofcourse, Hoseok was also just a human. And humans are known to have their own limits as well…

Inspired by the song Last Dance of BIGBANG. I recommend you listening to it while reading this story for the extra intensity. 

Day 3 of the BTS Special Christmas collab with @in-the-mood-for-bts <3

A love I thought would be eternal drew to a close

And even all the many friends I had are leaving me

I’ve gotten older

So I guess I become an adult

Why am I so anxious?

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Title: It was Winter
Chapter: Four
Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 4213
Summary: AU. Hinata was 6 years old when she saw Naruto’s family’s bakery for the first time. Quickly Naruto became her best friend and the bakery their special place. 

A/N: The displayed age above the paragraphs is Hinata’s.

I’m finally finished with this chapter! There is a scene I had to cut, which I’ll put in the next chapter, because there was too much going on in this one. So this is a little shorter than the previous chapters. 
I want to thank everyone who wrote me messages!

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18 years old

Her hand was already in the slot of the mailbox when she retreated it again. Ruefully she looked at the blue colored envelope which she couldn’t part with.

The rain fell soundlessly against her umbrella. It was that type of weightless rain that floated in the air like dust and seemed to be everywhere but on the ground.

Yet, the small droplets were enough to wet the ink of Naruto’s name, thickening the letters.

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stillspaces  asked:

pat and achilles fucking in their tent at night and trying to be quiet but honestly what is the point bc everyone knows they are Super Gay

godd!!! it’s pat, of course it’s pat, he takes odysseus’s shittalking to heart and even though achilles told him not to sleep outside or in a diff tent, pat still is kinda nervous and wants to keep achilles safe and his rep pure and strong. and achilles is more of a whisper-encourager during sex, like he is mostly quiet except for noises and the things he mutters in patroclus’s ear. but pat, he’s the loud one. he usually is the one who shouts achilles’s name and moans all over the place, but he tries to keep himself in check that night.

of course achilles is in his ear, “patroclus, please, i love it when you say my name” but pat won’t, even when achilles starts getting even needier about it. not until achilles takes his hand and gasps, “please, patroclus, i want everyone to know you’re mine” does pat give in. and that night they turn the rumors into fact for the entire camp :’))))

What inspired Anya


pat plays something soft like flute/oboe/clarinet/basically any upper woodwind u want but then ACHILLES he’s like ALL ABOUT PERCUSSION and he is unashamed that he is extremely loud (like SO FUCKING LOUD PAT CAN BARELY STAND IT) and their marching band/football team is the Greeks (rivals w/ the lame Trojans from the other side of town boo Trojans) and although Pat thinks it’s really annoying when Achilles is really very loud but doesn’t say anything bc he also thinks that Achilles is super cute :) and his bff briseis is the only one who knows ;) and one day the entire band goes to like some concert as a field trip but pat and achilles are the only ones who can’t go (pat didn’t have a guardian to sign his permission slip and achilles’s mom doesn’t like him going on school trips because of an accident that definitely didn’t involve a school bus getting lit on fire pfft no what) so they have to stay at school and the sub for band doesn’t really give a shit what they do and just sits in the band director’s office and so when pat and achilles would normally have band it’s JUST theM and pat tries to take the time to practice for an audition for a symphony and expects achilles to be annoying af but achilles isn’t and actually sits off to the side and intently listens and even offers after pat is done to accompany him and pats like ???? Accompany???? This is a classical piece there’s no percussion ???? And then achilles is like “no no no” and rushes over to the piano on the other side of the room and begins to play and it’s REALLY PRETTY and pat wants to tell him that but he’s so mesmerized with looking at achilles that he says “you’re really pretty” instead (!!!!!) and begins to awkwardly fumble over his words and apologize and cover it up but achilles is totally a-CHILL-es about it (haha see what I did there?) and says he doesn’t mind !!! And that he thinks you’re pretty…pretty too, pat !!!!! And would you like to go out sometime, pat !?!?!?!?!
And one day, after they practiced for like HOURS pat is complaining that his lips hurt from playing so much and achilles is like “I can help u with that wink wink” and they just make out on the piano bench
And from then on pat and achilles make any excuse to talk to each other during band like “oh sorry I’m climbing over the entire section he stole my pencil from my band binder earlier and I definitely don’t have 7 other one in my backpack no I need that one the one that he stole” or “oops we mixed up our sheet music when it dropped on the floor because we were…wrestling. Last night. Just a little rough housing psh nothing’s going on between us why do you ask”
But EVERYONE knows that there’s something going on because they literally stare at each other the entire time like who gives a shit about playing the music ? When u can stare at ur bf the entire time ? Like pat will make sure to get a seat on the end cuz the rows are arranged in a curve formation and he’s able to look back and see achilles play (and it’s more bearable now bc achilles doesn’t need to hit the drums quite so loudly in order to get pat’s attention :’) )
And briseis has to nudge pat every time he’s off beat because he’s staring and he’ll go back to playing for a minute but his eyes will wander again
then one day pat and achilles decide they’re ok with telling people they’re dating and pat’s okay just talking about it when it comes up in conversation (i.e. “Who do u have a crush on?” “My boyfriend”) but achilles wants to brag to EVERYONE about his AMAZING and EXTREMELY TALENTED BOYFRIEND! So he writes a song and asks the bad director @ the beginning of class if he can play his “original composition” and the director’s like “sure why not” and so achilles and like HALF THE BAND begin to play and achilles is crooning a poorly rhymed love song to achilles and everyone’s like “u hella gay 4 each other” and achilles is like “HELL YEAH THATS MY BOYFRIEND U SEE HIM ITS PATROCLUS MY PERfect OTHE RHALF” and pat is super embarrassed but also like “wow hun u should stick to playing other peoples pieces that was absolutely dreadful” and they kiss real sweet n cute and everyone’s like awwww
And LATER IN THE YEAR PAT DOES THE SAME THING BUT TO PROMPOSE TO ACHILLES AND ACHILLES DAMN NEAR STARTS BAWLING LIKE HIS FIRST CHILD WAS JUST BORN AND SAYS YES YES YES OF COURSE DARLING ILL GO TO PROM WITH U and pats just like “u okay hon I just asked u to go to prom with me it’s not like u thought I was gonna ask someone else Jfc we’ve been dating for 6 months” but still hugs/kisses him back

