pat in the back

but honestly tho

fob sounded SO G O O D tonight and they were all so smiley and excited…patrick was dancing around getting his signature White Boy Moves out full force. pete has a snazzy new haircut and when i yelled at him NICE HAIR PETE he yelled back THANKS and patted his own head. joe looked absolutely content being able to play that night like he was truly having a good time. andy did cute little waves at the crowd, which spent every quiet intermission yelling ANDY 愛してるよ!!!and the likes.
most of all they all looked healthy and generally in jolly good mood and i feel so thankful for them gahhhhh

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Can you do a "dammit I'm trying to kiss you, would you please stop moving" with bones please?

“I really am glad you helped, but I feel just awful that you’re soaked through now.”

“Rainstorm came up outta nowhere. I wasn’t going to leave you to bring your groceries in alone. Besides, you’re not too dry either.”

His glance down to your wet clothes, and the way his eyes didn’t linger too long, clued you in on your slightly improper state, so you quickly dumped your share of bags on the kitchen table and excused yourself to grab some towels.

You took a moment to change into some dry clothes before returning to the kitchen, and had to remember to breathe at the sight of McCoy, shirt wet and tight across his back, slowly putting away your groceries

“Thank you.” You gave yourself mental pat on the back when you managed to speak without stammering, and made your way over to McCoy straight away, holding the towel out to him. “Can I thank you with a coffee? Help you warm up?”

“Coffee would sure help.”

You stepped over to the coffee machine and busied yourself getting cups and sugar, and were so caught up in your don’t look at his chest for the love of christ stick to his face mantra that it took you a minute to realise that McCoy was right behind you.

Your awkward turn brought you right up against the chest you were trying so hard not to think about, and you were so caught by surprise that you grabbed the first thing you could get your hands on and thrust it between the two of you.

“Ummm…hey…d’you want any sugar? In your cup?”

McCoy, smoother than silk, plucked the mug from your hand and set it back down behind you. “I’ve got something sweeter in mind.”

“You know what? I, uhm, I haven’t even put the coffee on yet, so I might just-”

Your return shuffle was halted by McCoy, quick as a viper, pressing closer. One hand was on the bench beside you and the other moving up to your chin, tipping your head back so that he could see your face.

“Dammit I’m trying to kiss you, would you please stop moving?”

You didn’t move an inch until his lips descended upon yours, and even then you moved only to benefit the moment; the towels were long abandoned, clothes were starting to follow, and the only noises heard over the rain were ones the two of you elicited from each other

This one kind of ran away from me a bit, and I wholly blame Tired Me, because I tend to ramble when I’m tired. Also maybe think AUish for this fic - though academy could also work

I hope you like it!

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I am not at all sorry for this gif

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Wasn't there some Pat debate about whether or not muffins can be cake a while back? Am I imagining that? Either way, I never liked muffins and never considered them cake until I ate one this week, it was literally just cake, and now I've had like six and can't stop help

It’s literally a cake. It’s a cupcake without frosting, which is just a tiny cake. 

You had six cakes and that’s terrible.

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Love you drabbles you think you could write iwaoi maybe watching lilo and stitch or something

“We’re barely half-way through the movie, dumbass,” Iwaizumi says, even as he’s patting Oikawa on the back in a consoling manner. “Why are you crying already?”

“Because!” Oikawa sniffles loudly. “Nani is such. Such a beautiful lady. She’s so nice. She’s so good to Lilo, like who has a heart that big? She loves her sister so much. Why aren’t you crying, Nani is so good.”

Iwaizumi pats Oikawa’s curls, even fluffier and curlier than usual after his shower. “Are you projecting? Should I be texting your sister pictures of Nani and hoping she gets a hint?”

“No! Don’t do that! She can never compare to the goddess that is Nani!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Iwaizumi settles back on the couch, stretching his arm behind Oikawa. He’s feeling a little sleepy, but he’ll stay up a bit longer for Oikawa. They only ever watch animated movies this late on a school night when something’s bothering Oikawa. Iwaizumi doesn’t want to pry, so for now, he’ll just sit, allowing Oikawa to lean into him and soak up his warmth.

