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  •  I think I’ve already mentioned demanding to be cuddled and given tea but honestly who doesn’t want that at five am 
    • victor, who likes mornings, likes mornings even more when there’s a cuddly, pouty husband sitting on his lap sleepily demanding kisses
      • he is Only a Man after all
        • “what the fuck,” says Yurio bleakly, watching the piggy shove his entire face into Victor’s neck like it will stop the sun from rising. 
          • “ISN’T IT CUTE,” says Victor, whose heart grew ten sizes the first morning in Hasetsu when Yuri turned into an angry cuddlemonster and had to be coaxed to open his mouth for every bite of food like a two year old. This is what Victor was made for. 
            • “YOU’RE DISGUSTING,” says Yurio
              • Yurio does not find it disgusting at all to be honest he is sick with envy
  • opened one eye, looked at Victor, closed it, and turned over to snuggle his face in the dog’s fur
    • like victor is going to die of squee but also, give him his dog back thanks
  • hissed at Phichit 
  • hissed at Lilia 
  • slept with his head on Chris’s lap, looking so cute that Chris didn’t even Instagram it with an inappropriate joke
  • “shhhhhh,” says Yuri, blindly reaching out and patting Victor’s mouth. “no loud”
    • this becomes an aggressively reblogged video, even compared to how many of victor’s snapchats end up being aggressively reblogged
      • it’s just so cute
  • Sat up, looked at the clock, said “God is dead”, and then fell over onto the floor
  • fallen asleep on Yakov’s shoulder and drooled while Yakov held himself still with the terrified look of a large dog being used as a kitten bed
  • waited until Victor had gotten him upright and sitting on the edge of the bed, and then when Victor leans over to kiss his temple because he’s very cute and Victor loves him so much, put his arms around Victor and dragged him down on the bed again
    • “Yuri,” says Victor from Yuri’s chest
    • “shhhhhh,” says Yuri, trying to pet Victor but mostly hitting Victor’s bald spot repeatedly, “nice Victor. nice sleep.”
The One

AU!College. In which none of your dates succeed.

Pairing: Tol!Bucky x Smol!Reader
Loosely Based on: My Best Friend One and Two.
Author’s Note: Happy Sunday. Here’s a fluffy story about Bucky ruining your dates. LMFAO. @buckys-fossil, dude like, boom.

Your first real date was with a foreign exchange student from your English class. 

He was a little eccentric, and he had the funniest way of speaking, but you were charmed enough by the strange boy to give him a chance when he asked you to go to the historical medieval weapons exhibit being hosted on campus.

You had told Bucky about it before dishing the news to anyone else, expecting him to be cautious, but ecstatic for you. Instead, he gave you the driest stare you’ve ever seen, and rolled his eyes. “Thor? Of all people??”

You smacked him on the arm and glared cutely. “Hush!” you grumbled, offended by his scathing tone. “He seems really nice…even if he is different.”

“Exactly.” Bucky’s brows rose with meaning. “Different. Too different, and definitely not the one for you.”

“It’s just a date,” you defended. “It’s not like we’re official, we’re just scoping it out.”

Your best friend  slouched in the seat he was occupying before shrugging.

“True,” he finally bestowed you with that brilliant grin you had been seeking in the first place. “I’m sure it’ll be great, you’re a sweet gal.”

You clapped your hands, and squealed. “It will!” you agreed, nodding hastily. “Thank you, Bucky, you’re the best, even when you’re being super jerky!”

You threw your hands around his neck, and he grunted. “I am not a jerk.”




The date was a disaster, and the only thing you could think about was how Bucky was right to be skeptical. You stood in front of the museum, small clutch in hand, staring longingly at the couples entering. 

Why was the world so cruel? Not only were you stood up by the first guy who’s ever asked you out, but you awkwardly stuck out lingering there looking sad.

Your eyes watered, and you turned to leave when a hand gripped your elbow gently.


Your eyes widened, recognizing the voice, you blinked rapidly to hide the tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Bucky gently twirled you and observed your face with concern. “Why are you out here all alone?”

Your mouth dried up, and you licked your lips, before biting down on the bottom one uncertainly. “Thor didn’t show up…” you whispered, looking away.

Bucky sighed, and pulled your trembling form against his.

“I’ll be your date if you want.”

You gasped, and he tensed uncomfortably, blushing at the sight of your shocked, appreciative face. “R-really?”

He coughed awkwardly to the side before nodding.


You rested your head against his chest and smiled. “Thank you,” then you pinched his stomach. “Don’t get any ideas though, mister. This is a friend date.”

“Of course.”



Little did you know, Thor didn’t show up because he was intercepted by your very threatening, no nonsense best friend, who warned him against hurting you and doing anything suspicious.

There would be hell to pay if he ever caught wind of it. 

It was a stifling ten seconds but Thor didn’t need to be told twice.

He knew love when he saw it, and there was no way he was going to get himself in the way, so he wisely told Bucky where you’d be and made a mental note to never talk to you romantically again.



Your next date was with another foreign exchange student, and Bucky had begun to wonder how you attracted such weird males.

“I met this guy…” you mumbled shyly, glancing up at Bucky. He peered at your from behind his textbook and groaned.