Escaping Loneliness

He’d been told that finding the one was the most magical moment to happen in one’s life. Ever since he was a child the idea of finding a soul mate was made to be the biggest milestone in a person’s life. But as he grew older he found himself reluctant to date. There were many larger aspects of life he found to be more important than a date penciled in for a Friday night.

Over the years Castiel had written four novels, all of which had hit charts in bookstores across the nation. As his fanbase grew so did his yearning to write more. In the midst of his fifth novel he found himself seated at his desk, with his fingers resting on the keys idly, staring at the date on the corner of his computer screen. It was his 36th birthday.

Suddenly something deep inside of him ached. His eyes roamed to see the spot on his clustered shelves where his published books rested. They were what he had to show for his life. Making friends and finding lovers had never been something that was part of his routine. Now, staring back down at the date, he realized all too suddenly that he was lonely. The characters in his books no longer gave him the satisfaction of company.

Without finishing the next line, he grabbed his phone and quickly dialed his brother’s number.

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*Hides in the bushes*

Submitted by Anonymous

It was the middle of the day, and to be specific, the middle of a summer’s day. And everyone on the planet Earth knows that noon of a day in the middle of summer is a time where sweat drips down one’s balls unrelentingly. So it wasn’t exactly an odd thing to have all of the windows open when your air conditioner broke just last week. It was odd, however, to be lying a pile of bodies on a leather couch when it was as hot as Satan’s buttocks outside.

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Shower (Jungkook Fluff)

Request: Jungkook accidentally opens the door when you’re getting out of the shower. Lol.

Word Count: 784

You’d had a long day, running back and forth, doing errands for your boss. You’d been yelled at all day, spilled coffee all over your coworker’s white shirt and broken your heel on the way home. To say you were looking forward to just climbing into bed and sleeping for twelve hours straight was an understatement.

You ignored the mess in the kitchen, ignored the makeup that was still sprawled across your bathroom counter. You ignored everything but the shower. The amount you were looking forward to stepping into a warm shower to wash away your day was almost laughable. You didn’t hesitate to jump in, immediately turning the water on.

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I don't need a tutor! - Stingue Oneshot

“A tutor?!” Sing Eucliffe, a 19 year old student with blond hair and blue eyes exclaimed as he looked on at his friend, Yukino Aguria, in disbelief. The girl shrugged, casually taking a sip of her cappuccino as she watched him smugly.

“Let’s face it Sting, I don’t think you’re going to pass the semester without one,” she stated bluntly. The boy winced and let his head fall to the table with a groan. The two students were sitting inside the coffee shop which was just located outside the uni they both attended; Fiore University.

“You’re so cruel Yukino, I’m doing perfectly fine,” he mumbled into the wood. The girl in question snorted,

“Your grades would say otherwise. Besides, I’ve already found someone who’s willing to help,” She explained, sympathetically giving his head a pat. Another loud and over exaggerated groan erupted from the young man’s mouth.

“It’s not cool to have a tutor,” he grumbled, looking up at her with a pout.

“Well it’s even less cool to fail a subject,” she retorted. He sighed, sitting up straight and linking his arms behind his head.

“Well, she’d better be hot, whoever she is,” he said, a frown crossing his face.

“She’s a he,” Yukino replied in amusement, causing sting to pout again. With a quick glance at the watch on her wrist, she downed her drink and stood up from the table, shouldering her bag. “I’d better go; I’ve got a lecture in about ten minutes. He’ll meet you in the library after you have English today, you’d better be there or else,” she warned, waggling her finger before hurrying away quickly so that Sting couldn’t protest further.

A few hours later Sting found himself unwillingly on the way to the huge library on the other side of the campus. His hands were grumpily stuffed into the pockets of his white hoodie and a frown was plastered to his face as he huffily made his way inside the beginning. It soon dawned on him that he had no idea what the guy’s name was, let alone what he looked like. He smiled smugly to himself, about to turn around and go home, however a voice called from his right, preventing his escape.

