pat catans


I’ve been busy!!….about a year ago…Anyway, Valentine’s product is hitting the stores, which means my art is exploding cuteness all over the place!  The top 5 images are of mailboxes and valentine cards i designed and you can buy at JoAnn Fabrics.  The cute dancing sticker book is available at Pat Catan’s stores. Next are sticker books you can pick up at Michael’s Craft Stores and lastly a couple of the valentine mailboxes I designed for Target!  Pump up your V-Day awesomeness with some kids crafts and stickers, yo!

I called in sick to work today because I really don’t care anymore and I’m barely working, but this girl was like, “she only gets one day a week!” And I’m can’t?? Tell if she was mad at me for calling off or just stating facts, cause.. yeah. I only do get one day a week and y'all don’t need me for anything else and tomorrow when I’m “feeling better”, I’m going down to Pat Catan’s to see if we can schedule an interview or something cause I seriously can’t handle only making less than $100.00 for paycheck.

So, since I’m slightly having money issues and this is the last month my roommate is going to cover for me and the Asshole, I really need this job at Pat’s so I can work as much as they need me to and it’s a ten minute walk from my house, so it’s even better!