You grinned. “T’Challa.”

Bucky’s heard many things about this T’Challa fellow, and was not amused. The guy seemed respectable enough, but you deserved the world and he was sure that man wasn’t it.  

“So, you’re into foreign royalty now?” Bucky asked, closing his book in favor of gazing at you intensely. You fidgeted under his stare and shrugged.

“I think Thor comes from a family with status too…” you said, tapping your chin thoughtfully.

He gave you the look. “You like royal douchebags.”

“Thor is not…is not one of those, stop being judgey!” you chided. “It’s very unbecoming and no girl will want you.”

He rolled his eyes. “I’m sexy, every girl wants me,” you blushed and he smirked. “And, I recall him abandoning you without any explanation.”

“Cockiness is also very unbecoming.” You folded your arms across your chest and pouted. “He had a very good reason and he apologized the next day.”

Bucky scoffed. “Whatever.”

You stuck out your tongue. “We’re going to a waterpark.”

Silence reigned, and Bucky’s eye twitched. Like hell you were. There was no way you were going to let some random guy you just met see you in a swimsuit. Not yet at least, it was way too soon.

“Can I come?”




You stood outside your apartment, beach bag in hand, glancing at the watch on your wrist. T’Challa was late, very late. You sighed. Were you doomed to always have bad luck? You waited a little longer before pulling out your phone.


You slid down the wall, and wrapped your arms around your knees. It was quiet for a few moments before the door to the staircase slammed open. You glanced up surprised, and your mouth fell open at the sight of Bucky with loads of groceries hanging off his arms, your apartment key in hand.

He looked just as shocked. “Oh…uh…you’re still here,” he commented, pursing his lips. He motioned to the bags by lifting them slightly. “I bought some things for the week since you were low on money, it was meant to be a surprise.”

“O-oh…why’s there a bruise on your face?”

“Ran into a wall.”

You two regarded each other for a moment. “D-do you want to come in?” you murmured, standing.

“Aren’t you leaving?” he asked, brows furrowing.

“No,” you whispered, “not anymore.”

With that distraught face, he knew better than to ask so he jerked his head in your door’s direction. “Come on, I’ll make you your favorite meal and we’ll watch some cheesy movie.”



T’Challa never made it because Bucky dropkicked him at the grocery store while he was buying you flowers. He wasn’t as easy as Thor, and he did get beat up badly but the other man eventually got the hint and finally backed off.

The two would go on to form a bizarre friendship, always having morning coffees together and unexpectedly fighting in public places from then on.



Bucky drew the line when you said you were interested in Tony Stark. He had to go to great lengths to deter the older male, and even got his ex-involved, but it was worth it in the end. The guy’s reputation was too insane.



You were both snuggling on the couch in his living room, watching cartoons when you looked up him.  

It was another night seeking comfort from the boy who was always there for you after your another one of your dates canceled due to “food poisoning” but this time you were suspicious.


He didn’t take his eyes off the screen. “Yeah?”

“I hate men.”

Bucky laughed, long and loud, before patting your waist affectionately. “Same, we’re all assholes.”

You frowned. “Well… That’s not true.”

“Really now?”

“You’re not an asshole…” you said, taking one of his hands in yours. “And I could never hate you.”

He tried not to be so touched by your sincere words. “But you said you hate men and I’m a man.”

You scrunched your nose. “No, you’re not, you’re a lady.”

“Why you little-“

You grinned, and pecked him on the cheek. “You’re my lady, and I love you for it.”

All protest died, and his whole face flushed. He looked away and stubbornly refused to meet your curious eyes. “Don’t say such stupid things.”

Your heart pumped wildly in your chest and you pecked him on the cheek again. “You protect me, you buy me food…. sabotage my dates.”

You gave him a knowing look when he gaped at you with apprehension. 

“No one gets food poisoning three times in a row, and no one just magically falls down the stairs an hour before they’re supposed to see me,” you said, nodding sagely. “I had a feeling you were involved these last few times…maybe all along…?”

“I…” Bucky had the decency to appear guilty.

You continued to smile. “I don’t approve, but I do at the same time.”

Bucky didn’t understand.

“If they can’t get past the person closest to me, and man up, they’re not worthy, so thank you for weeding them out.”

Relief settled onto his handsome features.

He pulled you into a huge hug and your face squished against his. “You’re the best, and I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” You laughed. “It’s annoying, but it’s okay, when the right one comes along he’ll be able to get past you and be perfect for me.”

When that day came, he would be doomed.

“But maybe the one has been here right in front of me all along…?  you teased.

He pushed you away gently. “S-shut up!”

You giggled. “I’m only kidding, don’t be like that!”

“You better be!”

But as he looked at your joyous face and flushed lips, he knew he hadn’t meant a thing he just said, because there’s nothing he wanted more than to be the one.

fin. Was this cheesy enough or nah?

Category 2, number 13: “Best friend’s younger sibling who suddenly got hot” sex

@lamenart I definitely lied. There are now 3 parts to “the one where Mari and Viktor meet years before he meets Yuuri, and they become penpals” AU.