“Are you Sting Eucliffe?” It asked. Sting turned to the stranger and looked him up and down. His messy black hair was tied in a loose pony tail atop his head and he wore a black t-shirt with navy jeans and black converse, contrary to the light clothes he himself was wearing. The most captivating thing Sting noticed was his scarlet red eyes; they seemed to draw him in as they stared at him questioningly. The boy cleared his throat, causing Sting to blink dumbly before his cheeks began to burn after realising that he’d been staring.

“Uh yeah, I am,” He replied sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. The boy gave him a small smile,

“Cool, Yukino told me you’d be hard to miss and I guess she was right,” he chuckled, indicating to the bright clothes and noticeable single crystal earring he was wearing.

“Typical Yukino, not telling me all of the details on a cutie such as yourself,” Sting said with a smirk, not really knowing what was coming over him. Now it was Rogue’s turn to blush, making the blonde’s grin wider in triumph. “Anyway, what’s your name? She never told me,”

“Rogue Cheney,” he answered.

“Rogue Cheney, huh?” Sting repeated. The named rolled off of his tongue; he liked it a lot. “What kind of a name is Rogue?” he teased.

“Well what kind of a name is Sting?” Rogue countered, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

“Fair play,” Sting said with a grin.

“Anyway, we’re here to do English, are we not?” Rogue asked with a shake of his head.

“Don’t remind me,” Sting groaned.

Over an hour later, Sting was going brain-dead while Rogue was almost pulling his hair out in frustration.

“No offence, but how have you managed to get this far into the course?!” Rogue asked irritably as Sting failed yet another of the same set of questions they’d been doing for the entire time.

“Don’t ask me,” Sting replied, his head lying on the desk as he stared up at the concentrated look on Rogue’s face.

“I think we’re gonna have to call it a day, we’re not getting anywhere,” the raven haired boy finally said, leaning back in his chair and looking at his ‘student’ in exasperation. “The first thing we’re going to need to sort out is the sentence structure; it’s atrocious! You say you’ve been learning English since junior school, but…”

“I know, I know, I’m a hopeless case,” Sting said dejectedly, “You can just give up if you want,”

“Who said anything about giving up?” Rogue asked with a frown, “I certainly cannot leave you in this state!”

Sting gave him a toothy grin; he had a strange urge to hug him now but knew it wouldn’t be the best thing to do considering they’d met a mere hour ago. After exchanging phone numbers, Rogue explained that he had to go, and so Sting watched him make his way out of the building, scruffy hair bobbing behind him.

The moment he was out of sight, Sting snatched up his phone and dialled Yukino’s number.

“How’d it go?” She immediately asked from the other side.

“I think we have a problem, and not in the way you may think…” he began, a goofy grin plastered to his face as he stared in the direction the other boy had just left in.

The weeks soon turned into months, and the two boys became closer and closer.  They texted regularly and eventually began to meet up to hang out, not just study. They began learning more and more about each other and they soon became inseparable.

“I can’t believe we have finals next week,” String said from his place on the floor, leaning back against Rogue’s legs as the raven haired teen was sitting up on the sofa, a book in hand. His only reply was a simple ‘hmm’ which was all the blonde expected as the boy had been emersed in the novel for some time. Sting absentmindedly stroked the two cats sitting upon his lap. Lector, who was his red, scruffy cat and Frosch, who was Rogue’s little green one.

Sting liked days like this; the atmosphere was calm and he could be as close to Rogue as possible. Rain from outside pattered on the windows of his apartment but it didn’t mind one bit, it merely contributed to the nice mood.

“Oh, I know!” He yelled out suddenly, startling both the cats and Rogue.

“What is it?” Rogue asked, an irritated edge to his voice as he too was enjoying the previously peaceful mood.

“We should watch a movie!” The blonde exclaimed, jumping up and running out of the main room. Rogue sighed and shook his head, yet an affectionate smile twitched at his lips none the less. Sting was soon back, bundled up in a big, fluffy blanket. Rogue chuckled, moving up and allowing his friend to sit down on the sofa.

“You can choose what we watch, oh and you’ve gotta grab the popcorn as well,” Sting told his friend. Rogue rolled his eyes but did as he was told anyway. It only took him a second to grab the popcorn as he practically lived at Sting’s house and the movie he chose was his favourite; The Ring.

Rogue gazed down at his lap after the movie had finished. Sting’s sleeping face was turned towards him, and Rogue couldn’t help but admire how adorable he looked in that moment. Unable the resist the urge; he gently brushed away a strand of his friend’s silky blonde hair, running his hand through the rest as he did so. A content smile appeared on Sting’s face, causing Rogue to chuckle. The scarlet eyed boy gently removed his sleeping friend from his lap and got up to let himself out of the house, but not before gently draping the blanket across his napping form and collecting his cat.

Sting nervously waited behind the crowd of students from his English class as they all examined the scores of the final text. There was a chorus of both noises of joy and despair, one specifically loud one coming from a pinkette names Natsu Dragneel.

“I can’t believe it!” He wailed to his ‘friend’ (or so they called themselves, however everyone knew they were both in denial) Lucy Heartfilia. “Only 26 percent!” He cried, clinging onto her shoulders and shaking the poor girl mercilessly.

