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Imagine Woozi subconsciously patting Dino’s head during an interview.

BONUS: Because he know it was a habit of Woozi’s to subconsciously do that, Dino just kept quiet and let the older continue patting his head.

Childish Argument || Chan || Oneshot

Originally posted by mountean

Word Count: 1502

Genre: angst, fluff, oneshot

Summary: Sometimes, it’s hard to admit that you were wrong first.

Pacing the open space, he pushed his hair back in an irritated motion. His breathing was sharp and his lips were pushed together in irritation. Once in a while his tongue would sneak out and flick over his lips. His jaws were squared and his brows were tense as he searched for something to say. You glared at him from where you stood, your arms crossed, waiting for him to talk. You were ready to shoot down whatever he was going to say. You were itching for a fight at this point with all the built up stress that had formed between the both of you.

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my-dino-deactivated20170917  asked:

can you do scenario with Dino, The8 and Mingyu when you're a solo trainee at Pledis and they see you practising and each start liking you and just do little cute things to get closer to you (offering to help with choreo, stuff like that) you can decide how it ends :))

I hope this is something along the lines of what you were expecting! ;u; It turned out quite lengthy but I hope it’s only a good thing!

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» 5,553 words

Water never tasted as good as it did after some good practice, which was something you had already figured out during your first days as a trainee under Pledis Entertainment.

You breathed heavily as you sat down for a moment, your back resting against the wall behind you and your hand tiredly moving to your water bottle, filled with cold water. Pouring some of it into your mouth and embracing the coolness of it while a few drops of sweat slid down your temples, you looked around the practice room.

The walls on both sides were covered with mirrors, and on the opposite end from the door there was a music player you had already gotten familiar with. The practice room was fairly roomy, much to your happiness, and for the time being you were the only one there.

That, too, was something you were quite happy about, considering you were definitely not at your best after a few hours of intense practicing behind you, but unfortunately you could also see the door handle dip down before the door opened.

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