[Part 1]

PART 2 OF 3 

Katsuki, Mari <>
to Nikiforov, Viktor

Been a while.

Heard you are going to finals. Please take care of my brother. Yuuri is excited to meet you . He’s been talking about it for years.


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It’s so hard to find historical Destiel fics which I enjoy reading. Like where Dean or Cas is a warrior, or  of a royal family, with lots of action and battles and no wonder I am reading my own story  Under The Falling Skies.   

If you like historical destiel and have not read it, go on, give it a try and tell me what you think of it! 

Wanna know more about it? Here’s the summary.


“So, Dean.” The king clears his throat, looking at the barbarian who’s eating a chicken’s leg and scratching his belly with a contented face. “To end this conflict, I am offering you one of my daughters in marriage, so we can become allies and good friends. Choose whichever you want.” The king gestures to his three daughters, all maidens of rare beauty.

Dean belches loudly and pats his belly, causing loud laughter among his warriors. He takes a good look at the princesses, shifting his gaze from one to the other.

“I appreciate your offer, King Uldred, and I will accept it. Though I don’t want any of your daughters,” he says with a broad grin.

The king frowns. “I don’t understand.”

“I want him.” Dean points at the young prince with his gnawed chicken’s leg. “I’ll have Castiel.”

The Peace Offering

Requested by @negans-dirty-girl : A steamy threesome with Negan and Rick :)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of Glenn and Abe’s deaths, and obviously smut smut smut

The Peace Offering

An anxious sigh escapes through my lips as the truck comes to a stop at Alexandria’s front gates. They roll open with a nervous jitter, almost too quick in attempts to keep Negan happy. I blankly stare through the windshield as the truck enters my old home, nostalgic thoughts and memories floating up to the surface of my mind.

Quickly, my thoughts are shut out at the sound of Negan stepping out of the driver’s seat and slamming the door behind him with a chuckle. I hop out, emotionless, slipping my gun out of its holster on my belt, cocking it carelessly.

“Hot diggity dog… this place is incredible!” Negan exclaims, a permeant smirk on his face as he turns to face me behind him. “Why didn’t you tell me how fuckin’ great this place is?”

I can only shoot a deathglare in return, knowing too well that if I say something, somebody’s gonna die. Normally, Negan and I can get along, but I can’t stand when he uses me against my old group, the only family I’ve gotten to know in this apocalypse.

Alexandria used to be my home, until Negan and his Saviors got us all in the lineup, murdering Glenn and Abraham and taking Daryl and me as hostages. Daryl was locked up and continuously tortured, and Negan made me work for points after refusing to be his wife. Negan mentally tortured and nearly killed me by abusing Daryl, always making sure I’d catch a glimpse at my close friend being beat/abused/yelled at/spit on/you name it. At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I offered Negan a deal: I’d become his wife only if he’d let Daryl go, and he cautiously accepted. Now, Daryl’s safe back here in Alexandria, and now I’m Negan’s weapon of choice. I normally don’t go on these pickups with Negan and the rest of his normal pickup crew, I was only brought to be used against my old group. My old family. Now I’m forced to play house with a new so-called family at the hands of my very own husband himself, Negan.

“Ah, where’s my best bud Rick?” Negan voices, scanning the faces that appear before him.

“He’s out. On a run,” Michonne states blatantly, never taking her eyes of Negan who roams closer to her while clicking his tongue in a disapproving type of way.

“Mm, not something I wanted to hear,” he says, gravelly, bringing Lucille into view. Suddenly, he stops, looking at Lucille and laughing to himself. “Wait a fucking second, what am I doing? Y/N, come here.”

Hesitantly, I oblige, coming up behind Negan to face Michonne. Negan grabs the end of my gun, raising it in my hands to point straight at Michonne’s face. My heart starts to pound, the fear of Negan’s unpredictability running hot through my veins.

“Stop!” a voice shouts, all of us turning to find it belonging to Rick.

The last person I wanted to see today was Rick, though I knew it was nearly unavoidable. Before I was taken into the Saviors group, Rick and I had a thing. A thing that involved a lot of secret glances and intentional “accidental” touches, though no actual acting of the attraction between each other.

Negan can’t help but chuckle, eyes locked on Rick. “Don’t be fucking rude, Rick. Interrupting my wife like that! Ah, Rick… what are we going to do with you?”

Rick hesitantly moves closer towards us, his arm extended in direction of Negan, signaling he isn’t going to try anything.

“Please, just don’t hurt anyon–” Rick begins, but is interrupted by the bellowing cackle of Negan.

“No one’s getting hurt today, Rick,” Negan smirks. “Today, I’m here with a peace offering.”

A silence rushes over everyone as Negan approaches Rick. Negan takes him by the back of his collar, slightly dragging him in the direction of Rick’s house. Rick stumbles alongside him, his jaw clenched in anger of being humiliated like this by Negan.

“Y/N, lets go,” Negan hollers back to me, that wide grin still glued to his face.

Reluctantly, I follow, not having any idea what could be in store for me. I follow them up the front porch steps and into Rick’s house. Possibilities rush through my head of what could go down as we trot upstairs, none of them looking good for either of us.