“Maybe if you’d actually studied when I told you to, this would never have happened!” She scolded, giving him a slap upside the head.

“Ouch, that hurt Luce,” he complained, letting go of her and clutching the back of his head with a pout.

“Serves you right,” she said with a shake of her head. It was soon Sting’s turn to get his score and to say he was nervous would be an understatement. If he got anything below 70 percent he’d have failed the course and would have to start from the beginning. Not to mention the cost would be horrendous…

“Sting Eucliffe, Sting Eucliffe…” he muttered to himself, his eyes scanning the papers on the board just outside his classroom. His eyes narrowed when he spied his name and slowly drifted over towards his score. 73% was what was written there. He blinked a couple of times, making sure that he wasn’t mistaking the score for someone else’s.

“I did it!” He yelled, pumping his fist into the air dramatically. “Hah Natsu, I told you I’d do it!” He called, giving the pinkette the biggest victory smirk he could muster. You see, the two had taken bets near the beginning of the year, each teen claiming that they would be the one to pass 50% on one of the English exams first.

“What?!” Natsu exclaimed, seemingly outraged. “You obviously cheated!”

“In your dreams, salmon head! I’m just too good for you!” Sting taunted. “You owe me fifty!”

“Like hell I do! You wanna go?! Who’s your tutor, I’m taking him from you!” The pinkette cried.

“Hey, you stay away from Rogue!” Sting spat, surprising even himself with the harshness of his tone.

“Now now you two…” Lucy muttered, looking between Natsu and Sting.

“What’s going on over here?!” A voice, obviously belonging to the notorious Erza Scarlet bellowed from down the hall.

“I’ll now be taking my leave,” Sting said with a grin, dashing down the hall and leaving a slightly terrified Natsu in his wake. Once he’d got off the campus grounds, Sting grinned a victorious grin and turned back to face the way he’d come, raising his arm and sticking up his middle finger. “Take that, assholes!” He yelled, ignoring the disgusted looks he was receiving from the profanities. He then took out his phone, texting Yukino his results and deciding against telling Rogue yet as he wanted to say in person.

Rogue groaned as he turned towards the door of his apartment, giving it a dirty look as he did so; he was in the middle of an especially dramatic chapter and did not want to put his book down.  The violent thumps on his door however did not cease and he sighed in frustration before getting up and trudging towards the door.

“What is-” he began, however was stoped mid-sentence as Sting threw himself upon the poor, unsuspecting boy and knocked him to the ground. He groaned as his head smacked onto the wooden floor, however Sting ignored it. He was too busy squeezing the life out of his friend, laughing heartily as he did so.

“What is it Sting?” Rogue asked, a slight sharpness to his voice as he glared down at the head of blonde, spiky hair as the boy proceeded to nuzzle himself into the crook of Rogue’s neck. At that moment, Sting sat up, still pinning Rogue down as he sat on his stomach.

“I got 73 percent!” He practically yelled, his grin spanning from ear to ear with seemingly the brightness of the sun. Rogue’s expression softened at this and his lips twitched into a small smile.

“I knew you could do it, I’m proud of you, Sting,” he said, propping himself up slightly on his elbows.

“I legitimately want to kiss you right now,” Sting laughed. After a while, he began to register the look of shock on Rogue’s face, and the words which had tumbled out of his lips without a second thought sunk in. His eyes widened and he brought a hand to his mouth. Both of their faces were cherry red, and it seemed as if they’d only just realised the embarrassing position they were in. Having the front door open was not helping at all either.

“Uh, I mean… I um,” Sting stuttered, quick to scramble off of the other teen and sit back on his knees, looking down into his lap in embarrassment. Rogue said nothing and merely got up to close the door. He stood there for a while, still in complete shock. Sting gingerly peeked over at his friend, unable to see his face as his back was turned from him.

“…Rogue?” He asked quietly after a few moments. “Just… just pretend I never said that.” Rogue seemed to stiffen at those words, and he turned towards his friend, still bright red in the face. He began to march forward, his expression unreadable as he knelt down to be level with Sting.  He seemed to be debating with himself inside his head, and Sting couldn’t meet his eyes.

“Sting, look at me,” he muttered eventually, his voice only just audible. Sting obeyed, and not a second later did Rogue’s lips find themselves to his own. The blonde let out a muffled noise of surprise, his sapphire eyes widening as Rogue’s scarlet ones closed. He soon responded, melting into the kiss as his arms automatically found their way around Rogue’s neck, pulling him in slightly closer.

They eventually broke away, both breathing heavily and extremely red in the face.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while now,” Rogue admitted shyly, causing a cocky grin to appear on Sting’s face.

“But of course, what’s not to like about me?” He asked arrogantly, earning a small shove from Rogue.

“Don’t get too full of yourself now,” he teased, grinning in return.

“I can’t believe you’d think I, of all people, would get too full of myself!” Sting gasped in mock offence, causing Rogue to snort in return.

Around an hour later the boys were both sitting on the sofa, lying against each other with their hands entwined in content.

“You know, Natsu says he’s gonna take you from me,” Sting whined after a while of silence, snuggling further into his boyfriend’s neck.

