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DC Comics Looney Tunes variant covers for November 2015

Black Canary #6 by Pia Guerra

Superman/Wonder Woman #23 by Karl Kerschl

Grayson #14 by Mikal Janin

Robin: Son Of Batman #6 by Pat Gleason

Action Comics #46 by Neil Edwards & Jay Leiston

Looney Tunes characters by Warner Bros. Animation

Big congratulations to my friend Edward Enninful, who was just named editor-in-chief of British Vogue! I’ve known Edward over a decade (picture above from a 2006 shoot with Steven Meisel) and I’ve always treasured working with this legendary talent. The Vogue brand is in extremely capable hands with Edward as its captain - there are very few people in fashion with the kind of fashion credential he has accrued through years of hard work and passion. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Chapter 129 in a nutshell
  • <p> <b></b> Meanwhile at the police
  • <p/> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Edward:</b> paula what the actual fuck<p/><b>Paula:</b> *cries *<p/><b>Edward:</b> *pat * *pat*<p/><p/><b><b><p/><b></b> Meanwhile in bath<p/><b></b></b> Doctor:</b> sir you have been in a coma for 2 weeks<p/><b>Violet:</b> oh wow..<p/><b>Some dude:</b> whats the name of your first born son.....jk how many fingers am i holding?<p/><b>Violet:</b> 3 you pice of shit<p/><p/><b><b><p/><b></b> Meanwhile at sieglindes place<p/><b></b></b> Sieglinde:</b> oh shit he wakes up<p/><b>Soma:</b> *pain *<p/><b>Wolfram:</b> wtf<p/><b>Soma:</b> *SCREEECH *<p/><b>Soma:</b> *cries like a bitch *<p/><p/><b><p/><b></b> Meanwhile at Ciels place<p/><b><b></b> </b> Ciel:</b> *meking my way dun tuwn *<p/><b>Ciel 2 (i guess):</b> sup twin brotha!<p/><b>Finnian:</b> what the actual fuck<p/><b>Ciel:</b> *SCREEEEEEEEEECH*<p/><b>Ciel 2:</b> lmao...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
FMA readthrough - Volume 15, part 3

Hey guys!

The topic of today’s readthrough is something I really missed in the Brotherhood anime: Winry’s parents. I was pretty surprised and excited to realize that they got a little side story in the manga.

And I love their portrayal. They are shown as compassionate doctors, willing to treat anyone, even if he refuses treatment because of their Amestrian ancestry.

The two of them decide to stay behind after their delivery man told them that they were in danger. The lives they could protect meant more to them than their own safety.

And a nice extra: We see where Winry got her happy, cocky attitude from :) It’s her mother that seems to be just as feisty as her daughter.

Another thing that really touched me. Some Ishbalian kids are shown, wearing bandages and so they likely had been treated by the Rockbells. And they seem very thankful for it and for everything they are doing for the Ishbalans as they offer any help they can after hearing that the supplies delivery stops.

This picture just tears at my heart :( To see Winry wait in distress for her parents. Even more touching is, that Edward, Alphonse and Den seem to stick to her all of the time. Edward even pats her head (a trait we will see again later on! So please remember that! And it will be because of her parents again).

Another thing that touched me. When you see Alex Louis for the first time, you’re impressed. If he starts to undress, your eyes budge out. If he chases someone undressed, sparkles flying around his head, you start screaming. Yet, it’s pretty clear early on that he’s one of the most warm-hearted characters in the manga who are really concerned about everybody’s well-being.The whole war gets to him. He suffers under having to kill Ishbalians and we are shown one situation where he uses his alchemy to protect two women. Tragically, Kimblee witnesses that and kills the two women while they sprinted away.
This and all the experiences of the war leave Alex breaking down, unable to go on in this war. This further shows how compessionate he is and in his overall characterisation, it’s just hilarious that such an intimidating man has such an endearing heart.

Ed shoving his nose into Roy’s neck is one of his favourite hobbies

And Roy plz, you love it when he does that, i don’t know why you’re complaining… I wouldn’t

This looked cuter in my head lol

The real men of Band of Brothers and their astrological signs:

Aries: Col. Robert F. Sink, Ronald Speirs, Smokey Gordon

Taurus: John Martin, Joseph Liebgott, Alton More, Babe Heffron, Bill Guarnere

Gemini: George Luz, David Webster, Roy Cobb

Cancer: Popeye Wynn, James Alley, Donald Hoobler

Leo: Donald Malarkey, Pat Christenson, Edward Tipper

Virgo: Floyd Talbert, Alex Penkala

Libra: Lewis Nixon, Eugene Roe, Harry Welsh

Scorpio: Bull Randleman

Saggitarius: Antonio Garcia

Capricorn: Chuck Grant, Buck Compton

Aquarius: Richard Winters, Herbert Sobel, Carwood Lipton, Skip Muck

Pisces: Shifty Powers, Skinny Sisk, Frank Perconte, Joe Toye

(Love Is Just) The Tip of the Iceberg

Chapter 2: A Warming Up Period

“It can wait until the morning, you’re staying here.”

Oswald’s assessment of Edward may have been a tad pessimistic. Edward is remembering, and it’s not pleasant.

Things start to turn around here, and Oswald begins to reap the benefits of his honestly. Still no beta. Warnings in this chapter for night terrors, vomiting, and discussion of child abuse (physical and emotional). 4k. SFW. Whole work will be 23k and NSFW. Chapter 2/6.

He plans to pull an all-nighter, or at least however long it would be until Edward woke. Edward normally slept little, or at least he had in the time Oswald had known him, and he had technically been sleeping for quite some time. Oswald wasn’t sure what stage, something about delta waves… it wasn’t his area of expertise. All he’s certain of is that he is going to spend the night with a good book and a handgun on the pillow next to him. He settles in, stripping to his underwear. He retrieves a robe from the bathroom to have close at hand, and gets into bed. Now all he must do is call Ivy.

“Hello!” Ivy calls down the line, “How’d it go?”

“He didn’t try to kill me,” Oswald says, “So that’s something. Where’s Harley?”

“Late night roller-derby, she likes it better because of the lights,” Ivy says. “Did you need her?”

“No, just wondering.” A small blessing. He didn’t want anyone knowing what state Edward was in unless they absolutely had to. That included Victor (seeing as it was his experiment, after all) and Ivy (because he trusted her and could talk to her about things Victor would not be able to handle delicately).

“I told him everything, Ivy.” There’s a prolonged silence, and then—

“So… you lied?” Oswald makes an indignant noise.

“No! I told him what happened and he needed to sleep on it, that’s all.”

“So, I should definitely come over,” she says, a knife’s edge of danger in her tone.

“That won’t be necessary, Ivy. He’s weak and unarmed. Edward has no allies, no resources, and nowhere to go. He’s every bit as trapped as he used to be,” Oswald tells her. Well, unless Edward decided to depart peacefully. In which case, he intends to give Edward a small loan to get him started. He’d get eaten alive on the street. Too pretty.

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