Negan kicks open the door of his bedroom and throws Rick onto the bed. “You and your group… you’ve been cooperating quite nicely. I think it’s about time I reward you for keeping up your end of our deal extremely well,” Negan turns to me, pausing as he studied my confused face. “Why don’t you go wrap those pretty lips of yours around his cock.”

His words stun me, leaving me frozen in my place. My jaw drops slightly as his words settle in my head, and Rick nervously shifts up to rest on his elbows, not sure if Negan is serious or just testing him.

“Aw, don’t get shy now, Y/N. Go show him some appreciation for being such a good boy,” Negan says from right behind me, whispering the last part huskily into my ear as he lightly grazes his crotch against my ass.

I gasp, my thumb quickly raising up to my mouth to play with my bottom lip nervously. A nudge from Negan releases me from my frozen spot near the door, sending me out of my safe-zone to the edge of the bed and in-between Rick’s knees that hang off the end of the bed.  

Rick maintains eye-contact with me as my hands trail up to grip onto his clothed thighs. His eyes are now clouded over, the lust he kept hidden for so long finally rising to the surface. My heart races with uncertainty, totally not expecting my long-lost, built-up lust I had for Rick to be exposed and currently offering me an opportunity. It absolutely scares the hell out of me, but I send it a wink in response.

I send my hand directly to his crotch, palming him through his jeans teasingly. Rick, surprised at my sudden confidence and control, is still unsure whether he can enjoy this or not.

I hear Negan’s footsteps waltz over to us, leaning down to Rick’s ear and whispering, “Enjoy this while you can, Rick. I don’t share often.”

Rick’s eyes never left my hand palming his crotch yet he still jolted when I already had him unzipped with my mouth around his cock. His eyes roll to the back of his head as I work on him, while Negan watches me with a smirk on his lips. I release him from my mouth to tease him, licking slow strokes just to watch him squirm under my touch. Rick instinctively reaches to grab my hair, but stops himself short, not sure if Negan would allow it.

“Oh don’t go easy on her, Rick,” Negan tangles his hand in my hair at the base of my neck, and guides my mouth hard back onto his dick and holds me there, his length hitting the back of my throat. “She fucking loves this shit.”

A labored moan rumbles through my body, my wetness soaking my thighs already just at the realization of Rick’s full length down my throat. Rick grunts breathlessly, his hand overlapping Negan’s on the back my head, beginning to thrust desperately into my mouth in need of any type of movement to end the teasing.

“Fuck, I hope you don’t mind if I cut in,” Negan proposed, unbuckling his belt and taking out his already-hard dick.

My eyes widen as Negan turns me slightly, slamming his own dick inside my mouth right alongside Rick’s. A high-pitched grunt forces it’s way past both cocks in my mouth as I suck them both off at the same time. I can’t help but gag involuntarily at the two massive lengths fucking my throat, both hitting the back of it at the exact time and speed as one another. Rick’s head falls back at the immense pleasure, and Negan can’t stop himself from cackling at his brilliant idea.

“She’s got quite the mouth on her, doesn’t she?” Negan chuckles over Rick’s loud groans, patting him good-naturedly on the back.

Rick suddenly jolts up, indicating his climax is near. Negan notices this too and quickly pulls me off of them both, prolonging Rick’s desperate desire to climax. Rick’s head falls back again, irritated at the declined orgasm.

I take the opportunity to strip down to just my bra and thong, seductively stripping each article off, fully aware of Rick’s lustful eyes viewing my near-bare body for the first time. Rick kicks his pants off quickly, beginning to unbutton his shirt. Before Negan can tell me what to do next, I take charge. I climb up on the bed to hover over Rick, taking his dick in my right hand and pumping furiously. I lean down to bite playfully at his outstretched neck, my ass pushed straight up in the air, smirking into his skin at the amount of control I have over him.

“That’s my fucking girl,” Negan growls playfully from behind me. I feel him step closer, when he suddenly smacks my ass, an echoing slap bouncing off the walls.

I growl into Rick’s neck, wetness continuing to drip down my inner thighs, eager to be touched after receiving nothing so far. Negan places his hands on my hips, gripping tightly as he teased my entrance by sticking only the head in, staying still with an expected smirk on his face. I desperately buck my hips backward, my ass hitting his abdomen, earning myself his full length inside of me until he quickly yanks himself out.

“Tsk, tsk,” Negan scolds as I let out an annoyed cry at the loss of him inside me. “Don’t get greedy, dear wife, or you’ll have to be punished.”

I roll my eyes and focus on Rick again, changing my fast, vigor pumps into antagonizingly slow strokes, my thumb skimming over the head every time I eventually made it to the top of his shaft.

“Ugh, fuck…” Rick softly groans, bucking his hips slow and smooth along with my rhythm.

Taking advantage of his eyes being closed, I slowly drop myself onto his cock, surprising him as I slide all the way down until my clit hits his skin.

I let out a strangled groan, finally getting what I’ve been craving. I start bouncing lightly, my hands holding myself up on his laid-back shoulders. Negan returns directly behind me, yanking me back against his chest as his hand trails down to vigorously rub circles on my clit. I scream out with a shock, the pleasure immensely growing. My head falls back lazily onto Negan’s shoulder, beginning to bounce harder and harder on Rick’s cock until he can barely keep himself together.