“Does he now?” Rogue asked in amusement, “You better watch out then Sting,” Rogue said with a chuckle as Sting let out a ‘humph’.

“No way, you’re my tutor!” He stated bluntly.

“And yet Yukino tells me you didn’t want one,” Rogue teased.

“Shut up!” Sting said with a pout.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on going anywhere, I’ll always be here cause you’d be pretty helpless without me,” the ruby eyed boy whispered, planting a chastise kiss on the other’s cheek.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Sting mumbled back blissfully.


Well, that was my first time writing a Stingue fic lol

I feel like there ain’t enough NaLu/Stingue fics because I love both ships so very much, people seem to either ship all the gay couples or all the straight ones and there’s not many mixes which kinda makes me sad. (Yes NaLu is my favourite fairy tail ship :P)

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!! And I also hope that the Gratsu fangirls don’t gut me too badly, I do wish to get out of this with at least a few working organs, hahaha.

Liar Liar - Luke Hemmings

Description: Y/N, being a long time fan of the band 5 Seconds Of Summer, decides to act dumb when her favorite band member, Luke, approaches her at a club.

Warning: None

Request: No

(Part 1 / 7)


~Luke’s POV~

“Thank you!” I heard Ashton scream out into the microphone, his voice causing the crowd of fans before us to freak out. I then ran off stage, the boys following behind me, as I headed straight towards the showers.

“Nice show today man.” Calum came up behind me as I stripped myself from the sweaty shirt stuck to my torso. “You sounded good out there.” Nodding and smiling in appreciation, I didn’t verbally reply, I was too worn out for that.

Once I was cleaned up and out of the public showers, I dressed myself into clothes that were suitable to go clubbing in. “Luke, man, you need to move on from that bitch and find yourself a good girl at this club.” Calum slurred, patting my shoulder as we headed towards our blacked out car, him being already tipsy from the few beers he had on stage.

“Not sure yet mate, I’ll have to see what I’ve got to choose from.” I chuckled, climbing into the big vehicle with Calum right behind me. “I’m not going to deal with another girl who’s just like all my ex’s.”

“That’s going to be hard to find in a club Luke.” Rolling his eyes at me, Calum sat in the seat right across from me, watching the venue get father and farther away as car started moving in the direction of our wanted location.


~Y/N’s POV~

"What bar at the end of your street?” I questioned as my best friend, Emily, dragged me towards the end of the street her apartment was on. “How do you even know of the ‘best club in LA’ if you’ve only lived here for a few weeks?” I scoffed at her, looking all around me as she carelessly pulled both of our dressed up body’s across the highway.

“I get around y/n.” She shrugged her shoulders up, speaking about the topic of her untamed nightlife in a very nonchalant way. “Now stop questioning me, we’re out tonight so you can have a good time!”

Groaning to myself, I stopped fighting and let my best friend lead me in the direction of the club she’s picked for tonight’s adventure. As we approached Nice Guy, all that was heard was screaming and cameras clicking, their flashes lighting up the dark street.

"What the hell?” I mumbled aloud, elbowing Emily to get her attention. “Is that a famous person, or just some random people that are crazy and clubs?”

"We’re in LA, y/n, almost every club you go to here will have a celebrity in it.” She chuckled at my awestruck features, pulling me through the crowd of paparazzi. “Plus, theirs a reason I call this place the best club in LA.” Her laugh echoed around in the alley she tugged me down into.

As I started to question why we was entering this place through one of the back doors, I was shushed when a older man brushed through the yelling.

"Get out of here you scum bag!” A red faced lady shouted, crossing her tattooed arms over her chest sassily. “Hello there Emily, and friend.” She then turned towards us and smiled as if nothing previously had just happened, like it was normal occurrence.

“Kimberly!” Emily cheered, taking hold of the lady’s rough looking hands, letting her help her up the brick steps and into the building. “Long time no see! This is y/n, my best friend.” Emily gave Kimberly a side hug while pointing a finger at my awkward stance. “I’ve officially moved here, so expect me a lot.”

Kimberly nodded in response to Emily’s words before facing me once again. “Hey y/n, I’m Kimberly, a long time friend of this girl right here.” She chuckled out loud, patting Emily’s back once with a cheerful smile spread across her thin lips. “Here.” She motioned me closer, holding out her hand to help me up like she did with Emily just a few seconds ago.

“Hello.” I greeted, kindly taking her offer. “How do you two know each other?” I asked once we was all inside the building, in a darkened room full of unpacked boxes.

“Long story for another time y/n, let’s go party before the night leaves us!” Em hummed, grabbing my arm and starting to drag me out into the public area. “Talk later Kim!” She looked back before we fully got into the groups of young drunks, waving goodbye.

“Tell me about her later, she seems a bit shady in my opinion.” I told Em, shacking my head warily at her choice of friends here in LA. “But right now, I’m in serious need of something hard to drink. I’ll be back in a while, go have fun.” I left her to go venture off with some random dude, me heading straight for the bar.


~Luke’s POV~

Screaming and flashes was the only thing heard and seen by both me and Calum as we entered the nearest club to our hotel. We didn’t know where we were going in the first place, so we expected the mobbing, but if we did know before hand where we wanted to party at, we would’ve called the place and asked to be let in the back way.