“Oh my god,” he says, some time later. Oikawa barely stirs where he’s nodding off on Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “I get why you like this movie so much. It’s because there’s aliens, isn’t it?”

Oikawa only hums, snuggling back into Iwaizumi’s chest.

Iwaizumi sighs. “I can’t believe I’ve been duped into watching this for years because of your weird alien obsession.”

“It’s not an obsession,” says Oikawa, yawning wide against Iwaizumi’s ears. “They’re real.”

“Uh-huh. Sure they are.”

“Mm. They are.”

Iwaizumi wakes the next morning with a crick in his neck and Oikawa’s drool all over his shirt, but the sparkle is back in Oikawa’s eyes, so he doesn’t mind at all.

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How about... the greasers getting hugged unexpectedly by people they know, but aren't really friends with. (Sorry if that's weird, I just think that it's funny.)

You’re good babes it’s understandable

🔆 Darry just kinda pats them on the back twice

🔆 Hates awkward hugs

🔆 Depends on if it’s a drunk Two-bit or not

🔆 If he’s drunk he’ll hug back fo sho

🔆 But sober he’s just like umm okay

🔆 Steve doesn’t like hugs

🔆 Except from the person he’s in a relationship with

🔆 Dally literally with push them away before they even touch him

🔆 Sodapop will hug back but it’s short

🔆 Johnny would hug back and be like are you good dude

🔆 Ponyboy would make a groan sound, which makes the person back away slowly

(Imma do Tim and Curly too because why not?)

🔆 It depends on if he likes the person or not

🔆 If not he’ll be like ew no

🔆 Yes, he’d hug back

🔆 Tim would be like ooh we’re doing this? For real? Oh okay umm?

🔆 It’s probably awkward

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okay but did you see how when jinyoung sat on jaebum's lap he kind of reached out like he was going to put his arms around him and then when jinyoung stood up he patted his lap like he wanted him to sit back down

GIRL!!! I SAW IT ALL!!!!!!!!!! Honestly Jaebum is CRAZY for jinyoung’s ass and he wanted to know what jinyoungs peach would feel like on his crot—
Ahem…what was I saying?? Anyways jinyoung was teasing him a LOT that day and I think Jaebum just BROKE and he just threw aside his all of his pride and was basically beGGING jinyoung to come back and sit on his lap like he tried to hold him back and was motioning for jinyoung to come over and……basically jinyoung likes to prove the point that he has Jaebum wrapped around his finger

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Name 5 iconic video game themes, 1 per series. Iconic in this case meaning it's recognizeable no matter what in-game remix across its respective series. To give an example since this one would be too easy, Super Mario Bros. - Ground Theme

Sonic - Green Hill Zone

Zelda - LoZ Overworld

Metroid - Brinstar

Pokémon - Main Theme

Castlevania - Vampire Killer

::breathes sigh of relief, pats self on back for personal challenge of not listing MM2 Wily 1::

hey but 

shoutout to everyone who got up this morning and went to work or class, or got their kid up, or had to do the grocery shopping while everything was falling to pieces. 

you all did great. whatever you did to get through the day, even if you broke down, you did great. everyone who couldn’t is no less for it, but to every service worker with no sick days and every employee trying to pretend like customer service or routine meant a thing–you did great

you are very brave, and so strong, and you deserve whatever rest you can find. 


GUYS IT IS DONE! From one teeny little 3.5" hexagon to 366 my Temperature Blanket 2016 is done! She’s about 65" from side to side in any direction and weighs 6lbs!

Thanks for following this super rad project because it was definitely one of my favourites!

Homophobia is when your 2 het couples kiss 2+ times an episode, cuddle on couches, have conversations that are longer than 20 seconds, go out to dinners, and sneak around…but your gay couple have 1.5 seconds of interaction and only ever speak when others are around or it’s about other people.

Having LGBT characters does not mean you have story equity. Don’t pat yourself on the back for literally the minimum you could possibly do. (Ironically the gay couple is literally one of the healthiest on tv)