Rick’s a mess of pleasured moans and grunts below me while Negan cockily encourages me on, whispering the dirtiest things into my ear. I assume he’s letting me let Rick finally hit his climax, so I go harder, raking his chest with my nails in overwhelming pleasure. I feel my walls twitching, signaling them about to clench. I can’t contain my groans until suddenly Negan pushes me off Rick, earning a shocked yelp from me. My orgasm overtakes me anyway, apparently against Negan’s wishes. I rub my clit myself as I lay flat on the bed beside Rick, trying desperately to continue the intensity of the climax.

Negan aggressively haults my hand, looming over me. “Did I say you could finish, babygirl?”

He slaps my pussy hard, earning a whine from me. “I guess we’ll have to get you all worked up again,” he pauses for dramatic effect. “Go sit on his face.”

Exhausted from the climax, I sit up and look at Rick, who still hasn’t gotten his orgasm yet. I straddle his face, and he gladly slaps a rough grip onto my thighs and goes to town. Instantly I scream out, my clit still extremely sensitive. My body instinctively lifts myself away from his mouth, not able to handle the overwhelming sensitivity.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Negan warns, getting on the bed to sit facing me, right behind Rick’s head.

Negan forces me back down onto Rick’s face, holding my thighs down so I don’t try to flee again. I cry out again at the oversensitivity, the pleasure so fucking good that it’s literally painful. My body flinches and contorts at every swipe at my clit, not being able to control myself.

Rick gets gentler, though, giving me slow kitten licks to work me back up again. And I mean, it wasn’t going to be that hard to get me going, especially just looking down at the sight of Rick’s lust-filled, concentrated face between my thighs.

My body keels forward involuntarily into Negan’s chest at the pleasure, panting heavily as Rick slowly begins to draw figure-eights on my clit with his tongue. Negan straightens me back up, going in for my neck and giving it passionate love bites to egg me on.

Without warning, Rick shoots his tongue inside me, making me gasp and arch my back. I buck my hips along with his rhythm, riding his face hard. Rick suddenly stops, only to push me down his body so I can get back on his cock. His member is literally throbbing, desperate for release after the terribly huge amount of teasing we put him through.

Gladly, I slam myself down on his length, earning a satisfied grunt from him. Before I can even start moving, he’s already thrusting hard, sending me flying forward to stabilize myself by clutching onto his biceps. Moans endlessly slip past my lips, along with some curses, my eyes closing in pure ecstasy with my jaw dropped slightly open.

“I hope you don’t mind if I take my turn now,” Negan chuckles, sliding off the bed and returning to the end of the bed, behind me.

Rick grunts desperately. “I-I can’t stop ri-right now,”

Negan, about to say something, pauses, and I can just see the amusement across his features without even having to turn and look. “Well, I don’t think I wanna wait any longer.”

And with that, Negan roughly flips me to face him. He flattens me down against Rick, my back flat against his chest, his dick still inside me. Negan lifts my knees up, using them to grip onto as he fits his own dick inside me along with Rick’s, stretches me to the complete max.

I throw my head back onto Rick’s chest hard, the pain aching for a hot minute until I get used to the sensation. Rick reaches up and over my body to rub passionately at my clit, getting me to squeal instantly. Their paces collide, their rhythms finding their way to match one another’s that the amount of pleasure is something I’ve never experienced before. The same speed and rhythm hitting the exact right spot at the same exact time, over and over and over again until I have tears streaming down my face from the highest form of ecstasy I’ve ever been built up to endure.

Negan’s a sweaty mess above me, doing the best fucking job at giving me endless pleasure. He leans down to me slightly, taking my jaw in his right hand.

“What a fucking trooper, baby. I didn’t know you had it in you. Taking both cocks like a champ, goddamn!” he divulged, grinning at my uncontrollable moans. “You bet your fucking ass I’m rewarding you when we get back.”

Suddenly their paces change, both getting faster and harder but now off-time, their cocks slamming into me at a faster pace one man could never do alone, sending me over the edge like never before. I scream out, clutching onto Rick below me with one hand and onto Negan with the other.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I grunt, my walls clenching uncontrollably.

Both Rick and Negan let out groans of pure bliss at the same time, the sensation of my tight walls enclosing both their lengths so hard and unexpectedly, sending them into shaking climaxes. We ride out our highs, still fucking but slowing down with each passing second, our moans and groans slowly dying down. I open my eyes, finding Negan resting lightly on my knees above me while Rick is sprawled out underneath me, making me rise up and down as his chest heaves deeply in attempt to catch his breath.

“Well, Rick, I hope this is a good motivator to keep up the fuckin’ good work you’ve been doin’ around here,” Negan says, also still catching up to his breath. “Because this shit right here is too good for you to go fuck it up.”

Negan looks to me, still sprawled out on top of Rick, overwhelmed at the whole situation. “Goddamn, I really should bring you on these trips more often.”

Songs I Am Playing a Lot These Days

So, I got tagged by @dreamshapers-universe and I figured why not? Thanks dude! The Rule: list the top ten songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag ten mutuals. 