“Luke!” A young girl screamed in my ear, causing me to flinch slightly from how high pitched her voice was. She was definitely not old enough to be drinking or going to bars or clubs yet, I mean, the majority of the girls surrounding is wasn’t of age, but it didn’t matter, that only meant they wouldn’t be allowed in, so we could have a pretty peaceful nice tonight probably.

“Luke! Calum! Where’s the other boys?” One of the paps shouted out from somewhere unknown in the crowd moving with us towards the front doors, our guards working extremely hard to protect us at the moment.

As soon as we reached the entrance, I yelled back my answer the that mans question. “They’re not feeling well tonight, they just decided to stay in and let us go on our own.”

Once both me and Cal was out of ear shot of the fans and camera men, we smiled as we smelt the various amounts of alcohol and heard the loud music blasting all throughout the filled room of sweaty bodies.

“Catch with you later man, I’m going over to the bar.” I waved Calum on, not like he was really paying attention to me anyways, before walking away from him before he got wrapped up with some random girl that was around him.

Sitting next to a girl that looked to be bored to death, I raised an eyebrow up at her quizzically. “Not up for a night out?” I chuckled, the girl moving her gaze from the dance floor and to my face, a shocked looked quickly appearing on her face.

“You know me, don’t you?” I sighed, turning in my seat, preparing to get up if she was a fan. Nothing against our fans, but I’m not one to hook up with them randomly just cause they’d do anything to get to us, that’s wrong in my opinion. Plus, that’s what me and the boys did once we first started out, I don’t look back on those days very fondly.

“Cocky much?” She snickered, composing her features to the point where I couldn’t exactly tell if she was or wasn’t a fan of my band. “And, just to I from you, yeah, I know who you are.” Her words making me slide out of my chair and step towards the crowd on the floor.

“A fan, I assume?” I had a single hint of hope left in me, if she said she was a fan, I’d leave without question, but she just looked so intriguing that I’d be a bit disappointed if I had to walk away.

Tilting her head to the side, the interesting girl smiled kindly at me, seeming aware of how let down I was. “No, I’m sorry.” She shook her head ‘no’, looking at me with a curious glint in her eyes. “At least I think I’m sorry. You don’t seem very keen on the idea of approaching your fans.”

“I don’t want to use the fans like that, or vice versa. I don’t want our fans to use us.” I mumbled, hesitantly taking back my spot beside the girl who seemed to be interested in what I had to say, for once. “But off that topic, what would you like to drink, I’ll buy?”

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Eves and Servamps at a karaoke bar! What and how would they sing? (:

God, I saw this ask and all I could picture was Hyde yelling “Sing, my Angel of Music!”  Time for me to re-watch Phantom of the Opera, I suppose:

Mahiru: He’s open to sing whatever.  It’s more important that he enjoy his time out with his friends.  He’s a mediocre singing, neither good nor bad.

Kuro: All the songs he wants to sing come from video games; he’s not a bad singer, though he does sound pretty emotionless.  Mahiru keeps telling him to try harder, but Kuro’s not having that.

Tetsu:  Homeboy can rap, and nobody was ready for this.  Not only can he rap, but he can rap well, and all of his friends are amazed by his talent.

Hugh: Listen, I don’t know why, but I’d put money on the fact that he sings songs from old Disney stars turned famous.  He’s ready to belt out the Miley Cyrus songs, the Jonas Brother’s songs-and nobody has any idea where he learned them all from.

Mikuni: Country songs.  All the country songs.  And he gets super into it.  It’s hard to tell if he’s bad or good at singing, but boy is he giving it his all.

Jeje: He’ll sing anything, he doesn’t really have a preference.  And well, it’s not so much singing as it is mumbling into the microphone.  Mikuni is the only one who has any clue what he’s saying.

Wrath: Dessa songs.  Wrath knows what she’s about, and she likes Dessa’s style and essence.  She’s also got a very powerful voice, and people are left breathless by her performance.

Licht: If he could find a way to sing classical music, he would.  That’s a bit hard to do, so he settles for bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, etc.  Hyde teases him to no end about this, but he can kiss it because Licht’s a good singer.

Hyde: Think of the most pop song you can possibly muster.  That’s what Hyde likes to sing.  He has a hard time staying on key, but he has got LOUD down pat and his performances are always amusing to watch.

World End: Classic rock is his favorite genre to sing, though he’s terrible at it.  His voice cracks while he sings, and it’s always a struggle not to laugh.

Misono: He lets his friends chose the songs for him, because he doesn’t know a whole lot about music having lived such a sheltered life.  He tries his best, and that’s what counts when he sings.

Lily: Exclusively Disney songs.  His best performance is by far Once Upon a Dream.  Lily’s got a really soft and sweet voice, perfect for singing happy Disney tunes.

Tsubaki: He’s another one who’ll sing anything, but he’s so off key that it’s funny.  His subclass joke that if he tries hard enough, he can probably get glass to shatter with his singing.

