Spoon and Fork

Nobody said that the word “sorry” is for something that is done accidentally. Things like that shouldn’t be done repetitively but still, the word “sorry” if for scenarios like that, it’s created for that, nothing else.

You should say sorry because you are sorry, whether you intended to make the same mistake or not. But nobody do things to make the same mistake, it’s just they still lack the things needed to not repeat the same mistake again, thus the word “sorry”.

You can abuse the word sorry as long as the argument is valid, just like you abuse the words “I love you”, only arguments concerning those words are, most of the time, invalid.

We're vampires who suck on shattered dreams.

Like I always say, I’ll remain a friend, even if you decide to end our friendship. I understand that I’m not the friend one has in mind.

And please don’t fake your understanding. Don’t force to accept my reasoning, you have other friends that you should focus on keeping. Don’t waste your time on a person like me who likes to run away and cry like a baby. Stay on my circle if you like but I’m not brave enough to fend those vehement beasts.