pat caroll

“Hop on,” Carol said, patting her right shoulder as she turned her back to Therese.
Carol raised an eyebrow and slowly tapped her shoulder again, twice this time.
“Hop. On.”
Therese was smiling. “No.”
“Fine, suit yourself.”
And Therese watched Carol walk away from her, but she could still see the faint hint of a reassuring smile tugging at the corner of her red stained lips.
“I just don’t think we have a high enough ceiling,” Therese said with a playful tone to match Carol’s lightness.
Carol looked up and frowned. “Nonsense. You can’t tell me you’ve never been given a piggyback ride and expect me not to do anything about it. Rindy would be appalled, I can tell you that.”
Therese laughed. “Well in that case, I guess I don’t have much of a choice do I?”
“If it’s such a chore,” Carol turned to her. “You’ll have to give you one yourself.”
Therese walked steady steps towards Carol and stopped when their feet touched. Carol’s eyes immediately fell to her mouth.
Therese was going to speak when, in a swift motion - much unlike Carol, she turned her back to Therese again and crouched, grabbing the back of Therese’s legs while simultaneously hoisting her up. Therese protested but instinctively wrapped her arms around Carol’s neck.
“I was wrong,” Therese said, burying her nose on Carol’s blonde curls.
“Were you?”
“I guess we do have a high enough ceiling.”


“I love you. I worry about you. I wonder whether I tell you enough how I love you and want you and need you and how I am diminished… when you are
not with me, and how I am multiplied when you are here.”

                                                        - P. Frank


Pat Caroll reads Ursula´s The Haunted Mansion Host Lines. I absolutely love this.