Surprise (4/4)

Okay, so I got this idea coming home from the Cincinnati concert and I thought it was super cute and I had to write it. So, enjoy :)

Ashton: Sluggish and just out of it could describe him, if you were to ask the other boys. They watched Ashton sigh as he stared at his phone screen for the fifth time since they’d gotten to their dressing room. Michael was the first to attempt any kind of conversation but was interrupted by one of their crew members. “There’s a-well just come see it.” The worker’s head disappeared as he began to walk toward whatever the thing was. The boys followed, Ashton lagging behind, uninterested in whatever commotion was going on. It was probably some crazy fans or something was broken. It honestly was getting too much and all he wanted was you. Ashton sighed again as he followed his band mates into the backstage area, stepping through the door to the stage after Luke as the crew member lead them onto the stage. “So, what’s the problem?” Ashton asked with a bored tone, his eyes still glued to his phone as he stood off to the side. It grew quiet, though that did nothing to pull his attention from his phone screen. “Boy, I hope you look at me like you look at your phone.” His head shot up at the voice that spoke, eyes sparkling as they landed on you standing with a bright smile. “Y/N?” “Do I look like Calum?” You giggled as Ashton ran toward you, engulfing you in a hug before spinning around with you in his arms. “I missed you.” “I missed you too. Our fish misses your singing too.” You smiled as Ashton laughed, a satisfied smile on his lips as his forehead lightly bumped yours. “This really made me feel better. Are you staying for the concert?” His eyes searched yours, lighting up at the smile gracing your face as you slowly nodded. “Of course. In fact, I’ll be going to the rest of the concerts. Because I love seeing Michael stall before playing Jet Black Heart.” You joked, making Ashton pout before you lightly kissed his pouted lips. “It’s because I love watching you live your dream every night to thousands of screaming girls.” His smile returned as he leaned in to kiss you once more, making a few of the other boys gag from the side. “And I love knowing you’re in the crowd cheering me on. My number one fan.”

Calum: “So, how’s the new album coming along?” The interviewer joked,causing the boys to chuckle before Ashton took the reins in answering. Calum listened, nodding every so often to make it seem he was paying attention. He honestly wasn’t, too preoccupied with how hungry he was and how much he had to pee. As he stared off into space, the interviewer asked another question that seemed to be directed at him as Michael began to elbow him rather hard. “Wha?” Calum shook his head, looking toward his right to the interviewer that was laughing as he looked to his card again. “I was asking about your girlfriend, Y/N. How is she doing? Is she just as busy as you are?” The smile that fell onto his face at the mention of your name was unmistakable. Even the thought of you made butterflies erupt in his stomach and his hands tingled slightly too. “She’s great. We talk every day, and if we can’t some days, we make sure to talk extra long the next time we can.” Calum smiled as he explained your rule for conversation while touring. You were on your own tour in Europe while he was in the U.S., just missing each other all the same. “That’s great, very adorable too. I’m sure your fans love the two of you together. Is it hard, though? I know her European leg of her tour just started not too long ago.” Calum sighed then, nodding before holding the microphone closer to his mouth so he could speak without sounding like he was mumbling. “It gets tough, really tough sometimes when we can’t see each other. But, when we finally can see each other, it makes it so much better.” Calum sighed again, smiling slightly when Michael awed obnoxiously loud while patting his back. The interviewer nodded before shuffling slightly in his seat, grabbing a tablet that he passed to Ashton to pass down to Calum. “Well, we got a video message for you from Y/N that she wanted you to see. She was very adamant we show you when you came onto the show.” He chuckled as Calum gently took the sleek, black tablet from Michael. He flipped it over, smiling at your figure sitting on the same orange couch he was on now. Calum pressed play, smiling as you waved first before speaking. “Calum! I want you to know, I’m recording this weeks from when you’re watching it so if we talked already then I’m probably going to repeat some stuff.” He chuckled as you shifted in your spot, clutching the microphone tightly as you smiled so wide into the camera. “I want you to know I love you, so much. And I miss you, so damn much. I just want to kiss your adorable face and hug you so tightly. I hope you want the same. It’s just, so hard without you.” You sniffled and Calum watched with a slight frown as you wiped a few tears away before smiling again. “But, I know I’ll see you again, soon. So, keep living your dream and make sure to smile.” The video ended, the room quiet as Calum stared at your face frozen in a smile. He didn’t move for a few minutes, his band mates worried until he reached up to wipe a tear away. When he looked up to hand the tablet back to the interviewer, his eyes locked onto your figure standing behind him. “Y/N!” Calum shouted and nearly tripped over himself as he ran to hug you. A laugh bubbled up from your chest, sounding more like a cough as tears started to fall down your cheeks. “Calum, I missed you.” “I know, babe. I missed you so fucking much, too.” After a few minutes of hugging, Calum was pulled back into the interview to finish it as you stood behind the camera, watching as he continued to watch you, not even paying attention to the rest of the interview. When it finally ended, Calum placed his microphone down before approaching you, pulling you into another hug that eventually turned into a sweet, passionate kiss. “How did you get off from your tour?” Calum finally whispered, smiling as you giggled at his star struck expression. “I have a few days off before my show in Rome. My first thought was you.” You whispered and giggled as Calum began peppering kisses across your face, his last kiss gently pressing against your lips. When he pulled away, his smile was brighter than ever, making your heart flutter in your chest. “Get a room, please.” Michael suddenly shouted, making the other boys laugh while you frowned at them. Before you could make any kind of retort, Calum seized your lips in a kiss that caused them all to gag and walk away. When you pulled away, you blushed slightly as Calum winked at you. “Don’t worry, I’ve got my own hotel room for tonight.”

