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Many people ask me “Ryan, how do I create a strong password but yet easy for me to remember.” And my response is easy!

It’s fairly easy to create strong, unique passwords by following a few simple rules. First, we need a password "base” with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and even a symbol or two to spice things up. Pick a phrase that will be easy to remember, and feel free to be as creative as you like. For simplicity’s sake I’m going to use one of my favorite dishes, curried chicken, as our example.

Make sure your passphrase is at least eight characters and avoid obviously memorable topics like proper names, birthdays, and hometowns. You should also avoid picking a single word and changing some of its characters to symbols–hacker tools are sophisticated enough to overcome that trick. Go for a passphrase–multiple words strung together–rather than a password; this makes it harder for hackers working to crack your password by trying every word in the dictionary.

Now that we’ve picked a passphrase, we need to mash that phrase into a single string (curriedchicken), and then sprinkle in a few capital letters that are simple to remember (CuRrIeDcHiCkEn). Next, let’s pepper our password base with a few random characters to keep things interesting (c^rr!3dc4!ck3n).

Now that we have our base password, we’re going to memorize and use it as a skeleton key that will unlock our account on any Website as long as we hold fast to a few simple rules. To create the strongest password possible, we’re going to invent a simple naming pattern as a mnemonic device that will help us generate a unique password for every Website we visit.

For example, let’s say I decided to always use the first and fourth letter of a Website’s domain name in the middle of my passphrase, capitalizing the former while leaving the latter lower-case. That means my account would have the unique password CuRrIeDfbc4!ck3n, while my Google+ account would require the password c^rr!eDG+Ch!ck3n.

See the pattern? Make up something similar and you’ll have a unique alphanumeric password for every website you visit, one that’s easy to remember but nearly impossible for hackers to figure out. No password is perfect, but knowing your own unique passphrase and a few mnemonic tricks will go a long way toward keeping your online privacy intact. 

LOP’s friday page is going to be late for the sole reason that I am sick of this shit and I don’t feel like spending all night with a headache typing every possible potential password I’ve used in the last six years or so just because I seem to have forgotten WAT TF THE PASWORD IS

EDIT: …….Nevermind, then, it’s going up on time.  *eye twitch*

Lupa Pasword Pada Wordprees "Cara Mengatasi Lupa Pasword Pada Wordpress Dengan Mudah"

Lupa Pasword Pada Wordprees “Cara Mengatasi Lupa Pasword Pada WordPress Dengan Mudah”

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Lupa Pasword Pada Wordprees “Cara Mengatasi Lupa Pasword Pada WordPress Dengan Mudah”

Hari ini saya benar benar menguji kesabaran saya, ceritanyakemarin beli 100 aku fb. Nah karena berhubungan dengan clar cookis, semua data history saya hilang semua.Jadi saya ga bisa masuk ke web web saya. Dari pagi sampai siang caya coba brosing kesana sini mencari CARA MENGATASI LUPA PASWORD PADA WORDPRESS.…

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