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Marichat May Day 9 - Bell Collar

Alya not only convinces Marinette to make an etsy listing for the Chat Noir choker idea she made, but also convinces her to use the picture Alya took of Marinette in said choker. While Marinette can only see the flaws in the picture, Chat Noir only sees beauty.

Rated G || 2,707 Words

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Listing for One ‘Chat Noir Inspired Choker’

When Chat Noir slipped into Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s room on a Thursday night to play video games, he was not expecting to find the girl sewing a small gold bell onto a black ribbon. “Uh, Princess, what are you doing?” Her hand slipped as she was startled out of her concentration, stabbing her finger with the sewing needle. Apparently, she hadn’t heard him come in, oops.

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Pat Dandy for Hoon

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Clip i found from a while back. Pat’s a beast. 


Pat Dandy - Welcome to the Theeve Australian Team

Fucking ripper