Michael: As the song ended, Michael smiled as he eyed the small crowd. Sound checks were always fun to him. Talking to fans and just interacting with them in general was always amazing to him. He handed his guitar off to a crew member before walking back to his mic stand for his own mic. “Well, hi there.” Ashton started off, making the small crowd erupt into screams at his simple sentence. “I just said hi!” “But, it’s the way you said it.” Luke interjected, pretending to flip his hair and twirl it as he looked at Ashton from his seat. Ashton rolled his eyes before making a comment about the q and a that was supposed to happen. “Hi! My name is Tori.” “Hi Tori.” Calum cheerfully said before the girl could ask her question. “So, my question is more for Michael. If you could pick a flower to describe Y/N, what flower would it be?” The girl smiled as she lowered the microphone and watched Michael intently stare off into space as he thought. “That’s a good question.” Michael finally said, looking back to the girl as he slowly shook his head. “I can’t pick just one flower. She could be so many. Like, she could be a daffodil or a tulip. A rose one minute, beautiful but she’d murder you with a fork, or a daisy, all soft and warm and still just as beautiful.” He slowly answered, his words fading toward the end of the question as he stared off into space again, his thoughts consumed with nothing but you. After a few more girls that Michael didn’t exactly listen to, his attention was brought back to earth as the next question was asked. “Yeah, I’m Y/N and I want to know if Michael is going to take me out after the concert because I’m going to be very hungry.” Michael looked out toward the crowd, finding you standing there with a smirk on your face at his dumbfounded expression. “Y/N…” He trailed off, the crowd starting to talk as they all watched you. “I think McDonald’s is good.” Luke offered, earning a scoff from you. “Yeah, if he wants to be single! Our first real date in months and to a McDonald’s? Real romantic, Lucas.” You shot back, smirking even more as Luke pouted at you. “I saw a nice Italian place on the way here.” Calum offered, smiling as you slowly nodded. “I could go for pasta. What about you, Mikey?” When you finally looked back to him, he wasn’t there anymore. You frowned before the crowd toward the front parted and he emerged, walking quickly toward you before taking your hand and dragging you toward back stage. “Well, I guess we’ll keep going with questions.” Ashton’s voice echoed as Michael pulled you backstage to a semi-secluded spot so the two of you could talk. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” “No hi?” You pouted, earning an eye roll from your boyfriend. “I wanted to surprise you. Did you think I sounded cool? I really tried.” You asked as you bit your lip, watching as Michael scanned your face for a few seconds before pulling you into a kiss. “I always think you’re cool. The coolest, babe.” “Even cooler than you?” You pouted slightly, giggling when Michael kissed your lips once again before nodding. “Yeah, even cooler than me. You’re definitely way more punk than I am, for sure.” “Mikey, the Easter Bunny is more punk than you.” You said with a straight face, bursting out into laughter when he pouted at you. When you calmed down, you sighed before spinning him and lightly pushing him back toward the stage. “Go do your job.” “I love you, loser.” “Love you too, idiot.”

Luke: Another fan, another pose, another picture, another gift, and they were gone. The routine was old after a while. Sure, meeting the fans was amazing and Luke couldn’t be happier to meet every single one of them. But, doing the same thing for hours was really boring and tiring. As the girl left the room, whispering to her friend about what just happened, Luke sighed as he took a drink of water from his water bottle. “Just one more girl.” The guard at the door announced as he left to escort the fan to the room. Luke groaned, catching the attention of his band mates. “Tired?” “I’m ready for 20 years of sleep.” Luke sighed as he began stretching slightly, his back to the door. The other boys nodded, deciding to re-hydrate themselves too. “That sounds nice. But, I’d miss you way too much for that.” Luke froze for a second before turning toward the door. You walked toward him, a large smile plastered onto your face as you took in your tall boyfriend. “Y/N.” He breathed before pulling you into a hug. You laughed, pulling away after a few seconds to move toward Calum. “Hi Luke. I’m here for all of you right now, so let me hug the other boys.” You smiled at Calum as you went to hug him, the hug not happening as Luke pulled you toward him with a possessive look in his eyes. “But you’re my girlfriend, and I missed you, and I deserve the most time with you.” He mumbled, squeezing slightly so you couldn’t get out of his embrace. You jokingly sighed, looking up at him with a smile as you turned in his arms. “I guess I can just hug you, then.” You joked before lightly pecking his lips once. “I missed you.” “I missed you, too.” Luke mumbled before pecking your lips once again. When he pulled away, you smile and carefully took his hand in yours before motioning toward the exit. “Let’s go take a 20 year nap together.” “Right behind you, babe.” Luke smiled as you lead the way, leaving the other boys to tackle whatever fans were left.

I’m sorry Luke’s is short and kinda sucks. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I’m pretty tired. I hope you still liked it, though. Request stuff, please!