 1. Good Morning by Chamillionaire 

 2. Nexus by Amaranthe 

3. Sparta by Sabaton 

4. Right Now by SR-71 

5. Primo Victoria by Sabaton 

 6. Stormy Weather by Lena Horne

7. House of Suffering by Bad Brains

 8. I’m a Lucky One by Sgt. Barry Sadler 

 9. Masters of the World by Sabaton 

10. Raise Your Horns by Amon Amarth

 Hmmm. who to tag in this? I know only a few people besides the person who tagged me in this.

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Almost didn't make it

Well, I think it is safe to say that this has not been my week for planned wettings. Its finals week so obviously the number of times I can use the restroom at school is reduced, and this nearly cost me my dignity yesterday. I wore brown knee high boots, dark blue skinny jeans, and a pair of cotton, pink and white striped panties. I was taking the final for my 2nd class when I began to feel my bladder filling up. Slow at first but within an hour I really really had to go. I used my right hand to fill out the answer sheet, and had my left hand crammed into my crotch doing my best to hold it. As I moved my legs up, down, and side to side I regretted my decision earlier to not go after 1st class. An hour and a half into the test, I raised my hand and asked the proctor if I could take a quick restroom break, as it was an emergency. She said, “Absolutely not! You must finish the test first”. Deciding not to argue, I went back to finishing the test. By the time i finished 45 mins later, I was doing a full on pee pee dance in my chair and quickly becoming worried I wasn’t going to make it. I asked to go again and she said “ now that you are done, you may go”. Relieved at the thought that relief was only minutes away, I quickly got up, out of my chair. But that was a bad idea, as I stood 4-5 spurts rushed out into my pants. I grabbed my crotch, and 3 students looked at me in confusion. I acted like I hit my hand, and went off to the restroom..on the far end of the hall. Once out of the room, I inspected my crotch by pulling up on the front of my pants. Sure enough my crotch was a darker color than the rest of my pants..luckily it wasn’t visible to others. I hobbled my way down the hall, when I was only 5 feet from the door I stopped and gasped as I had no choice but to let go of my bladder for a good 6-7 seconds. I heard a faint hiss and felt the warm wetness crawling up the front of my panties and a few drops running down my legs and into my boots. I got ahold of myself and ran into the restroom. Luckily no one else was in there. I went into a stall, closed and locked the door, trembling, I was having problems unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. As I pulled my pants down, I took too long trying to take them off and just gave up on holding, the pain was too much. A violent stream came through my panties(at this point my legs were bent and I was seconds away from taking off my underwear and sitting down )and onto the butt part of my jeans, making a loud continuous “pat” sound. I grabbed and pulled down my panties faster than ever before and finished sitting on the toilet. 1 minute later I had finished and took a sigh of relief. Before I pulled my pants back on, I looked at what had happened and how bad it was. The white stripes on my panties were now dark yellow and they were soaked from the crotch up to the front with a line going through the middle of the butt. I put them back on felt the now cold wet cotton hug my crotch and front. My pants crotch was even darker than before, and had a dark spot at the lower part of my butt and a dark line up the middle. There was also a faint but visible line down my left leg into my boot. My sock was also wet. I rebuttoned and zipped my pants, did that little wiggle girls do to fix their pants and looked in the mirror. The wet spot covering the lower half of my butt and the line through the middle, as well as the line down my leg was all visible. (The leg wasn’t bad and you really had to look to find where it was.) Luckily the shirt I had on was a little too long for me and I was able to cover my butt. I went back to class and sat down, my wet clothes clinging to me the whole day. Later when I got home and changed, the pee had dried and needless to say my panties are now pink, and half white and yellow stripes. Sorry for such long stories, I try to describe the events as much as possible. Hope you liked it, and I’m sure there’s more to come😜


Pat loves the loud noises and blinding flashes of a fireworks show. Ivy, unfortunately, hates fire and loud noises. She would actually love watching​ the fireworks if she could just bring herself to open her eyes. Maybe one day she will be brave.

Title: It was Winter
Chapter: Four
Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 4213
Summary: AU. Hinata was 6 years old when she saw Naruto’s family’s bakery for the first time. Quickly Naruto became her best friend and the bakery their special place. 

A/N: The displayed age above the paragraphs is Hinata’s.

I’m finally finished with this chapter! There is a scene I had to cut, which I’ll put in the next chapter, because there was too much going on in this one. So this is a little shorter than the previous chapters. 
I want to thank everyone who wrote me messages!

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18 years old

Her hand was already in the slot of the mailbox when she retreated it again. Ruefully she looked at the blue colored envelope which she couldn’t part with.

The rain fell soundlessly against her umbrella. It was that type of weightless rain that floated in the air like dust and seemed to be everywhere but on the ground.

Yet, the small droplets were enough to wetten the ink of Naruto’s name, thickening the letters.

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Last Dance

Originally posted by jimint-condition

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Member: Jung Hoseok

Words: 4.3k

Trigger warning: Mentions of character death!

Synopsis: Hoseok was your faithful boyfriend, of whom his second name was happiness. However, you were slightly unaware of the struggles your boyfriend was dealing with, because the only thing that Hoseok wanted to show you was his happy self. Ofcourse, Hoseok was also just a human. And humans are known to have their own limits as well…

Inspired by the song Last Dance of BIGBANG. I recommend you listening to it while reading this story for the extra intensity. 

Day 3 of the BTS Special Christmas collab with @in-the-mood-for-bts <3

A love I thought would be eternal drew to a close

And even all the many friends I had are leaving me

I’ve gotten older

So I guess I become an adult

Why am I so anxious?

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🔅The reader is in the forest, has been for years and she’s become wild and ravenous, developed incredible survival skills. She spots negan in the woods near her hideout and they become enchanted with each other… Fluffy of Smutty, your pick. 💞😏😄🔅
🔅One where negan finds a girl in the woods but she’s like wild, like an animal. She’s dangerous. She only likes negan, only likes to be around negan or Simon. She hates the wives. Only let’s negan touch her and say she risks her life for him and he ends up falling for her🔅

Hey, guys! So, as I wrote this, I realized it was coming out way too long, so I may be dividing it in two parts. I’ll post the first part and if you like it, let me know, so I can upload the second one!

I hope you like it!

A twig fell from the tree above you and cracked on your head. You immediately got on your feet and clenched your fists, putting them at the level of your chest and stomach so they would work as a shield. No one was around, you were completely alone. You grunted and rubbed your head where the twig had hit you, easing the slight pain.
You picked your crossbow from underneath the bush where you hid it, brushing dust and leaves off. You walked for a while, looking for any movement that would lead you to your dinner, but it seemed like you had hunted every animal on the perimeter; after all, you had been in that zone for about three months now, sleeping underneath trees with one eye open and eating the raw meat of some unfortunate possum that crossed your path.
You had been in the forest since it all began, learning to protect yourself and survive somehow. And now it was time to move further, to find another region to hunt in and keep on having some kind of life, all by yourself. That was the part that hurt you the most at the beginning, being completely alone, but as time went by, you realized that you were better off alone for you could trust nobody, specially when it was all about surviving in that world.
A sound caught your attention, the leaves in a bush started fluttering, as if something had brushed them quickly.
You raised your crossbow and narrowed your eyes, trying to find the author of such noise, but there was nothing. Suddenly, you felt someone wrap their arm around your neck from behind you, pulling you towards them.
-Put that shit down. —the person holding you ordered as he gripped your neck more strongly. You struggled to breath, his arm was squeezing your throat. —Do it, now!
You dropped your crossbow and struck him with your elbow, making him let go of you and wrap his arms around his stomach, wincing in pain.
-Fucking bitch! —the man yelled with a shrill voice. As he fell to the ground on his knees, you took the chance and kicked him in the face, making him fall flat on his back. You took your crossbow back and pointed it at him. He was covering his face with his hands, babbling profanities under his breath. You shot an arrow from your crossbow and he was quiet, he was dead.
You were about to start checking his body for anything useful when you heard someone slow clapping.
-That was fucking impressive. —another voice resounded in the woods. It was deeper and steadier than the other man’s, it also had a certain playful tone to it. He finally walked out from behind a bush. —Holy shit, you are something, aren’t you?
His eyes lingered in your dirty, tangled hair, but his cheeky grin never left his lips. Then he ran his gaze down your body, noticing the scars and bruises on your skin.
You wanted to raise your weapon and put an arrow through his head, but something kept you from doing it. His smile, his eyes, his hands, something about him made him different from all those other men you had killed before.
-What’s you name, sweetheart? —he asked as he walked around you, his eyes not leaving you for a second. You remained quiet, holding your head up high as he inspected every inch of you. —Speak when you’re spoken to.
His breath caressed your ear as he spoke from behind you and it made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, yet you refused to answer his question.
In the blink of an eye, he was right in front of you, his hand lifting your face and forcing you to look at him. There was only defiance in your eyes and he couldn’t help smirking at it.
-I’m Negan. —he told you, biting his lower lip. —Who are you?
You only blinked at him, keeping your lips sealed. His smirk grew wider and he chuckled lowly.
-Simon! —he called, taking his eyes off of you. Another man appeared and walked to where you were standing.
-Yes, boss? —Simon stood behind Negan and tucked his thumbs in the belt loops of his pants.
-Load her up. —Negan’s eyes returned to you as he pronounced his command. Simon placed his hands on your shoulders but before he could start pulling you towards their vehicle, you punched him in the face. He grunted and rubbed his jaw slowly, shooting you a deadly look. Negan laughed out loud and patted Simon’s shoulder.
-I’ll do it. —he said and grabbed your wrist. You tried to shuffle away but he only held you tighter. He led you towards a black truck that was parked in the middle of the road, he opened the passenger seat and threw you inside. You saw him give Simon an order, the man nodded and climbed inside a white van. Then Negan got inside the truck with you.
-Let’s go for a ride. —he said in a gruff voice. You saw from the corner of your eye that he smirked at you and winked.

From the mirror, you could see Simon’s white van driving away. You frowned and decided that you would be ready if anything happened, ready to pull the knife you were hiding inside your boot and sink it in Negan’s neck. That thought gave you goosebumps, how would you be able to kill the man that made your knees weak and your hands tremble? You shook your head and disposed that thought, it was all about surviving, and that’s what you were going to do.
He drove for a couple of hours as he hummed a melody, the road began to darken and the only thing lighting the way were the truck’s headlights. Negan finally pulled over.
-Come on. —he said casually. You didn’t move nor did you take your eyes away from the road. He sighed in annoyance and climbed down the truck. A few seconds later, he opened your door and leaned on the truck.
-Sweetheart, —his voice was stern. —come on.
You only turned your head to look at him, you noticed he wasn’t grinning anymore, his face was serious and his fingers were tapping on the truck’s door.
-Are you fucking coming or not? —he asked with a hint of anger in his voice. Something about him told you that he wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with, so you jumped out of the truck. His smile reappeared on his face.
Negan started walking into the woods and you felt a little joy for it; the forest was your home, your habitat, you had been hunting, eating, killing, sleeping and living there, there was no way in hell that Negan would overpower you once you entered the woods.
-I do not appreciate you killing my men. —his voice interrupted the singing of crickets as he led the way. You didn’t say anything. —That shit is not fucking cool.
-He came at me first. —you tried to defend yourself with a croaky voice, those were the first words you had spoken in a long time. Negan stopped on his tracks, he turned around and you saw that his eyes were wide open, his eyebrows were almost at his hairline and his mouth was slightly open.
-Well, shit, I was starting to believe cat got your tongue. —Negan said and you felt he was genuinely amazed, even you were a little surprised about hearing your own voice out of your head. —So what’s your name, darling?
You didn’t answer, you just stood firmly as you looked him dead in the eye.
-Tell me your name. —Negan ordered with a straight face.
-No. —you said unwaveringly.
-You killed one of my top guys! —he yelled at you. —The least you can give me is your fucking name.
You didn’t quaver, in fact, you straightened your back so he would know that his height didn’t intimidate you. The anger on his face faded away after a couple of minutes of him looking in your eyes.
-Aren’t you fucking special? —he bit his lower lip and tried to touch your cheek, but you pushed his hand away. He only laughed in response. —However, you’re gonna have to fucking to pay for what you did, sweetheart. That’s just the fucking rules.
You narrowed your eyes as he spoke, what did he mean by “pay for what you did”? Was he going to kill you? Torture you? Feed you to the walkers?
-Pay? —you asked hoarsely, staring at him behind a lock of grubby hair. Negan smirked and he let a chuckle leave his mouth.
-Pay. —he said.

Get What You Deserve (REQUEST: Eisuke & MORE SMUT)

queenofpeaceus said:Can u make eisuke smut, where mc takes control Pls?

iiluvyousaid: Hi Hun! Could I have a fanfiction on Eisuke Ichinomiya from kbtbb where he cheats on MC. After, that MC moves on to a different guy who instantly kisses her but told him off gently where he couldn’t take no for an answer, eisuke coming in for the recuse. Later, they go home together ending making it up by having sex. And could you add just a small bonus to it please?

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Fandom: Kiss by The Baddest Bidders
Category: Smut
Character: Eisuke & MORE
Notes: Combining both requests, this is LONGGG, specially written for Eisuke’s fan. Maybe I’m cruel but meh I ain’t sorry =P

Tagging @annamreed​ and @carinecaldre69​ cux they are always supportive

PS:  I still have two Eisuke’s smut to finish GRRRRRR

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

“Hands off my woman, dumbass.” A familiar voice announces, follow by a kick to the stomach, the man who just forces a kiss on her is now curling on the floor. Not entirely sure if it’s a good idea to go clubbing right after breaking up with Eisuke but he saves her, she can’t turn a blind eye on that. “Thanks.” She mutters and leaves the club.

Eisuke hurries after her and pushes her into his limo, his eyes on her heavy makeup and her distracting cleavage. “I’ve never seen you wear this before?” Rolling her eyes, she retorts, “You don’t let me choose my clothes, remember?” He snaps and punches the seat next to him, “I said sorry, godammit!”

“You also said you love me and that includes fucking some other whore? No thanks I don’t want your love Eisuke.” That shuts him up, not another word till they return to his penthouse.

“Just one last time. I’ll show you how much I love you.” His hand gripping her wrist tightly, “You can do anything to me and I won’t complain or punish you.” Springing herself free, she opens the wardrobe and starts packing. “Punishment shouldn’t exist in any relationship in the first place.” Suddenly, he is on his knees, begging her to stop and listen to his final words. “Please, ______. Anything.”

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Step One (Chen)

Enjoy! And please have a little read of this~ I’d really appreciate your help! ♥

It’s a good place to start.

His eyelashes are so long, you wonder, staring back at your brother’s sleeping best friend, the younger boy’s head perched comfortably between your shoulder and the back of the sofa. Minseok had invited the two of you along to one of his weekly “movie indulgence nights” and put on some depressing movie that honestly, you weren’t watching due to the dashingly handsome boy beside you anyway.

Jongdae came to every one he was invited to, but then when didn’t Jongdae come over when invited? When wasn’t Jongdae in your home? It felt like he lived there more than Minseok did.

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